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Feb 05 2024 | 01:01:09

Episode February 05, 2024 01:01:09

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Stu has a lot on his mind tonight with a few financial must knows.

1. A financial law could destroy your investments.

So those are three things that you need to seriously take a look at, okay? But from the LA Times, you could live longer than you think. And there were four longevity questions to ask. It's done by Kate Ashford, and she writes for personal finance website Nerd wallet. Nerdwallet. And only one third of men correctly estimated how long a 60 year old man in the US could expect to live.

2. So now you know a little bit about M one and m two money and there's also m three money. But if you read that article in Yahoo. Finance, you're going to find out.

But things are changing and you have to watch what's happening and you have to do it every know. I was at a meeting the other day and somebody I knew that was the secretary of this group, he said, hey, what was that show you're doing on Sunday nights. And I said money and change.

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Comes first and the truth comes second just stop for a minute and smile why is everybody so serious? Acting so damn mysterious got shades on your eyes and your heels so high that you can't even have a good time everybody looks to their left everybody looks to their right can you feel that day we're paying with love tonight it's. [00:00:28] Speaker B: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Trim radio network and money and change with Sue Scheer. You can come on over to the Trim radio network. You can listen in, you can buy our merchandise. We'd love to see you in it. And it helps us stay on the air. And if you want to be a part of our trim radio network team, all you have to do is message us. We'll show you how easy it is to do. Anyway, the opinions expressed by my host, co host, guests, myself and others is not necessarily that of the Trim radio network, its owners, managers or others. And any information shared by us is not to be considered to be used as advice. That includes any and all medical health professional information. And we expressly deny any and all liability resulting from the show we're in anyway. Price tag covered under a BMI music license. Six 1516 58. And we are going to be working on a call in number. We are upgrading our platform. So I'll tell you what, we still have a few glitches to work out, but without further ado, I am going to give you to Stu. [00:01:44] Speaker C: Hey, everybody. Wow. Talk about a new setup. I'll tell you what, I was amazed. I had problems getting back into it. But the startup today, the video is excellent. The sound is. I'm working on that to set it up and it's awesome. And I'll tell you what. Welcome to money and change. And money and change slice. Financially prepped on Facebook. Wow. What a change. I mean, it is really nice. New backgrounds. I'm downloading as many as I can. You never know. You might see me on the beach. You might see me floating around in the sky. You might see me in a different office all the time. It is neat. And the video quality here is just out of. I really, really like it. Michael. It is fantastic. Well, hey guys, we have to do a know. Michael does his. I got to do mine. But the information contained in this presented material is from the posting of news agencies on the Internet and are not necessarily the views or opinions of the owners of this program. Nothing in this show should be considered as legal, medical, financial or investment advice. You should always do your own research and consult with professionals. We are not responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liability for any damage of any kind arising out of use, reference to or reliance on any information contained in this broadcast. But welcome to money and change. We do shout outs and we don't get paid for advertisement, but we do like to give our friends a pat on the back. And if you want to do business with them or watch their videos, hey, that's up to you. But I'll tell you what, I wouldn't tell you about them if I didn't believe that they did a very good job. A big shout out to the trim radio network and we are upgrading everything. And boy, the changes are going to be fantastic. Check us out on We cut the bull and serve the truth. We've got a lot of good shows coming up, too, and a very good platform. Good stable platform. Also, a big shout out to the University of Finley at It's located in Finley, Ohio. There are about 4500 students there. You can get a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a doctorate, and it's excellent facilities. They are very nice, excellent professors, fantastic. President for the college or the university, rather. It's Dr. Kathy fell. She's fantastic. She's done a lot of good for that university. And of course, I'm a little bit know. I went there. I went to six others. No, I went to a total of six schools. I think my school years are over. They didn't kick me out. I just took different classes, different places. Another one besides the University of Finland was Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have to give them a plug, too. Very good educational institution. But if your son or daughter are looking to work on a bachelor's degree, a master's or doctorate at the University of Finley, check them out. I mean, really great facilities. It's a good NCAA division two sports school. I love it. Matter of fact, Dr. Fell, if you're listening, I'm going to be up there on next Saturday. We have some basketball games I've got to catch up on. So I will be at the University of Finley next Saturday and we'll have some fun up there at that time. Well, another big shout out to rusty ducks. Custom pens and blanks. And they are on Facebook. You want to check them out? R-U-S-T-Y-D-U-K apostrophe s, custom pens and blanks. He makes some awesome pens. And he also does the center section of the pens, which are the blanks. And he does them for other people who like to make pens too. And he does an awesome job. If you like second amendment pens, he's got some that are fantastic. He makes a lot of custom pens. Whether or not you have a business, secondary school, or a college or university or you just want to take care of your customers or you have a club. Check out Rusty Duck's custom pens. Check with him on Facebook. He'll get back with you. And he can custom make just about any pen that