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My World: Live, Laff, Whatever

Feb 01 2024 | 01:13:07

Episode February 01, 2024 01:13:07

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Riscalla Parker Dominick Victoria Smith Michael Bahas Stu Shear

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Stu Shear entertains us with his local lunch excursions, farming finds, and interesting things he has found on YouTube and other outlets.

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:14] Speaker A: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Trim radio network and my world live, laugh or whatever with Stu shear. Anyway, you could come on over to the Trim radio network. You can listen in and you can buy our merchandise. We'd love to see you in it. And I'll tell you what, it helps us stay on the air. You want to be a part of our trim radio network team? All you have to do is message us. And the opinions expressed by my host, Ghost guts himself, are not necessarily that of the Trim radio network, its owners, managers, or others. Any information shared by us is not to be considered to be used as advice. [00:00:51] Speaker B: We inform. [00:00:52] Speaker A: We don't advise. That includes any and all health, medical, and professional information as well, and expressly deny any and all liability from this show resulting from. Well, resulting from this show. Anyway, this song right here, leave it to beaver, is covered under our BMI music license. Six one oh 516 58. And we have a call in number 838-66-1667 and with that, I'm going to give it to Stu. [00:01:26] Speaker B: Hey, Michael. Boy, I'll tell you what, I can't believe this weather we're having in Ohio. We had a little bit of sleet the other day. Then it turned to rain and we had fog. We had a tiny bit of snow. It's a hodgepodge of things that are going on, and it's just. You don't know what to prepare for. So right now, as I'm checking my thermometer, it's 45 degrees and the streets are damp where I live in western Ohio. And I was out among them today. I actually went out. I heard a rumor. It was a rumor, all right. And I was having lunch, and I heard this rumor about this IGA store, grocery store that had the most fantastic pea salad. That's pea salad. And I thought, man, I'm going to have to go there. It's not that far away. It's about 12 miles. And I thought, well, I could do that. And I went there and I walked into the IGA, and everybody was so friendly. Everything was well stocked and front face shelving, and it was a delight. I mean, it's not like going to Wally World, better known as Walmart. It's not like going to Aldi's. It's not like going to Kroger's. This was Iga, and it's a small town iga. And boy, they were fantastic. Well, anyhow, I'm walking along and checking things out as I'm going through. And I finally get to the meat market or the meat counter. And they said, well, would you want any steaks or pork chops or whatever? I said, no, I'm here specifically to see about two things. One is ham salad and the other one is the pea salad. [00:03:30] Speaker A: Now, the ham salad fits you. I can understand that. [00:03:34] Speaker B: Well, I'll tell you what, it wasn't bad, but I can taste things. All the ingredients that were in it. And they had celery salt in there, and I picked it up right away. And I'm going back tomorrow with a friend, and we're going to go back, and they wanted to check out the place. And so we're going to have dinner or lunch in that town, and then we're going to go to the iga before we return home. But I get there and they said, well, you want to sample anything? They actually give out samples. And they had a deli that was just beautiful. Well, I saw the pea salad and I thought, okay, I'll try the world famous pea salad. And so I got a half pound of it. And I thought, okay, I got a few other items, and I left. Everybody was super friendly. And they said, now you all come back. And I go, yeah, I will. I'm going to surprise them tomorrow. So anyhow, I drive home and I thought, okay, now I've got show prep to do today, and I've got to talk about different things. I've got stuff going on for lodge tomorrow. I have different things going on different places. And my schedule this week is fairly full. The only day that I have off, really is Friday. Everything else is packed. So I thought, okay, put this in the refrigerator. And just before I do the show, about 530, I will get things out, and I will make myself a little ham salad sandwich or put it on crackers or something, and I'll have some pea salad. This pea salad has got to be really good. I mean, I've heard a lot of people talk about it. Well, I get it. I try it. The ham salad was good. But then I try the pea salad, and, yeah, it was good, except something was wrong with it. It didn't quite taste right. And I can hear Michael typing in. [00:05:32] Speaker A: The background, believe it or not, I know I am. [00:05:34] Speaker B: I know you are. And here I am, I'm tasting this stuff. I said, well, it's not bad, but it's missing something. So their world famous pea salad is not up to snuff and dawn and Phil's up in Michigan. You still have the best dag on pea salad on the earth, as far as I'm concerned. So anyhow, that was my little jaunt out today, and I was talking restaurant business with one of the owners of a local restaurant. We were talking about suppliers and different things. He said, well, what did you do in the restaurant business? And I told him and he said, holy cow. You mean you operated 60 restaurants? I said, yeah, I did. And I said, I basically looked at the profit and loss statements and everything. We had a good conversation. Great restaurant called the lighthouse. And so I had some time afterwards and I thought, well, we'll just go try the IGA and try the pea salad. Well, anyhow, once I get the recipe for that, I may post it on the Facebook page. If you like pea salad, it's just a rarity. I don't get it that much. And when I do, it's got to be good, you know what I mean? Anyhow, guys, so much for pea salad today. My world disclaimer I've got to do my own. Nothing in this show should be considered legal, medical, financial, or investment advice. Take what we say with a big grain of salt, I mean a big one, and always do your own research and due diligence. And we're not responsible for, and especially disclaim, all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to or reliance on any information