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Jan 24 2024 | 01:21:14

Episode January 24, 2024 01:21:14

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Michael and Karen talk all things Veterans Affairs.  Its important for our community to work together to stay informed because we served and we seem to be forgotten. Tonight a variety of topics are on the table.

The VA has been really slow as far as getting things done, and I can't stress enough the importance it is for everybody to make sure that they are on track with getting what they need, making sure that they're filing, making sure that they're including everything.

And you can do this through the DAV, which is great. You can do this through your veterans of foreign legion.

Always remember to support those who support you.  National Suicide Prevention Hotline dial 988, for Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 press 1.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: You've tripped again and things are starting to get interesting don't give me choice because I can't decide my mind is broken words I've come to terms with all my insecurities impurities no friend of mine and dreaming doesn't do no good because I don't want to lie that I'm okay and I'm all right I'd rather take it and forget it consider this a warning because I got another fight you say it's all right wait. What a day when you fight out too much for you, baby don't lay your hands over me what? You won't let me but don't bother wasting your time if you're trying to change me close, Savannah. Better than to break the rules of messing with a lesson that I'll never learn I'll go from bad to worse and later back to better but I'll never better bridges that I'm meant to burn and dreaming doesn't do no good because I don't want to lie that I'm okay and I'm all right I'd rather take it and forget it consider this a warning because I got another fight and you say it's all right I'll wait for the day when you find out too much for you, baby. [00:02:02] Speaker B: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Trim radio network. And take point 22. And tonight, of course, with me, along with me, is going to be Karen Arnold. And you come on over to the trim radio network where you can listen in. You could buy merchandise, which helps us stay on the air. And if you want to be a part of our trim radio network team, all you have to do is message us and we'll show you how easy it is to do. The opinions expressed by my host, co host, guest, myself and others is not necessarily that of the Trim radio network, its owners, managers or others. Any information shared by us is not to be considered to be used as advice. We inform, we don't advise. That includes any medical, health and professional information as well and expressly deny any and all liabilities from this show. Anyway, this song right here, consider this Anna and Alec. Wonderful song covered under our BMI music license. Six. 1516 58. And we do have a call in. Number one eight. [00:03:04] Speaker C: Oh, this call may be recorded or transcribed. [00:03:07] Speaker B: Six seven. You call in, give us your opinion and we'd love to hear from you. And with that, I'll tell you what. We are going to get moving right along. So as you can all hear, and I'm sure that you can, I have Karen on here, and as soon as I pull her up. Karen, how are you? [00:03:33] Speaker C: Good. How have you been? [00:03:35] Speaker B: I'm doing okay. Doing okay. So we're just humping right along. How have you been? How is everybody? [00:03:45] Speaker C: It very busy. But Christmas was good. It was, like I said, very busy, and it was a very good Christmas. [00:03:59] Speaker B: You know what? It was a very nice Christmas for me. It was more about busy, the family, and just enjoying time together. So absolutely loved it. Same with New Year's. Very mellow, very at home, very family oriented. Enjoyed it very much so happy new year to you. Let's hope this year gets along and gets moving a lot better than what it was last year. Let's hope anyway. But we have a lot going on. Here's the thing. The VA has been really slow as far as getting things done, and I can't stress enough the importance it is for everybody to make sure that they are on track with getting what they need, making sure that they're filing, making sure that they're including everything. And you can do this through the DAV, which is great. You can do this through your veterans of foreign legion. Many different ways to do it. Okay. You don't need an attorney to do it. That's, first off, that you should know. You don't need an attorney to do it. But you do have to go down to your local Dav. You have to go down to wherever you are part of, go down there and get with these people, get the forms, get your benefits, get everything in line, because it is going to take you a long and painful process to get everything done. File the pact act. That's one of the biggest things that I can tell you. Make sure that you do it. Make sure that you're included on it. You do not want to face things in the future, especially if you were exposed to different chemicals and different things that are happening, and it's happening more and more every day. One of the forms, I could tell you I've had some very frustrating time with the VA. I filed for a blood disorder, lupus sarcodosis, and some other things back in 2018. And of course, going through and getting help for mental abilities and everything, I became 100%, but not from that. And I have been fighting that and actually went before a judge from DC, an appeals appellate judge, to get it looked at. And of course, he voted in my favor and remanded it back to the VA since that time, since 2021. From when I spoke to that judge, it is still not resolved. And of course, I had gotten in touch with one of my shipmates that I was stationed with and put down the dates that we were stationed together, wrote each other a letter for the different poisons and the different things that we were exposed to, we did that. And then the VA, in their infinite wisdom and wanting to have forms for everything, and, of course, had it notarized, we put on paper, sent in, taken in as evidence, has now sent it back, put it back in the monkey, back on my shoulders. Three months, three and a half months after I sent this information into them, which is extremely, extremely frustrating for me, because now it is back in my corner. And I just feel like this is their way of delaying. This is their tactic of just, let's just drag this on as long as we can. We know the reality of it. We know the truth of it, but we're going to drag it out as long as we can. So having this, and I understand the need for forms, but what most people don't understand is you have a form 21 4138, which is statement in support of claim. Then you're going through. And of course, this has two sides. You have 211-0210 