you want. And I mean, they are fantastic. He also makes pizza cutters too. I've seen those and they are really neat. So if you want to have some good pens, you want to check them out. They're all based on a cross platform or he will custom one to the one that you want. But they are fantastic. Michael and I both have pens made by Rusty Duck and I'll tell you what, we paid for them. Oh, yeah, we did. We pay our own way here. So check out Rusty Duck's custom pence and blanks. A big shout out, of course, to money and change because we are on at 07:00 p.m. Eastern standard Time like right now. And we have a lot of information and we also post it on our Facebook page and we'll get into some of that in just a little bit. My world life, laugh and whatever. On Wednesdays at 08:00 p.m. We'll be back with another show and we can talk about just about anything on that show. And we go back in time and we talk about different things that happened way back when. Also some current topics. I think we're going to talk about healthcare probably this Wednesday, so you might want to tune in for that show. Also on YouTube. I've got some friends that have shows and they're very good shows. Great people too. Brad and Krista at the big family homestead. You want to check them out. Also deep south homestead with Danny and Wanda King down in Wiggins, Mississippi. Things are starting to warm up down there, hopefully. And they have plenty of water in the big pond, but they talk about a lot of things other than farming too. Also, southern prepper one, Dave Kobler. Check him out. I've known Dave for 15 years. Has a fantastic YouTube video. Very common sense, very common sense guy. I mean, he really is. Also prepper nurse one Ed Carswell. I think he's dealing with mud in West Virginia. So Ed, if you're listening, have fun shoveling out. You guys had some rain down there and everything's starting to thaw and you're going to be getting used to the difference in weather compared to New York, especially upper New York. Also we have appalachian homestead and Appalachian homestead. Batara, she was talking about Aldi's and all the stuff that's going on with Aldi's. And I'll tell you what, Aldi's is something else. And if you hear some noise in the background, that's my furnace kicking on for some weird reason. And sometimes it starts up like a jet engine, which I don't like to hear. But hey, at least it runs, right? Okay. Right now it's, what is it, 43 degrees here in the middle of Ohio. And we have a pretty good weather. Beautiful blue sky day today. I guess we're going to have four days here. I'm holding up five fingers. No, four. And it's going to be a great day. I mean, it was a good day to get out, wash the car, put some wax on it, make it shine really good for at least four days. And we'll see what happens on Friday. And of course, then I guess we have some rain coming in Friday and Saturday. And so it's going to be an interesting ride all the way up to Finley. But I'll tell you what, at least it's not going to snow. That's the best thing. Well, so much for our Facebook friends. I'll tell you what, there's been so much going on and I've been posting stuff to the page. And plus today we were working on our new video setup and we had a lot of things that we were working on testing and we'll still be testing probably by Wednesday. It's a great system and it will work out very well in the future. But I posted a few things. One that I just got today from the LA Times in the business personal finance section and I posted it there. I'll just go over a little bit. It's from Kate Ashford. We'll talk a little bit about that. Also, we're going to talk, know, the gold and silver markets and things. And there was a video that I put up about Catherine Austin Fitz. It's on rumble. And she was talking about the gold and silver fight, tyranny. There's a fight going on between gold and silver and fiat currency. And she is an expert. And I'll tell you what, she's trying to convince states to have their own. I'll call it a repository for gold and silver. Think about that. In Tennessee, they're already doing that. There are other states that are considering doing it. I wish they'd do that here in Ohio. It would be really nice. If we had a place where we could store gold and silver and not be taxed on it, it would be a good hedge against what's coming, if you know what I mean. Check out that video. Also, the best food for emergencies. This is on YouTube. You want to check it out, what type of foods you need to have on hand for emergencies. Everybody's talking about the different stuff is happening. And if you noticed over in Europe, you take a look at everything over there. And the farmers are striking in Germany, they're striking in Belgium, they're striking in the Netherlands, they are striking in France, because the government is basically putting the hurt to them as far as diesel and the price of diesel. Other restrictions on the farms and the people have had it. And I'll tell you what, I've seen videos of miles long caravans of tractors going to the capital cities, and I've seen people in Belgium close to the european government and the EU union. And I'll tell you what, they had a big protest there and they were burning, I'll pronounce it eventually, this new format, it catches everything. But anyhow, the format is great. But what they did, they were burning different types of wood and straw and so forth to set little bonfires so they could keep warm. And they had their tractors all over the place. Well, finally they made their point. And then the government sent in police to basically put out the fires and get people moving out of the center of, I believe it was Brussels. And then in France, the french farmers were a little bit more demonstrative. Now, that's a big word. Some people might call it demonstrative, but you call it demonstrative. And what they did was they had, well, let's put it this way, big containers of liquefied manure, better known around here as Huey or other things. And what they did was to actually spray it on the government buildings, right on the corner of the building where it came together. And they had a device that could probably shoot this stuff 60 to 80ft. I mean, that was putting out a lot of hooey, if you know what I mean. We have another term for it around here in the midwest, but I can't do it on this show because Michael won't let me. But you know what shooting is. So anyhow, that's what they were doing. Another thing that we had was Glenn Beck about you