contained in this broadcast. Any persons or characters mentioned are for the most part fictional or as close to it as we can get. So you want to sit back, relax and chill out? Hey, did you get something to drink so you could have something to drink? Maybe eat some snacks while you're listening to the show? Go right ahead. Just lay back and chill out. It's time to have a little bit of fun. We'll talk about a whole bunch of different stuff today. A whole bunch. A big shout out to the Trim radio network for carrying the show. There's a new lineup that's posted and it's going to be really nice, and they've been working on that and getting things squared around. We had some technical issues at the beginning of the year, and so we've gotten that taken care of for the most part and we're going to have some fun. And of course, on Sunday I've got money and change. And then, of course, tonight we've got my world. But there are a whole lot of other shows, and so you just have to check out our website, Big shout out to them for carrying the show. And we've got the University of Finley at and I didn't know it, but Finley's track and field crew is 9th in the nation. They had a big splurge on Facebook. On their Facebook page. I looked at that and thought, what? 9th NCAA division two. And they have good basketball, they have good football, baseball, wrestling. Now track and field. And that's pretty good for a small school of about 4500 students. But you can get a bachelor's degree, master's degree, a doctorate. And of course the doctorates are in physical therapy, they're in education. They also have something in pharmacy. But it's a good school. It really is. You want to check them out? Ww and Dr. Kathy fell as the president of the university and she's done a fantastic job there. Excellent professors, great facilities, great students. Can't say enough about it, really. And I've been to probably six other colleges and universities over the time that I spent learning things. And I think the University of Finley and Xavier University in Cincinnati are probably two of the best. Barnum. They are excellent and reasonable, too. A big shout out to rusty ducks custom pens and blanks. You can check them out on Facebook. And Phil over at Rusty Ducks custom pens and blanks does an excellent job. Both Michael and I both have pens that were produced by Phil's business. And I'll tell you what, they are excellent. He sold a bunch to people in Disney World. He's done trade shows across the United States. He makes blanks, which are the center section, and it's basically embedded in a certain type of a loose sight. And then they ship them to the person that's going to manufacture the center part and that's called the barrel part. And he also makes custom pens and other things. Pizza cutters. I mean, I've seen those and I thought, boy, those are nice. How do you make the handles and so forth? Beautiful work. I mean, the guy really does a good job. Rusty ducks custom pens and blanks. R-U-S-T-Y-D-U-K apostrophe s. Custom blanks or custom pens and blanks. He'll kill me for that. He'll kill me for that. Okay. A big shout out to money and change. It's going to be this Sunday at 07:00 we've got a lot to go over. My world, of course, life, laugh and whatever right here. 08:00 p.m. The big family homestead with Brad and Krista. Krista's getting over her knee surgery, doing quite well, but they're still talking about different things that are going on in Wisconsin, on the farm and elsewhere. They also talk about the economy, too, and they're good people. Check them out on YouTube. The deep south homestead with Danny and Wanda King down to Wiggins, Mississippi. Check those guys out. They're fantastic. They really are. Southern prepper one with Dave Kobler boots on the ground, and he's talking about what's going on in the United States and the economy, and he gets reports from all over the United States. And what does he do? He tells people on his show what he's hearing, what he's finding out. He may talk about a little bit, about prepping a little bit, not a lot, but he does. And I've known Dave for probably 15 years, does an excellent job. He's a really good person. So you want to check out southern prepper one, prepper nurse one, Ed Carswell. Hey, he's learning what snow is in West Virginia in the hills. And I said Sunday that he has a waterfall on his property, and so he was going to go check it out. The problem of it is, I think he had to walk halfway down the side of his hill to get there. I think up here, we would call them small mountains down there. They're just hills in West Virginia. But he's developing a nice place down there. So you want to check him out. Also, Patara over at Appalachian Homestead. Great lady, fantastic. Talks about stuff on their farm, and it sounds like I'm doing a farm digest, but I'm not. And it talks about life in general and a little bit of prepping, too. And then there's, oh, alaskan prepper. I got to talk to you about something that Alaska prepper did. And I hopefully think you can see this. This is called a candelier. And this candelier is made by Yuko uco. And there are three candles in this housing, and they last about 9 hours. It has a flat top, and you can put a pan of water up there, heat water for tea, or you could heat up soup or something like that with it, and you get light out of it and heat, and it's a good deal. Now, alaskan prepper today posted a video, and he said he was going to camp outside and it was 25 below zero. Can you imagine 25 below? I can't. I mean, that's cold. I'd be breathing out or exhaling ice cubes. I mean, that's cold. And he was all dressed for the weather living in Alaska. But he had three of those candeliers, and he put them in a small tent, lit them. They provided plenty of light, the outside temperature was 25 below. And after he had been in the tent for, I think, a couple of hours, it got up to 25 above zero, which was, hey, that's good. And he talked about it earlier on one of his shows, and I thought, I'm going to try it. And so I gave one away for a Christmas gift, and I gave another one away for a Christmas gift. And I thought, oh, well, we'll just maybe get a couple more. And if the power goes out, you're covered, and they have a little carrying handle on the back, and you could do different things with this. And it puts itself out once the candles are done in 9 hours. I even bought extra candles. The reason why, what happens if the