which is a lay witness statement that must be filled out. It's gotten to the point to where you have to have all these forms, even though they have, in writing, a witness statement that's been notarized. They have all the details, the times, the dates, where I was stationed, when I was stationed, what we were exposed to. Now we have to put it on their paper, their form, which is excruciating, and they give you 30 days to do it. So now I had to get back on the phone with my shipmate mark and tell him all this stuff. And of course, now he knows what those forms are. I text messaged him those forms, and I have to do the same for him. It's absolutely such a ridiculous, redundant waste of not only paper time and effort, but they need these particular forms. And of course, they know they have your medical record. They have your service duty record. They have everything. Okay? But this is what we have to go through. You do need to do the forms. I can understand why they want the forms. They want it in there. They want it in a record. They want it in their format. I get that. But they waited three months to acknowledge. Even though it's acknowledged that, hey, it was an intake or whatever, it took them three months to say, get me these forms, which I didn't know existed, and you can't get in touch with anyone from the Dav. They're not taking incoming calls so you could try to email them or whatever, but you better know their name, you better know exactly where because they're a pain in the butt ever since COVID happened. Used to be you could call up, you could get answers. Not anymore. They've changed the way that they've done their procedures and getting in touch with one of your representatives that represents you, but then they want to send you a packet to ask for money. And it's like, listen, guys, I am grateful and everything, but I'm going to tell you, if I can't call you, I can't reach you. I can't discuss with you everything that's going on. What do I need you for? So now I'm having to go through the veterans affairs myself, and you feel kind of abandoned, but these forms are needed and I have 30 days to get them completed or they'll go ahead and as they sent me this nice letter, we will go ahead and consider this invalid or whatever, which I think is the biggest egregious act yet. You took three months, you didn't say a word. You acknowledged you had it. You acknowledged the statements, you acknowledged it was notarized. You acknowledged everything about it. And now you're going to send me forms and say, you have 30 days to do this or we're wiping it out. And that's after six years of trying to get them to pull their heads out of their rear ends and do the right thing, right? They know they gave it to me. I know they gave it to me. They know where it was. They know when it was. They know everything about it. But it is. How do I say, if I don't look at it and ignore it long enough, it'll go away. So I am telling you all, if you have done active duty, and of course, my memory is not great anymore. I have serious memory issues and everything. You need to go after your benefits so that you have medical that you can go to if you're paying out of pocket or paying for insurance, and you think, oh, great, what about what they promised you? What about what you did for them and did for the rest of us and what we did for you and did for the rest of everyone else? You need to go after those benefits and you're going to have to be diligent about it and stringent. You are going to have to do it. Drive it like you got into a race car, drive it like you stole it. And unfortunately, that's what you're going to have to do when dealing with the veterans affairs and they are doing some pretty egregious things that are going on right now. It's very frustrating. One of the clips I want to play a clip so everyone can hear. [00:13:54] Speaker D: What is going on with the VA's priorities. This is a burning question that many of us are asking as the Department of Veterans affairs appears to be diverting its focus from our nation's veterans to processing medical treatment for detained migrants. You heard that right. The VA, a cornerstone in supporting our veterans, has been recently reported in engaging in activities that are turning heads and sparking widespread outrage. Adding on to this quagmire, a federal judge recently had to intervene to halt federal agents from cutting open the Texas border fence. The controversial move, supposedly to allow migrants to cross in emergency situations, has raised serious concerns about the priorities and security of our nation. It has since been reported that the Biden administration is now seeking the support of the Supreme Court to allow this practice to continue. Adding to the complexity, there's been a notable presence of, quote, special interest aliens among those at the border, which, according to the DHS's own website, Department of Homeland Security, aren't your typical migrants. They are, quote, non us persons whose travel patterns suggest that they could pose a national security risk to the United States or its interests. The VA is now playing the middleman between the DHS funded medical treatment for non us citizens. Medical treatment on your dime as the taxpayer and the VA community care hospitals. This has recently come under fire. Just yesterday, a congressional inquiry came out which sharply criticized the US Department of Veterans affairs, led by nonveteran secretary Dennis McDonough, for the unacceptable delays veterans face in the community care network program. Despite repeated warnings and recommendations from the Government Accountability Office since 2018, the situation still remains dire. Veterans are enduring lengthy wait times for both scheduling and receiving care from their community care, which is a stark contrast to the quality health care that they deserve. It's becoming increasingly obvious that a portion of the VA's resources intended to support our veterans is being diverted not only to non veterans, but to non citizens entirely. This is raising critical questions about the VA's priorities and their impact on our veterans who rely on these services. With our veterans, many of whom are struggling with extended wait periods for claims processed under the recently passed Pact act, and they're having increasingly long delays with their VA disability appeals now over 400,000 in the queue there backlogged an increase from 150,000 last year. The VA recently announced that they would be removing tinnitus ringing in the ears as a ratable condition, which is the most common rated condition from the entire schedule of VA ratings. Furthermore, the Biden administration recently assembled the veteran Scam and Fraud Evasion Task force to go after nonaccredited VA disability consulting firms while Congress is pushing the impending Plus act authorization, which legalizes accredited agents to charge the veteran up to $12,500 for help with their VA disability claim. It also allows the legal attorneys to go through the appeals process and take up to one third of the veterans entitled back pay. This puzzlingly mirrors the practices of quote unquote claim sharks, a term coined by organizations such as the VFW, which is primarily defined by the presence of hefty fees. This development begs a critical question. Why do our nation's leaders derelict their duty to support american veterans? Now is election time. It's the perfect time to make your voices heard. Sound off in the comments below. And if you really want to take action, write your congressperson today. Cheers. [00:18:22] Speaker B: And these are just some of the things that are going on, and it makes me sick. I don't want you to call me heartless for thinking, okay, he is not caring about migrants or people coming in, but I want you to look, not at it, at a philosophical or theological type situation. I want you to look at it as why are they coming in? What was the purpose? What was the gain? And don't tell me it was for freedom, to give them a better life or anything else. The United States fought for its freedom. I know some of these other countries are under duress, but they're also being helped by the United States, by you, by me, with our tax money, and we're funneling drugs. We're funneling all kinds of different things. We have children disappearing. We have all kinds of issues going on. We're opening. And now even in the democratic areas, they're mad because Texas, Florida is busing them up to them. You want to let them in and you want to call, you know, look at these guys. They don't even want to open the border. Good. Now you have them, and now you're crying foul. And then on top of it, you're going to use the people who serve this country, who made this country, who fought to keep this country and take away everything from them or part of things from them in order to take care of these people that you have brought in, that. What were your intentions really? Were they godly intentions? [00:20:12] Speaker D: No. [00:20:13] Speaker B: Was it political? Yes. Was it for personal gain? Absolutely. Because these people are on the street. They're poor, they're intense. They're in everywhere else. Don't tell me you did it out of the goodness of your heart to put them on the street with nothing. And now you're turning around saying, oh, well, we'll give you something. We'll go ahead and do that. You guys don't need this this much, so we'll take it out of you. Why don't you take it out of your own damn salaries instead of chewing on some ice cream, Joe, and everything else, why don't you, Congress and the Senate all cut your salaries, those egregious salaries, the big fat cats, and you start giving money to them because right now, trying to get a fair hearing, the appeals to go through and everything else from the situation that you put us in, you know there was asbestos in the building, you know that the burn pits could do this. You know, all these different things. Hey, great, we signed on the dotted line. We have no problem giving our lives to defend our country, but not for your own personal political agenda. We just didn't agree to that. Never agreed to that. And some of us now are sick. Some of us now are fighting problems that we never thought we would be fighting. In other words, our war never ended. It just began. And it began because of your lack of care, negligence and everything else. And then you keep doing it. And that's some of the scariest things. I mean, hearing this, seeing this, and of course this is going around and it's been going around the web. It's been on the Internet and everything. What do you think about all this, Karen? [00:22:39] Speaker C: I think it's time that United States citizens stand up. It seems like everyone knows what's going on, but no one's saying anything. No one's standing up and saying, wait a minute. We need a lot of people to. [00:22:56] Speaker B: Do that, and we do wholeheartedly. And I hate to say this, but I'm getting to the point where I've seen such indignance in everything else. You get to the point and it's such a hardcore. As a Christian, you don't want to get to this point, but they drive you to the point almost, and you have to have self control where you're just like, you know what? You people never cared for us. You care about things that are worldly, things you never cared about. One veteran in this country, not one. And they're dying. And the suicide rate has gone back on up. The frustration level has gone up again. The wait times up. And now you want to take their money. Now you want to create all these teams. You've had three or four people that have gotten caught doing what they shouldn't have done and taken advantage of brothers and sisters that did serve and served honorably with stolen valor or whatever else. And I got to tell you that it is now hindering the rest of the brotherhood and sisterhood out there of getting good quality care. And it's absolutely ridiculous. You don't need a lawyer to file. I think that it's egregious that they're going to sit here, you being sick and everything else, or having a problem, and then you have to say, okay, they finally acknowledge it, just like they did with Vietnam, with Agent Orange. But we're going to take a lot of your back pay for legal fees or other institutions that we don't want to accredit. You want to put a group in place that's going to deny, deny, deny, deny, deny, when you have other doctors out there that will say, well, wait a minute here. How can you deny this? But that's what you want to put in place. That's what Biden wants to put in this. Why does it have to be accredited? By who? The veterans affairs, the VA itself? Who's having to pay the money? Who's getting paid for, by the way, by our taxpayer money? So what is the goal here? What is the end game here? So we can deny, and we could continue to deny. They don't care about us. They don't. And if you're lucky to get your benefits, it takes some of the sting out of what you're going to deal with, but it's not going to matter. Because you know what? For some of us, it's only a matter of time. And then it makes you go back and say, should I ever even have served? Should I have? I don't care if you want to make a distinction between frontline or not. You know what? It makes no difference to me. If you put on that uniform, I don't care. You put it on, and now all of a sudden they want to create division there, too. Bottom line is that a lot of us were exposed to stuff at bases that should have been cleaned up a long time ago, and they weren't. Look at Camp Lejeune and the water problem. [00:26:52] Speaker C: That's a mess. [00:26:54] Speaker B: That is a mess. It's a hot mess, as Sherry has said. But a lot of places that the buildings were old and they could have been