power goes out and it's wintertime? Are you prepared? Some people are, some people aren't. Some people don't have generators, some people don't have fireplaces. Some people don't have kerosene stoves or kerosene lanterns and things for alternative power. And today there was a notice that was put on there. I think it was suspicious observers. Sounds spooky, doesn't it? This guy used to be in Columbus, Ohio, and he's now, I believe, out in Arizona, and he's very good weather researcher. And he was saying that there was supposed to be some type of a flare off the sun that could hit the earth, and it was supposed to be yesterday or today. And depending on where it hit, you could have power disruptions, you could have outages, all different kinds of things that are happening. And he points it out, and he's not scary. He just said, be alert for things. And so that's why I have extra water, I have extra clothing, I have vitamins, I have my medications, I have extra water, food. I mean, I'm in reasonable shape for a while, not long term, just for a while. And I could probably get by for two, three weeks, and I would be okay. And if I had a case of that pea salad, I might make it last about four months. They really got to work on that recipe. So anyhow, that was Alaska prepper, and I haven't talked to Rudy. I've had chances to actually email him different places. And one of these know, we'll have to get together and talk, but he's like three or 4 hours time difference where he's at, so that's a big difference there. Another thing, too. Dave Gilmore. I have to talk about Dave. David is better known as lds prepper, and he does a lot of different things. And lately he's been talking about GMRS radios, General radio. I'm just going to say service. I'll just keep it short. And he talks about these radios and having a license. It's a $35 license, and you're good for ten years. And this is a washen radio. It's a gmRs. And I'll tell you what, I have fun with this thing. I've got everything tuned to different repeaters around, and I can talk from where I'm at to a repeater basically 40 miles away. And I can talk almost to Cincinnati from where I'm at. I can get into the eastern part of Indiana, almost to central Ohio, and then I connect north to another repeater. So even when I go up to University of Finley for basketball, which is coming up in two weeks, I can take this radio with me and I can talk to people up there. And it's really neat to listen to, and you get to know a lot of people. And so, Jay, if you are listening in, you know, we've chatted before about the radios and so forth, and so now you can see the radio. So you have to check that out for communication. And it's a good handy talkie. You can get GMRS radios that are up to 50 watts, and you can really reach out and touch somebody, if you know what I mean. So that's some of the stuff there that I talk about. Dave Gilmore is really good. He's got something like 600 videos on YouTube about doing things. And he's big on communication. He's a ham radio operator. And he also has his GMRS license, very knowledgeable. And I've chatted with him before, and we were talking about getting him on the show, and maybe eventually we will. But his schedule is so dag gone filled. It's almost like mine. He's a little bit more, but he's out in Idaho. Well, hey, guys, on our Facebook page, I put a thing up there by SG Anan audio file 69. And that was forward to me by a friend in Canada. And she said, hey, she said, you might want to listen to this because it is important. And she sent me the link and I thought, ok, I'll just put it on the page. And I listened to it, and I believe about an hour long, and it's on And it was interesting about stuff that's going on. And I don't know if you guys knew that there were riots over in France, in Belgium, in Germany, over the way that the governments are controlling diesel fuel and the growing restrictions and everything. And I saw it on YouTube and I thought, what in the world is going on? Well, the farmers in Germany were on strike for the most part. They were really angry at the government for controlling the amount of diesel fuel and a few other things. And so they had these long lines of tractors and trucks. And so everybody over there's ticked off. And then the guys in France, they have a novel way of doing things. It's rather stinky, too. I saw a farmer hauling a hooey wagon, if you know what I mean. Where do you put waste from the pig farm and so forth, and you spread it on your field? Well, they had a super job and they took it into town. They found the government building and they launched this massive bunch of expletive on the government building. They literally sprayed a corner of it, and it was about, I would say, 60ft away. This thing was flinging the stuff as far as you could do it. And everybody was protesting. And the whole corner of this building from maybe three or four stories up, just covered in you know what. So the french farmers are ticked off, the belgian farmers are ticked off. I mean, everybody's getting ticked off for some reason. Everybody wants to control everything and they don't want the farmers to grow crops, which means then we don't eat. Food's good as long as it's good food and not mediocre pea salad. So anyhow, I watched some of that. My friend up in Nova Scotia, she went ahead and sent it to me and it says KYRO TV, and it's on our Facebook page. Check it out. It was an interesting thing. And he's discussing things that possibly World War II and the return of territorial integrity and all kinds of stuff. He's very interesting to listen to. And I always hear this, wars and rumors of wars. Why don't we have peace? How about rumors of peace? How about everybody learning to behave themselves? Sometimes politicians need a lesson in behaving themselves, if you know what I mean. Oh, hey, we had a birthday. We had a birthday and it was last week. And I put it up on the Facebook page. It was Michael Bahas's birthday. And so I put a big happy birthday thing with confetti and everything on the page. You can check it out. Also, there was some shocking footage of the January 6 lies by Glenn Beck. Glenn didn't lie. He's just reporting what lies were told then. And that was posted then. We also had porch time with Danny King. Porch time 2024. You want to check him out? Like I said, great people, but check out our Facebook page, it's groups. And then you can look at Trim radio