renovated, cleaned out professionally and everything else. You didn't do it. You wanted to do it the cheapest way you could. Okay, congratulations. You did. But it got people sick. Be responsible. You made a choice. That choice, and my life is lost because of that haste. Fine. [00:27:38] Speaker A: So. [00:27:50] Speaker B: I don't want to see is that I got a knife in my back and I turn around. It's my own government that bothers me. That's the egregious part. That's the part that bothers me. File, file, file, file is all I can tell you, because nobody is going to do it for you. Nobody is going to take care of you when you're in time of need. I'm on medication the rest of my life. I know it. However long that may be. The Runway gets shorter and shorter all the time. But that's natural with life. But this is not natural. This war has not ended. So my thing is that, you know what? You're going to have to look after yourselves. You're going to have to take the time to file. Go to the Dav, make an appointment. It's a pain in the butt. I'm not going to lie to you. It is long, it is exhausting, it is humiliating. It is degrading. You will be berated. You will go through so much anguish. I promise you. I guarantee you, you will. But you served. You were trained. You're used to that. So fight it out. File. File for the pact act. File for the illnesses or anything that you got going on. And look at where. Go back. Go back in your mind. Go back. Talk to others. Talk to your shipmates. Ask them how they're doing. Keep in contact with those people that you serve with. See what they're going on. See what some of the health issues that they're having. Find the links. Create that on ramp. Connect that bridge. Go down the other on ramp. Create that, too. Prove it. And when you prove it, stay on top of it. Don't quit and keep at it. And if you have to go in front of the judge, do it. Do what you got to do. Most people give up. Some of them sit out in front of a VA and they take their lives, which would have probably been a hell of a lot easier. But I'm not a big people person anymore. But I will tell you that if you want peace in the end, you're going to have to do it, and they're going to have to do what's right. And we've got to get this guy out of office because he wants to take, take. He doesn't have enough. They want it all. They want it all. Karen, you've been through this. You and I have fought some of these same battles together. [00:31:23] Speaker C: The housing. But I want to tell those of people that are on the fence about whether to file or not, you need to file, because even if they give you a 0% rating, pose eight years from now, you come down with symptoms of something that you got from being overseas. You can apply to get more percentage of disability, and if you happen to pass from that disability, your family can still receive benefits. [00:32:16] Speaker B: Absolutely. [00:32:18] Speaker C: And that's why it's so important. Even if it's something that isn't making a huge impact on your life, who knows what tomorrow brings? [00:32:30] Speaker B: And I'm going to tell you the reality of tomorrow happens. We went from where I look back now and I say, okay, you misdiagnose me. We have been calling this lupus sle, which it was, and sarcodosis, which I have, and we know that to where it turned into t cell lymphopolifeative disease, I e. Example, given it's in my lymphomatic system, it's leukemia. The epstein bar that I took for the IgG IgM, supposed to be normally 17.9. I was 91. 91, wow. I was over 25 on the other one. Again, 17.9. So now we're fighting this with the biologic. We're trying to fight this in a different manner so we don't aggravate it and turn it into full blown cancer. But I got to tell you, have they spotted this in the blood work in 2020 when they first saw something? Only because I called and complained over and over and over again, and I had to stay on top of it. You have to be your own medical doctor in some sort of way. You have to look out for yourself, and you have to get exceptionally intelligent to where you're full of wisdom and lore about the illness that you have so that you can fight a better, effective battle and go back and say, okay, here's the things that I was exposed to, and this is exactly what I'm doing, and it's not easy. We're at 2024 2018. Pretty big difference there. Now I'm already 100% because I'm bipolar, too. I take medicine for that. I see things, horrific nightmares, hallucinations, tremblings, panic attacks, and different things. But I will say this. It's important that you know those facts. And the reason I say this is because if you're going through some of the same things, you have to know, okay, where, how, and when. You have to be able to go back into your military background and figure those things out. It's the only way it's going to work. It's the only way it's going to work for you. But the first thing that you have to do is file protect yourself, and you know more about the spousal implications. Karen. [00:35:53] Speaker C: And I will tell you that I don't know if the va kind of does this on purpose, but they make the process seem so intimidating that you don't feel like you're able to even put the initial application in by yourself. It is not so difficult that you need to spend the money to have someone represent an attorney fee. Your basic filing is something that you should be able to do pretty easily. It appears intimidating, but it really isn't. [00:36:48] Speaker B: You could go down to your local veterans hospital, and most of them, they will have an intake office down there via a Dav. They'll have a Dav there usually, but you can go on down there, get yourself a card. You'll fall in line with everything that they have. You'll have to ask questions. Do I qualify? Whatever. Those things were guaranteed to us. I mean, if you did honorable service, and even in some circumstances other than honorable, you have to check all that stuff out. But if you're due those services and taken care of, it'll be a small copay until percentages pick up. Okay. And you got to keep challenging it, and you've got to keep going all the way down the line. I don't care. All the way to the end. So for me, it's a matter of making sure it's added to the record. This is where it came from. This is how it's not going to get me anything more. That's not the point. The point is, if I die from this, if this is what happens, it's in there. Okay. Where do those benefits then go? I'm not dying in vain. No way. Not that I particularly like this world, because I don't. I think it sucks, but I'm not going to sit here and die in vain either. When the truth needs to be told, and whatever that they find for me, if they can help somebody else, not go through it all the. A little. I'm a little frustrated about it. And, Karen, we went through that housing thing again. There was no need