network, Mine World. And there's actually a whole bunch of numbers after it. But hey, it's up there. Check us out. Whoa. So what are we going to talk about? There's a lot of stuff out there. I saw an article today about the Atlanta water Company charges a contractor $30,000. $30,000? Do you have $30,000? Where did I put my $30,000? Well, anyhow, they charged a contractor $30,000 for water usage on a lot with no water line. Now how could you do that? That's crazy government, isn't it? Well, anyhow, the article said automation is better in the news and a contractor in Atlanta is facing a $30,000 water bill for a lot that doesn't even have a connection to a waterline. Jeff Ron, that's raw, president and CEO of Revive construction Group, said he hadn't even started construction yet on a site in Atlanta's East Lake neighborhood when he received huge bills from the Atlanta watershed management. And he tried to get his bills adjusted and even went to the utility company's appeals board but was denied the chance to change the bill, according to a report on Yahoo Finance and citing Fox five in Atlanta. And he says he feels like it's extortion. He said it's criminal. The Atlanta watershed management set up a standalone water meter on an undeveloped plot in October of 2022. Within a month, revived construction received a bill for $8,899, allegedly for using 305,184 gallons of water, far exceeding the EPA's average household usage of 9000 gallons a month. I don't think you use 9000 gallons a month. I sure as heck no, I don't. Well, anyhow, over five months, the bills totaled 29,669 dollarsforty $0.03 for over a million gallons of water, which the construction company appealed. And the Atlanta Watershed Management Appeals Board suggested the water was used, leaked or stolen. Raw from revive construction criticized the board, feeling he was accused of stealing, and initially the utility company acknowledged a leak and reduced the bill to $219.29, but then reverted to the original $30,000 charge. And Ra's appeal against the decision failed. And even though a senior utility employee supported his case, something doesn't sound right. Do you ever get high utility bills and wonder why you get high water bills and high electric bills? I sit on a local electric board and we seldom get problems where people have really high bills and most of them are very fair and I was looking at our charge per kilowatt hour and I thought, this is cheaper than anybody else around. I mean, a lot of people are like 14, we're like 10.9 at the latest. And we've got our final adjustments at the end of this month, actually the end of next month when all the financial things come through. And that's pretty darn cheap for electricity. A lot of people, like in New York state, pay a heck of a lot more than that. But have you ever had large bills? Do you have an all electric house? You have all electric lights. You didn't change anything over from led to normal lights? From normal lights to led, the incandescent or the curly cues. My house is all led. It really is. I made that change probably five years ago and I haven't looked back one iota and my total bills are down. We have an electric bill which is separate from the utility. Well, actually it's in the utility bill, but we have water, we have electric, we have stormwater and we have sewage and trash pickup all in that bill. And then to heat the house is natural gas. And so that's a separate bill. But all that's been very reasonable. We haven't really had a cold winter here in Ohio. Maybe up in Cleveland, but we're not Cleveland. And thank God for that. I mean, I was up in Cleveland one time and the snow up there. Well, actually it was raining when I left. I had a training session I was doing at the Cleveland site center, close to the Cleveland clinic, very big place. And I came home and then I got a phone call in my office on Monday and they said, don't come up to Cleveland. I said, why? We have 54 inches of snow. Okay, did anybody find the snow shovel? And they were still digging out. Actually everything was closed for about a week and I thought, okay. So I went back up there and we had to play catch up ball for a whole week to get caught up in what I was training people to do. And I couldn't believe the intersections. You go to the center of the intersection and you creep through on a green light because you don't know what everybody else is going to do. The snow was piled up almost seven to 8ft high in the parking garage. Not parking garage, but the parking lot where I was training people. We had all the snow piled up to the sides and there was just a small entrance you could get into. And then they had enough parking spaces cleared, but it was like a fort. You had walls of snow all the way around. I don't like to run into that. I've been through it. I don't like it. It's common for Buffalo and Rochester, New York. It's probably common for Toronto in Canada, not here in Ohio. But we haven't had that type of bad weather yet. But are you prepared for that? These candeliers may help you out. The one thing the Alaska prepper had was actually a heating pad that he put under his sleeping blanket that was in the tent. And it didn't use that much power, about 15 watts. And he had a generator. Actually, it was a battery that could be charged off of solar. I had to drink my water here. I drink a lot of water. Run through Berkeley system. Somebody complained one time, said, it's awful expensive. Well, not really. I mean, if you would have bought it when I did. Don't have that problem. It's the filters that can be expensive, but it's worth their weight in gold. Well, so much for that. Hey, here's somebody something that you need to know. Toyota tells 50,000 us owners to stop driving, seek immediate repair. You can call that our public service announcement. Toyota Motor Corporation on Monday warned 50,000 owners of older american vehicles to stop driving them immediately. Lee. And seek repairs for a condition that could be deadly. Toyota asks that you don't even drive it to the dealer, but instead make arrangements for pickup. I hope the dealer pays for that pickup. Once again, the danger springs from Takata airbags. Takata, more than 67,000 of which have already been recalled across 19 different manufacturers, 34 brands and model years spanning from 2002 to 2015. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration of the NHTSA has called that undertaking the largest and most complex safety recall in us history. So if you have a Toyota, and it's from 2002 to 2015, call your Toyota car dealership, tell them what's going on, tell them of the recall, and say, hey, you're going to pick up my car and fix it. I would. And if your car has Takata airbags, then I would make sure that you check that out with your dealer. Okay. It's one of those things. There was an article that I saw today, Washington's plan, theft of credit card benefits, and I will post that on the website. It's authored by Kevin van Ellswick Elswyk from the Mises Institute. And it said, our vacation airline tickets in September were funded by accumulated miles on our Alaska Airlines credit card. While on vacation this summer, my brother in law graciously hosted eight of us for dinner. He tried to downplay the generous hospitality by saying he had just gotten his cash back reward from his credit card company. The cashback credit card had accumulated a tidy sum of money, paying for a very nice dinner. And at home in Brookfield, a takeout restaurant advised a 3.5% surcharge if paying by credit or debit card. And shopping later, our favorite farm market added a dollar to all of our credit card transactions. And it's not unusual in Brookfield to see two places for gas. One is for cash, and one is for credit cards. It's slightly higher. I'm beginning to see that here in Ohio, you pay credit card, you get a different charge. Well, that rate was up to 3.25%. I will let you read that. I will post that tonight, and you can check that out. Are credit cards really worth it? Do you shop with your credit card when you go to Wally World or Kroger's, or publix markets or teeter Harris? Even Myers? Do you use that plastic? Do you pay it off right away? That's the key. You don't want to pay the interest, but are you being charged more to use that card? If you are, pay with cash. I'm sorry. When I go out places, I like to pay with cash. And I always make sure that I have enough cash to cover things. And if I don't have enough cash, then I either cut back or I will use my credit card. But, and this is the big but, I pay it off when it's due. For example, today in the mail, I just got a credit card bill. So what happens tomorrow? I write a check and pay the bill. I don't want any interest on it. And that's how you save money. Also, you live a little bit less lavishly. Okay. And so if you're going to go out and buy pea salad, you watch the price and things like that. So I don't go zooming all over in Ohio in my car. I do it judiciously. I'll put it that way. Because gasoline ain't cheap, I'll put it that way. And with all the running I have to do this week, yeah, my gas is going to cost me, especially when I have to run to a meeting, which is about 15 miles away, and then drive back. And then I have to go different places tomorrow, and then again on Saturday and Sunday. And so that gasoline price, if I can get it down around 269, I'm happy right now. It was $2.88. I didn't need anything today. Matter of fact, the needle on the car barely moved. And I love it. I get about 30 miles to the gallon in a Buick in town. Forget it. It's a gas guzzler. I don't know about your car, and if you have a Toyota, you'll get good mileage, but if the airbag pops on you, you better get that thing checked out. I mean, airbags can hurt when they go off and cause a nasty problem. Hey, in Russia, they had an Internet. It was hit by a gigantic outage, and theories are swirling over why. There was an article and let's see what the. It was in metro news, and it was from England, and different things were going on, and their Internet went out for some reason, and they were listing the different Internet companies that were in trouble, and they had them posted on this story. And I thought, oh, this is fantastic, but I can't read Cyrillic. I might pick up a little bit here and a little bit there, but not much. I mean, hardly anything. I can't read Russian, and the only thing I can say is da, which is yes and niet, which is no. Other than that, I've got problems, and a lot of people do. I mean, their language is a lot different. I like English or English. I guess if you're Japanese and Chinese, it would be English. And that's about all I can do. I'm not multilingual. I can do a little bit of German, a little bit of French. I can understand a little bit of Italian. But to speak it and to translate, ah, it doesn't work that way. And I told you about the Europe farmer protests, and it was the green policies that they were protesting, and they were talking about out of control energy prices and disastrous carbon cutting targets and overinflation and bureaucracy from radicals in Brussels, Belgium, and ukrainian grain imports and everything else. They are really in a very ticked off mood over there. And they were saying that farmers in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and Romania and a few other countries across Europe were protesting the radical leftist government by obstructing major transport networks with tractors. They didn't show pictures of them flinging hooey on the government buildings. French were a little bit more vocal, you know. All this growing threat sends prices of popular breakfast staples soaring for second consecutive year, according to TCD in Yahoo. An article by Jenny Allison. And she said last year, an unusually low orange yield in Florida drove the cost of orange juice to record breaking highs. All you need is either cold weather or ice, and the orange crop is basically shot. And I've been in Florida when there's been stuff like that happening, and oranges get expensive because they don't have that many. I mean, I've gone to places where I can go down to where they have the county fair at the fairgrounds and they have a truck that comes in once a month with Florida oranges and people will drive down there and get cases of Florida oranges that really nice naval oranges, really good, really juicy. I haven't seen them this year. There's usually a notification in the paper or online and there's nothing this year. And they were talking about a citrus canker and citrus greening and it was described by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and greening or the Hulangalong, I can't pronounce it Wang Long bing. That's what it is. Citrus greening is a disease that's harmless to humans but fatal to trees. Well, anyhow, they have that down there and down the new river grove in Florida, they