for. [00:39:03] Speaker C: There was. I don't know if people realized there was no notification whatsoever. [00:39:09] Speaker B: It was a lie, wasn't it? [00:39:11] Speaker C: It was. [00:39:13] Speaker B: And guess what? Her and I collaborated and we talked and did everything. And lucky for us, we did, through the same group, basically, to get, um. And you had freedom Mortgage, too, right, Karen? [00:39:30] Speaker C: Yes. [00:39:32] Speaker B: We both had the same mortgage servicer. See, the VA guarantees the loan. They guarantee the loan. So they tell freedom mortgage, hey, we're going to guarantee the loan. They're veterans. Here you go. And in Karen's case, it's her husband, which she does everything for. So don't misunderstand. The way I look at Karen is she's a vet. He served. He has gone through so much. She's serving, make no mistake about it, your family serves when you serve. When you die, the government's done. What about your family? A little piece of you dies with them. So I'm just going to tell you going through that, the mortgage servicer, freedom mortgage, you talk to them on the line, especially during the pandemic. Oh yeah, we got a plan for you. We're just going to tack it on the end of the loan. Yeah, we're going to suspend your payments now, we'll take it all the way on up till April. Then you'll kick back in your normal payments, no questions asked. It'll be tacked on the end of your loan. Remember that? [00:40:58] Speaker C: Oh yeah. [00:40:59] Speaker B: And this is what they told us. And then everyone can look at us and judges and say, oh yeah, well they just told you to, right? How about 6000 people, 6000 veterans are having been told the same exact lie. And then just like everything else, they pulled the rug from underneath us. And then they want you to refinance at a higher rate because the rates went up. So pay more, pay longer or we'll foreclose on you. Well if they foreclose on you, freedom mortgage says, okay, we're foreclosing, terrific. You get kicked out of your house, your memories or anything that you have left, you're out in the street trying to find and restart your life. Well, they're going to get their money no matter what because it's a VA backed loan. So then the va pays them. Okay, the VA now owns the house so it'll get fixed up, sold for more and then you'll get your benefits back once it's sold. Until then you're screwed because now you have to wait for your credit score to go back on up. You've had a foreclosure, maybe you end up filing bankruptcy and everything else to go and get another loan. And your new loan, of course, because interest rates won't go that low again, is going to be higher. It's a wonderful, beautiful scam because the government's going to give back the VA the money anyway because why? It's part of the government. They're going to get it from the taxpayers anyway. And we called them out on it right away and said, we'll file a class action. That's what we'll do. You don't want to do that. No. We're going to give you a Christmas gift. We're going to show you how to do this. He ended up having to go and get a grant. That's what we ended up having to do. Well, guess what? Those grant funds are now dried up. So now these other people that didn't have the knowledge to fight back didn't know. A lot of them are older and stuff. What about them? Well, now you're seeing the same thing. [00:43:43] Speaker C: With a lack of caring. [00:43:45] Speaker B: Go ahead, Karen. I'm sorry. [00:43:48] Speaker C: The lack of. Lack of honesty is what it is. A lack of honesty. [00:44:00] Speaker B: Yeah, it was. I go further. It was an outright lie. Let's call a horse a horse. It was an outright lie. It gave me a false illusion of being protected and having a parachute or a safety net. And guess what? You might have had the parachute there, but there's no rip cord. Okay? There was nothing. You might see the net, but it was a fishing net. And what you needed was one big enough for you and your family. [00:44:41] Speaker C: Right? [00:44:42] Speaker B: It's just a false illusion. Unbelievable. And now we're seeing it with our benefits, and they're going to start cutting it back more and more and more. And now that we have AI out there, and guess what? Oh, they're coming. We're getting around real fast with these things now. Intelligent life. Oh, yeah. Artificial intelligence. Wow. We'll make these things. We can send these things to war. These things can run. They can jump. They can do everything. They can serve. They can turn on you. And I'm going to tell you something. Pretty soon, you won't matter at all. I won't matter at all. And they're doing it more and more, and we're fighting more and more dirty wars if you don't think we're not. It is amazing to me the different things that we're seeing now, which China is doing and how sick and just disgusting, which illnesses, and of course, this story is by Cassie Buckman, news Nation. Which illnesses have 100% fatality rate? Now, we have told you this before, and I always said this thing was a weapon. And I always said it. I made absolutely the first thing I said. I stand by it. And every day I'm proven more and more correct, especially after seeing Fosse testify before Congress and not seeing. [00:46:52] Speaker C: I didn't reading see that. That must have been interesting. [00:46:59] Speaker B: It was last week, and it was closed session. But he backtracked on a lot of his thing. There was no scientific data for the 6ft apart. There was no scientific data for the masks. There was gain of function. There was a story where he was trying to divert it away from that. He lied. You, Mr. Fosse, are a liar, and that's what you are. And the NIH and all of them are a big hand in the killing of 6 million plus people. You guys played with the virus you shouldn't have played with. I don't care if it escaped accidentally or not, you shouldn't have played with it. And you did, and it got out, and then you lied about the origins of it, and you will go down, sir, in history as just a worm, because that's all you are. [00:48:17] Speaker C: I'm not confident anything's going to come of it. [00:48:21] Speaker B: Not a thing. Too much money there. They don't care. Listen, this is like Roe versus Wade. They don't care about that. That is just to keep you distracted. They're probably laughing in the aisles at each other. We got them worried about this. It's the same thing with race baiting. It's the same thing with all this other stuff going on. It is to keep you distracted from everything that is going on. How can we get more money, more power in our pockets at your expense? I've got a magic trick to show you. Don't look at my left hand, look at my. And here's great proof of it, too. Other nations are in charge and doing this stuff, and it's going to get ugly out there. News nation scientists in China are reportedly experimenting with a mutant Covid strain with 100% kill rate in mice. This strain, how are they? [00:49:22] Speaker C: That's crazy. [00:49:26] Speaker B: That's the name of the game. What is the goal? Like I said, with the immigrants, what's the goal of bringing them in here? What really is their goal? Well, what's the goal with this? The strain attacks the brains of mice, which are engineered to reflect a genetic makeup similar to that of humans. Most mice in the experiments lived only eight days after being infected. The animals lost weight, became sluggish, adopted a hunched posture. Their eyes turned completely white in the days before their death. Still, experts told news nation the study is small and that the paper has not been previewed yet, meaning there is no cause for alarm. But there are other diseases with fatality rates of 100% or very close to it, though these tend to be rare and are usually passed down through genetics. Krutzfeld Jacob disease, fatal familiar insomnia, which is a nervous condition. Kuru, a brain. There's so many. The justman's Straussler Schinkler syndrome. All of these have something in common. Most of them are brain disorders or nervous disorders. Rabies, which we know about. I mean, it's unbelievable, but they're playing with this stuff. And because it's not been previewed yet, on paper, there's no cause for alarm. You get that? No cause for alarm. Now, they all say that they want the world population down to a manageable level. Before the Georgia guidestones were blown up, they believed 500 million. The United States alone has around 332,000,000. I believe at one time, it was closer to 400, but now it's down. The same thing is happening in Japan. The same thing is happening in China. It's happening in North Korea, South Korea. All over the place, populations are going down. And now north korean leader is telling women have babies. But yet, years ago, yeah, well, they did this. China had a one baby policy for a while. Well, now, all those people are old, so their workforce has shrank. These people don't really think it through. What they think through is power. Power and money. They don't think about everything else. So why, if you're having a population problem and you want more of a population, would you play around with a mutant Covid strain with 100% kill rate? Why? I mean, I'm not understanding. We have a president that worries about a gum problem in the United States, but gives billions of dollars to another nation so that it can lose its people in a fight. And we're back over in the Middle east. We're back on over there again, fighting. We encourage war. War is a money making machine. What we don't encourage is taking care of those veterans or those that fight afterward. But how about. How about that story, Karen? [00:54:14] Speaker C: We're sending billions out to other countries, so we're not actually over there physically fighting. But the only thing is that now they're taking money from the elderly, from veterans, and then what happens? [00:54:51] Speaker B: This guy's a puppet, man. He's chomping on ice cream and everything else, pooping his pants. God only knows. And I'm going to say, he's no leader. Okay? And they've got him up there, Mr. Tough Guy who walks through the gardens and everything and passes where he's supposed to go, even after the secret service tells him where to go. He's a puppet. What I want to know is who's pulling the strings, who's behind the curtain? That's the problem. That's the biggest problem. And usually I'm not that harsh. I always try to be positive and everything, I got to tell you this one bothered me a lot because going through it myself and talking to veterans affairs about it and being told, well, you're still going to have to have that exact paperwork. I said, but you accepted it on the other, took it in. I have pictures of it. It's on the website and everything. You take three months plus and then tell me, okay, you have 30 days to finish this paperwork. That to me is not only egregious and you've taken on top of that another two years, which is now three years this year, to even make a decision on it, even after you've seen my medical record and everything else, it's ridiculous. So now it does, it gets you angry again. [00:56:37] Speaker C: Absolutely. [00:56:42] Speaker B: File, go down and file, put in the effort and go and file. Because I can tell you, I will guarantee you if you don't, it will come back to haunt you. If you're not already haunted by life itself every single day, just wait. I see the mistakes that mankind makes and they're miserable. But with that, I'm going to talk more about this on red pill reality show with Stephen Roskello. That's on Saturday at 09:00 depending on what he has on for that night and planned. But I'm going to message him. And it's unbelievable everything that's going on. And it's unbelievable how here we are still in this exact same scenario that we were four years ago, four years before that. You people have a chance to do what's right. And it does, it makes some of us believe that. Does our vote really even matter? Does it matter? They're going to do what they want, which is even more frustrating. Not what is right, but what we want. I'm watching our freedoms erode. I'm watching everything happen and running up bills that are just unbelievable. 34 trillion in debt and they want to give themselves a raise. They don't think that they earn enough money, 174,000, $175,000 a year, and some of them way more than that with their book deals and everything else. I made it to Congress. I get to write a book. People are going to buy it. Why? Because I'm in Congress. Not because I'm a complete numb skull and idiot and jackass that tap dances myself down jackass alley every day, but because I can. And then maybe I'll give a few speeches here and there, dinner parties or whatever, and make even more money. All in the meantime, we're going to put up bigger walls so that we can go ahead and take more and more of your rights. Unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable. [00:59:47] Speaker C: A lot of people in just denial of it all. Plain denial. Oh, that can't be happening or it won't happen in my lifetime. [01:00:02] Speaker B: It's happening is, was and did and does. It's unbelievable and it's shocking to say the least. But they're too busy fighting these things that they want them to fight about. If you cause enough confusion and you do that, we got less and less people that believe in Christ. God, we have more and more people that just, I don't know. I don't know what it's going to take. I don't know. I understand now, before we go, and we're going to run a minute or two behind, but before we go, I understand why God is mad at us. That picture is crystal clear. This is going to be a rough year. I have a feeling, Karen. [01:01:24] Speaker C: I do. I'm very curious about the election coming up. Last election, people