have problems. And who, you know, prices of oranges are going to go way up and so get used to that. Hey, if you're going to be doing some prepping, and we always talk a little bit about prepping, you don't have to spend a lot of money. You really don't. This candle, this candelier was about $29 and based on the recommendations, I got it and it may prove it's worth especially I got extra candles to go along with it since they last 9 hours. And so I have some extra candles if need be, and I would have to order the rest. They're long burning candles is what they are. But you don't have to spend a lot of money to be a prepper, or at least to protect yourself and your family from either financial disaster or food or you name it. And there's a site and I will put that up. Ready? And I think it's ready. Check no ready Gov government site. And I will post that so you can go through the things there. But know what kind of disasters and emergencies are most common for where you live. If you live in Oklahoma, what do you have? Tornadoes, those little things that swirl know, pick things up. Dorothy and Toto, remember that wizard of Oz? And then in Florida you have hurricanes, and the atlantic coast you have bad storms, you have hurricanes. Here in Ohio you have in some cases, potential blizzards, snow, rain, sleet, gloom, doom, you name it. It's typical Ohio weather. You get up into Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, it gets real cold. So you have to prepare for what type of disasters you have. And of course, here in Ohio, we do have tornadoes. They have them in Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, or better known as Missouri. Especially in the summertime, it gets too hot down there, hot and humid. And you think that's bad? Go down to Arkansas. That's worse. I know, I've been there a few times. Arkansas, I'll pass. It's great to drive through in an air conditioned car, but if the air conditioning cuts out on you, it's not a happy thing, trust me. You might as well get two deodorant sticks, big ones, and put them under each armpit and have a fan on you, because that's the only way you survive. Know what your disasters are? Then you create your emergency communication plan. Okay, who are you going to talk to? How are you going to talk to them? That's where the GMRS radios come in. You can get onto a repeater and talk up to 60 miles or more. And if you are a lot higher or the antenna is a high antenna. The one where I talk to is 900ft tall and it works. And probably tonight I'll be talking to people on that repeater just to create new friends and so forth. But emergency communications cell phones, do you have backup batteries? Do you have the ones with solar panels on them? It charges the battery during the day and then you can plug in and charge your phone at night. That's something to have. I have a couple. Make sure you store important phone numbers somewhere besides your cell phone. I had that problem, so I printed a bunch of them out and what I couldn't remember and I needed from different things. I called my sister and I said, hey, can you send me the address list and the phone numbers that you have for all of our other friends? Yeah, fine. So I got it. If the Internet wasn't around, she would have to print them off and I'd have to go get them. Sign up for emergency alerts. You can sign up in this area. Whio would be a good one. And there are others you can sign up for alerts. Even your local 911 center might have a site for that. Download the FEMA app, FEMA. It's available in English and Spanish. And build your emergency supply kit and you do it over time. I've got one for wintertime in the back of my car. Because if I go to Findley and we get into a snowstorm or something up there, I want to make sure that I've got flashlight with extra batteries. I'm going to take one of these candeliers with me, make sure I have maybe a lighter to light the candelier with. Make sure that I have extra gloves, hats, blankets, some water, and some emergency food bars, energy bars, things like that. Make sure I have maybe a roll of toilet paper, some paper towel, things like that. You build it up over time, common sense stuff. And you want to talk with the members in your household about what's going on and how they need to prepare. And you want to store important documents like passports and birth certificates, maps, electronics in a flood safe place. Well, I'm lucky here. I live on the other side of town where we are up on the hill. We don't have floods here. Down in the lower part of town where the river is. Yeah, you can have floods, and they did have the 1913 flood, I believe, down there, and I think the water got up to about 7ft in some places. You want to contact your local fire department. They may have programs to provide fire or carbon monoxide detectors, and they do. They prefer you buy your own, but if you really need one, they'll get you one. There's floodsmart gov, and there are free things that you can download. You can also go to, I believe it's And they have preparedness stuff there too. And you can always check out David Gilmore or the LDS prepper on YouTube and follow some of his suggestions. And there's a lot of stuff out there. We really didn't have a joke today, which is, well, it's not that good. But I'll tell you what, I saw one today, which was interesting, and this man was sitting in his chair and he's looking into a mirror and his wife says to him, honey, what's on tv? And he says, I've been clicking this thing for half an hour and all I see is the same picture and he's looking into a mirror. Don't do that. I guess that would be the first sign of dementia. I don't know. But you run into all kinds of stuff going on and I don't know about you, but in my hometown crazy stuff happens. And it's a trip. It always is a trip. It's almost like being around Michael Behas and having a trip with his place. Oh my God. Would you believe I'm actually watching myself broadcast while I'm doing the broadcast? Trim radio is live right now. Can you believe that? Holy cow. And there's about a ten second delay, I believe. Would you believe I just found that? Michael, that's amazing. So we get like live things. So, gang, that's all I have for this week on my world. I hope your world is a lot better and a lot slower paced than mine. It has to be, because mine has been a rapid paced thing. Even though I went out and got pea salad. Even though I went out