were so polarized and it split families apart. And it worries me. What is going to happen with this election? [01:01:55] Speaker B: Well, I think that you saw the middle class slowly evaporate and disappear. Guess what? Welcome to the new world, you poor. Okay, welcome to that new world. To the rest of you, I'm going to tell you it's going to crash. The economy is going to crash. I don't care what this guy does in the fed, you go ahead, keep raising those interest rates. There's going to be more foreclosures, the housing market, they don't want you in it. They're building tiny homes to try to give people an option. Tiny homes. Do you see how that they mentally make you accept something less now? So now there'll be tiny homes. Okay, we got tiny homes. So you and your family and maybe one child, you can live in it and you could be comfortable. Oh, it's plenty. And they've got tiny home communities. They want you out of your house. They're renting houses to people that are now the new middle class, which are like the small millionaires. And they're telling you, hey, guess what? Your rent is $2500 to $3,000 a month, if not more. And these big companies are buying up all the houses and stuff. I mean, I've had offers to buy my house left and right. And the only thing that I see on the other side of the phone is the devil. Horns and a tail and a pitchfork because I know they'll fix up the house and they want to give you less than what it's worth to begin with, but they'll try to beat you down to say, listen, you still got something out of it. You know, hey, 40, $50,000 maybe if you have that much equity and you take that, we'll take your house, we're going to fix it up and then we're going to rent it like you wouldn't believe, and make that money back. It'll be paid off in probably five years, ten years at the most. [01:04:00] Speaker C: That's very accurate, actually. [01:04:02] Speaker B: Yeah, exactly. But you go somewhere and go find a tiny house, we'll get you another house. How about a tiny house? Don't give up. Don't fall into these things with these helocs. Don't fall into these things with these haf loans or whatever these new ones are where you got ten years. Don't have to worry about making a payment. It's not going to change your payment, it's not going to change your interest rate. But when you sell the house, we get that percentage. It's still a way of picking your pocket and scamming you. It's unbelievable. Or you could refinance to that new, wonderful rate of 6% or 7%. It's all an illusion. It's all a lie. It's all an illusion. And I can guarantee you that it can't hold its own water. Give it time. It will cave in upon itself. The same with the economy. It will cave in upon itself. In all the meantime, where did all the money go? And why did they run this up? And they blame each other. One blames. One blames the other. Oh, he did it. This is the result from voting him in from eight years ago. And then you look at the four years and you look at the incompetence and just ignorant spending. We'll do this, we'll do that. The people will love us. The people are screwed. [01:05:56] Speaker C: Yeah, they keep spending, but we have no say. So we have no control at all. [01:06:03] Speaker B: None. It's an illusion. It's a grand illusion. It's the best magic trick that has ever been used against millions and the entire world. And Gavin Newsom, you're a putts. You're the biggest putts there is. You're one of them. Anyway, there's a few others that I could name. This guy has California in so much debt, it's unbelievable. And he thinks he's sent by God, probably. [01:06:40] Speaker C: There's no accounting. They just keep going. Not there's nothing. [01:06:47] Speaker B: No. And now you got people that are moving out of these big democratic areas and coming and living in other states, republican states. They've had enough. And you know what? Now it's changing everything. And not so much for the better, either. There's the reason for that. How would you like to go on out in a city that you love, and you see a bunch of homeless people out there urinating, defecating, no food? You feel bad for them, but you got to live with that guilt, right? Because, well, you wanted that. You wanted to stick up for them, and now they're in your city, but they've got really no resources to begin with. They don't even speak the language. Then you want to give them everything. Here's a backpack, here's a phone, here's some money, whatever else. Okay? What was the real intention? What was the real goal? [01:07:43] Speaker C: What do you think it was? [01:07:46] Speaker B: Power. Power, a political power, is what it was to play on minds of people, to play on empathy and sympathy and compassion and everything else, and they don't care. That doesn't change their dinner plans. It doesn't change their personal jet plans and their flight patterns and their galas and their balls and anything else. It doesn't change a thing. And if there's a problem in the world, we'll send in. I like to call us now, the suckers. We'll go on in. Or we can make weapons now and we could go test them in other parts of the world and we never have to leave at home, but we'll have our influence there, and we'll give these countries money that the taxpayers are giving us to give them money, saying, we got to support them, and we'll go ahead and let them wipe out their entire countries, their families, and everything else because of two leaders that have the intelligence level of worms that don't want to have a ceasefire. You're killing millions of people using all these wonderful weapons. And those weapons, by the way, that we send them, they're using that money that we gave them to buy the weapons, going, it's going to Raytheon, it's going to Northrop. This thing is such an elaborate, deep plan. And then in the end, when everything goes south, and now we want to play God and have AI. Oh, this thing is great. What a wonderful, wonderful little creature that we made. Look at us. Look at how great mankind is. We get to play God. And I'll tell you what, when it goes bad, and it will, and when it goes sideways, and it will, people are going to be like, you mean we made you mad? It's unbelievable. It's unbelievable. My question is, where do we go from here? Because for everything that we try to do for good, I guarantee you there's ten other people that are twice as evil out there wanting to use it for bad. And AI is the first example of that. And if you don't think it is, then look at some of these tin cans that look like dogs that are walking around with mounted machine guns. How about the laser things that they have on out there? By the way, there's a new laser system out there that's been successfully tested and shot down. [01:10:55] Speaker C: Drones. [01:10:57] Speaker B: That's right, shot down drones. You get that one? What a wonderful thing, this laser, instead of