and talked to people about the restaurant business and touring the countryside. I still had a lot of stuff to do. And with any luck, tonight, I will finish things up for today. And then tomorrow, it's starting all over again on Thursday. So I hope you have a good week. And I hope Michael gets back on the air here so we can close out the show. Because we've got about three minutes to do. Michael, are you there? Hello? He isn't. Why? That means I have a three minute grace period. Well, here's something I just saw. It's a cowboy goes into a doctor, and he's holding his clothes over his arm. And he's got two big bandages on his backside. And the doctor says to the cowboy, he says, next time, Mr. Clanton, think before you squat with your spurs on. That would tend to hurt, wouldn't it? I don't know about you, but I don't wear spurs. And I don't intend to, but it can happen. And a picture here that just popped up. Just in case you didn't already know it. I'm weird. They used to call me crazy till they found out I was insane. Wait a minute. That's my line. You can't use that. So, gang, that's about really all I have. And if you get a chance, check out the videos on YouTube with raccoons. I'm stuck on those. I've seen them, and they seem like nice little furry critters. The little ones, not the big grown ones. And I'm seeing these pictures, and they are so cute. I'd love to have a baby raccoon. But I know how they can get. They like to play. They can tear stuff up and they can really make a mess. So I'll just watch them from a distance and watch them on YouTube. And people that have wild raccoons and they domesticate them. Pay more power to them. Okay. Wow. I hope your week is a good week. What's left of it. And we'll try to talk about interesting financial stuff this weekend. Because if you're not saving your money, you're not paying down your debt. You're not putting some money aside. And you're not prepping with long term food. And be able to preserve and store water. We're going to be in for a rough time this summer. And from everything that I have heard from multiple sources, things are going to start to get wild. And when they do, don't say that I didn't warn you, because it will. And I know even Michael is kind of preparing for things like that because it's going to be a tough world. It really is this summer. And then we've got the election next fall. Vote your conscience, but vote. Get out there and vote and be an educated voter. Look at all the sides and determine how you want to vote, who you want to vote for. I don't care. You vote. Get out there. Make your voices known. You have to do that. So, Michael, where are you? Are you there? I think he went to sleep. Maybe he's watching Monty Python's life of Brian. Or he's watching one of the other Python films. I don't know. I don't know what he's doing. Is he asleep? Is he awake? Do we need to text Michael? Do I need to give out Michael's phone number? I wouldn't do that. No. He'd kill me. He would kill me. He would get even. Hey, have you ever watched the bob and Tom show? I just saw him pop up on Facebook. Sometimes you want to make sure little kids are not around to listen to Bob and Tom. They're out of Chicago and they can be a little bit nasty. A little bit. And I'll tell you what, there's a lot of stuff going on out there. You got to have a sense of humor. I mean, I got to have a sense of humor. If I don't, I think I would go nuts. No matter what I do, I always have to have a sense of humor. I don't know what Michael's doing, but my sense of humor is going out the window right now. Michael? Yoohoo. Are you awake? Hello? See, that's what I got to put up with, guys. I mean, I really, really do. Dead airtime is not good time. Michael, where are you? Holy cow. I don't know what's gotten into him. I think he's. Maybe he went out to get a pizza and didn't tell me. I don't know. I do know one thing. A friend of mine made me some delicious lemon cake and it's to die for. And I wish Michael would get back here so I can go get some more of that lemon cake. Oh, it's good. Just. She only does it once in a few blue moons, if you know what I mean. And she does a really good job of it. But hey, start prepping. And everybody that I've talked to have been talking about things. Take a look at the candelier. Get yourself a gmrs radio for yourself and your family licenses are only $35 a year or $35 for ten years. And that's a good thing. And I've had a lot of fun with mine. And like I said, I'll be talking with people probably up to 60, 70 miles away tonight, providing they're on air. And I can listen to a lot of different people, do a lot of different things, but I have fun doing it, and that's the good thing. Also, check out our Facebook page. We have a lot of stuff there. A lot of important information comes up, not only at my world, but also at money and change, financially prepped. A lot of stuff. And do you have a lot of things that people are posting on Facebook that are kind of questioning things that are going on in the township or in the town? Do you have stuff like that? Man? I know I do from time to time, and we've had a rash of little things here. It pays to keep your nose and ears tuned to what's going on. And I think Michael's gone to sleep. Should I text him? Should I call him? My God. My producer has. He has. He has gone to sleep. I can't believe it. Oh, my God. Guess what? We're going to have to see what I can do here. Let's just see. Let's see if I can get a hold of Michael. Hello, Michael? Hello. Let's see what we can do. Hmm. How do you spell behas? There we go. Let's see what he does now. One ringy dinghy. Two ringy dinghies, three ringy dinghies. Your call has forwarded to voicemail, but the person you're trying to reach is not available. At the tone, please record your message. When you have finished recording, you may hang up. It's voicemail, and I'm calling you live because guess what? It's nine four and we're done. So hopefully you answer the phone. If you don't, you better come back on the air and give us the exit. Michael's in the bathroom. Keep talking a little bit longer, okay? Keep talking. Keep talking. Oh, my God. I got to keep talking. I got to keep talking. Michael's indisposed. Reposed. Sleeping, snoring. What in the world is going on? I can't believe it. I can't believe it. There's a cartoon that says I'm supposed to be writing a hit single. And I've just been sitting