using it for research to go in and battle cancer or something else. Hey, we could use this for war. We could burn hole in people. And by the way, we don't even have to do that now. Let's be merciful. We'll just go ahead and make a whole army full of these AI things that will walk around. God help us. Because if they ever do become self aware, hacked or whatever else, good luck protecting yourself. Good luck. Everything in this world is going to be endangered. Creatures, humans, everything. Because of us, our stupidities. And don't think it won't happen. It will. It's inevitable. Because we just don't know any better. If we did, we would have learned a long time ago. Wars aren't good. But you have those ten other people. One of them is yelling, but you can have power. One of them is yelling, money, greed, lust. And they can't help themselves once they start turning down that path. It's such a rewarding thing for them that they can't see other people. They see right through them. And life becomes nothing to them. It means nothing. The Bible does not lie. The devil truly does come to kill, steal and destroy. He will kill you. He will steal and pillage from you, and then he will destroy any existence of you. And he won't even have to do it himself. He'll get you to do it to yourself. [01:13:30] Speaker C: I believe that's true. [01:13:36] Speaker B: If it weren't, it wouldn't be in the book. That's the thing. I mean, it's unbelievable. Pray read. That's all I can tell you to do. Karen, we're about 15 minutes over, bud. [01:14:00] Speaker C: Oh, my goodness. [01:14:01] Speaker B: Yeah, that was a quick hour and 15 minutes. Go file, please. Go file, please. You have loved ones. You have people that care about you and everything else. If you served file, what might not be bothering you today could be your absolute worst nightmare coming to fruition tomorrow. File. Take our advice, file. I can't stress it enough and follow through because you would be surprised. If you think I'm wrong, ask Vietnam veterans how much that they enjoyed orange, you know, that wonderful chemical that was just supposed to reduce foliage and how long it took them before they acknowledged it. Half of them, three quarters of them died out. File. And with that, I thank you, Karen. [01:15:05] Speaker C: When you file where you don't know how to fill something out, message us, let us know we're here to help. [01:15:18] Speaker B: Absolutely. [01:15:19] Speaker C: Please do that. [01:15:24] Speaker B: Guys. Karen keeps a sharp eye on the page. Oh, we got some new changes coming up, by the way, that are going to be happening when we go live. As we do our shows and stuff. When we go live, you'll be redirected, right to trim radio network. And we're going to implement steampaw, which is going to be wonderful. So it's going to make it a lot easier. So if you go to the page, you go to click on the link, it'll take you right to trim radio network. You could see the live video there. And we do have live video. I will show you. I will wave to you. There we go. I don't always turn it on live. Last thing you should see before you go to bed is my ugly mug anyway with that. Thank you, Karen. Two weeks? [01:16:23] Speaker C: Yeah, let's do two weeks. We need to finish this conversation. We need to make sure we're getting the word out. [01:16:34] Speaker B: You know, it's, it is so important, especially with everything that's going on. Listen, NATO is telling all its people to be worried it's going to ramp up the war. We don't know what's going to happen. I don't know what's going on over there. You only get bits and pieces from the news. You don't know whether they're telling it from their perspective. They're telling the truth. They're telling what they're told to tell. It isn't know. All I know is we have too much stuff going on. Stuff in Africa going on. We got stuff in Israel going on in Palestine going on now in the Middle east going on Iran. And now we got it over here with Ukraine. We've got it with Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, US and Russia. Now turn around. You know, it's an illegal sale of Alaska. We own it. Too bad. Suck it up, buttercup. And that's all there is to, you know, bought it fair. And that's, that's, you know, I don't know if we're dealing with another psychopath or whatever else. But to you veterans out there that have been through it and gone through it and everything else, help these new guys that are coming out, we're not even getting enough people in the military anymore. They're changing their standards. They're having to change everything because they're not making gate on a lot of stuff. Although kudos to the Marine Corps you did. However, a lot of the other ones are struggling. They're struggling to get people into the military now and they're wondering why they're itching their heads and wondering why. Here's a good reason. Take care of your veterans. Why are they going to go into a service to sit here and protect a country if the country is not protecting those who did the service? Hello. If you can't figure this one out, you don't need to be a mathematician or a professor to come to the logical conclusion. And they're looking at that and they're like, I don't know, I'm not going to serve. So when the country gets invaded, if it ever does happen or whatever else, which is probably why we're having to have these AI robots now and everything else, because you're not going to have enough people in service anymore. Just remember, would have been a lot easier had you just done the honest thing. Oh, well, with that, we wish you guys a wonderful, wonderful week. We'll see you in two weeks right here on take point 22. Karen Arnold. As always, I am honored and privileged. Thank you, ma'am. [01:19:43] Speaker C: Thank you. [01:19:43] Speaker B: You got honored also, guys. Message the page. Karen is so good at watching over and answering the messages and everything else. I'm telling you, really, she's absolutely wonderful in that aspect. So I will talk to you then. I hope that you have a wonderful, let's pray for this year. I'm just going to tell you, pray. Read your bibles, okay? Get to know God, boy. The only thing that we can do is we really have to pray a lot, all of us, because what is going on now is just. And you're going to have to say, I cannot accept this. I cannot accept this. Like this. This is not right. I know it's not right. I feel it's not right. I see it's not right. And pray. Pray for change. Pray for intervention. [01:20:39] Speaker C: Intervention. [01:20:40] Speaker B: Yeah. God. Pray, pray, pray. That's all I can say. But God bless you guys. Thank you for always tuning in and being loyal. And we're grateful with that. We are out of here. [01:20:58] Speaker C: Karen, good night. [01:20:59] Speaker B: Good night. I will talk to you later, girl.

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