on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away. Just sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time. Who did that song? If you know that, hey, give us an email on that, will you? There's a guy that dies and goes to hell, and the devil's with him. And he says, come on, come on. It's either one or the other. Make up your mind. And the guy standing in front of a door, it says, damned if you do and damned if you don't. Have you ever seen that far side? I love far side cartoons. I can't believe it. Far side cartoons are fantastic. And the guy doesn't do them. I think these are all reruns. I think he's finally done with cartoons. And if you have a good, and I do mean a good recipe for pea salad or ham salad, two good ones, let me know, because I'll tell you what, that's something. If you know how to make something that's really good, that's fine. Also, have you checked the prices on food at restaurants? Have you ever been to Marshall, Michigan? Wynn Schuler's is up in Marshall, Michigan. And I was contemplating, and that's thinking, I was contemplating of actually going up to Michigan in the spring when the weather gets better, and we don't have any snow, we don't have any mud, and it's a nice blue sky day. And maybe spend maybe an overnighter at Marshall's. A beautiful town. I really like it up there. If it wasn't in Michigan and it was farther south where it's warmer, I would definitely like to move there. Beautiful town. But they have Wynn Shuler's restaurant, and there's also a hotel there. And I'll tell you what, the food was always fantastic. And every summer that I was available, I could drive up there and go to windshielders and have a good time. And I would tell people, I told Jerry about it, and I talked to other people, and, you know, this windshielders is a good place to eat. I started checking the menu. Did you know that prime rib about four years ago was reasonable? It was like $18. Now it's $49 if you're lucky. Yeah, if you're lucky. $49. Was that Michael's voice? [01:07:40] Speaker A: There's a place we have down here that is called Lowe's. Lowe's food. And a lot of people don't realize, but one of the things that's going on today is they're doing 3d printed meat. And this 3d printed meat is made out of soy. And God knows what else they put in this garbage. And then they print it out, and they say, well, if you want more marbling? We can make more marbling. If they want this, you can make that. And then they add all these different additives to it to make it taste like steak. And you don't know what you're eating, but this is what they're doing. They're trying to culture lab based stuff and everything else, and it's just poison. So you don't even know if you're getting real food anymore or some kind of garbage they're feeding us. And God only knows what that'll do. But at Lowe's meat, they have this place right in the back that has this meat market where it's real cattle, and it's not given all these injections or anything else. And it's aged meat. The reason I like aged meat is I can tell that it's real meat. And I quit buying just their processed garbage. And people that go to Walmart, take a magnet with you, stick it on the front of the chicken, see if it sticks. Yeah. And you'll notice a lot of people are finding that it is sticking to the meat, okay. Right through the plastic bag. So ask yourself, what is in it that is making that happen? What is it? [01:09:13] Speaker B: Nanoparticles. It's got to be nanoparticles. [01:09:16] Speaker A: Well, it's something, but whatever it is, it's of a metallic nature. That is magnetic. So that's something that people should think about, because this. [01:09:28] Speaker B: I'll pay the extra $49 at shulers for real meat. [01:09:31] Speaker A: That's right. That's going to come a time where the way that they're doing this, the farms, everything else, the way that they're deciding what to make, when to make it, when to pay people not to make it, it's getting ridiculous. Instead of using those farmlands and constantly using them to store up and help everyone in the world. Everyone in the world, not just us, but. [01:09:59] Speaker B: The. I told them about the riots they're having over in know the farmers are fed up in Germany and Belgium and the Netherlands, Poland. [01:10:11] Speaker A: We have so much going on, and people better be scared. We've got a guy now that is talking about bombing Iran as a retaliatory thing from what's going on over there, from, you know, Hermuth. Okay. And he's talking about making a very stern statement. And then we've got everything that's going on between Ukraine and Russia. We have the Hamas, and we know Israel, and now we have the know yenmen and mean, we see north and South Korea and everything. And I'm just going to tell you. We have madmen that are in the world that are leading. You better be know, and I'm not sure even if you do prepare and you prep, where are you going to go? Where are you going to go during these dangerous times that's going to make you one inch closer? And then what? Live underground the rest of your life? Is that what you want? Because then you're not enjoying the world anyway. So, I mean, you can be as prepared as you can for when lights go out, for when you need fuel, for when you need food and everything else, and that's okay. There's nothing wrong with that. But I'm just saying this is going to get ugly. And unfortunately, we're the ones that make it ugly, human beings. [01:11:35] Speaker B: Well, yeah, you're right. And I'll tell you what, the biggest problem we have right now that's causing a lot of problems is government. I don't talk a lot about politics, but a lot of problems are caused by politicians. And if you break down the word politics, poly means many. So what's left over? Ticks. What are ticks? Blood suckers. You got it. Well, hey, that's all I have for tonight. Check us out on money and change on Sunday. We'll have a lot more information. We'll talk a little bit more about prepping. Check out our Facebook page because we'll have a lot of stuff there. And just have a good weekend, what's left of it. And watch out for a corona mass ejection. I think that's. Isn't it a coronal mass ejection? Is that on a CD player? [01:12:45] Speaker A: Yeah. [01:12:46] Speaker B: I don't know. Anyhow, guys, have a good rest of the week. We'll see you Sunday. Bye. [01:12:52] Speaker A: All right, stu. Take care, bud.

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