could lose everything. A financial law could destroy your investments. So those are three things that you need to seriously take a look at, okay? But from the LA Times, you could live longer than you think. And there were four longevity questions to ask. It's done by Kate Ashford, and she writes for personal finance website Nerd wallet. Nerdwallet. And only one third of men correctly estimated how long a 60 year old man in the US could expect to live. Oh, I'm past that. Well, anyhow, that was according to a 2022 TIAA Institute survey, and fewer than half of women got it right. For a 60 year old woman, I imagine it depends on whether or not you're actually in Los Angeles or Chicago, New York, maybe living in some places in New Jersey, other big cities, the lifespan there is a lot shorter. Okay, so you want to read that article, you can click on the link at our Facebook page. And it's money and change slice, financially prepped. And you can also see our video of the show. And it's something to check out, but you can check us out on Facebook, and we've got a lot of people there. And Jerry, hey, if you're listening, we'll be talking to you soon. And I've got a bunch of other people that are listening, and I'll touch base with them this week. Well, anyhow, what's going on? I said I was going to have some warnings, and there was a warning that was issued today, and it was after researchers link energy drinks to suicidal thoughts in children. And this was done by Jack Phillips of the Epic Times Epoch. And he said new research revealed that energy drinks could pose another risk to children's and younger people's brains than previously thought. And he said those who consumed energy drinks were shown to have a higher risk of mental health problems such as depression, suicidal thoughts, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, and anxiety, according to a study from Fuse Fuse, the Center for Translational Research in Public Health at Teeside. That's T-E-E-S-S-I-D-E Tide University and Newcastle University in the United Kingdom, and it was published in the public health journal last month. Well, researchers said that they looked at data from 57 studies of more than 1.2 million children and younger people from more than 21 countries to come up with their conclusions. It found that boys consumed more energy drinks than girls, while many studies reported the association between energy drink consumption and alcohol use, binge drinking and smoking, as well as other substance abuse. Well, here's a quote, it said. Additional health effects noted in the updated review included increased risk of suicide, psychological distress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder syndromes, that's a long one, depressive and panic behaviors, allergic diseases, insulin resistance, dental carries, and erosive tooth wear just from those drinks. And regarding the impact of mental health, a report said it found that frequent drinking of energy drinks was associated with suicide attempts and severe stress, while there were also higher rates of suicide. Ideation. Yeah, that's word ideation. And attempts with energy drink intake greater than once a day. So if your kids are or even you are drinking these fancy buzz drinks, as I like to call them, you can have some problems, and I don't care where you get them. All these energy drinks have a lot of caffeine, and they have a lot of sugar, and caffeine and sugar when they mix, it can take a normal person to make them very hyperactive and jittery. So that's the warning on that. Just an aside, when I was down in Cincinnati, one of my facilities was the University of Cincinnati at Batavia. It was the Claremont county branch, and they had several buildings there, and a lot of working students went to school there. And I noticed that they were all drinking things like Al eight. Al eight, and that's al e eight and Mountain dew and other things. And I said, well, why are you drinking this stuff? And they said, it keeps us awake in class because we've been working all night and we have a class and we have to take classes during the day, and it keeps us awake. And I said, how many of those do you have a day? And they said, three or four, maybe five. And, gee, when you go home, do you get any sleep? No, I don't sleep that much. They were nervous and jittery. That's just a personal observation. So that report came out, and you want to check it out. Okay, the next one. Those guys that live out in California. Hey, if you're listening, you've got to watch out, especially in the San Francisco area. There was a thing in USA Today that talked about raging atmospheric river lashes California. Rare hurricane warning issued, and that was as of 05:48 p.m. Eastern Standard Time today. This is February 4, by the way, if you didn't know, you want to check your calendar. Well, anyhow, a fierce winter storm fueled by a raging atmospheric river was thrishing California on Sunday, which is today, with intense downpours, threatening treacherous flooding, and hurricane force winds even in major urban areas. Up to 37 million people, about 94% of the state's population, were at risk for life threatening floods from the storm, according to accuweather meteorologists. And the atmospheric river, like any river in the sky, is the second one to pound the state in recent days. But fort caster said that this storm would be the season's most potent storm. So if you're living in California, you're probably experiencing the storm. And the winds could go up to 92 miles an hour. Okay. And it could go about 100 miles down the coast in Monterey county. So watch out for bad weather in California. And will it hit here? It might wear itself out. We will get some rain, I believe, Friday and Saturday. And it could be from that storm? I don't know. It could very well be. But always watch out for the stuff. That's your warnings for today, caffeine and storm warnings out on the west coast. Other than that, I think the rest of the United States is fairly decent as far as weather goes. What about the US debt clock? I always talk about that and right now we're at $34,203,466,000,000. And it's flying. It'll be 467 here probably in another minute. The debt per citizen is $101,763. I'll get my teeth working here in a minute. $101,763. Okay. The debt per taxpayer is $264 and $264,000 and $945. $264,945. Wow. And the spending as it's going on right now, and you can find this out on is 6,403,713,000,000. Almost $800,000 and flying. And the federal budget, I can't talk tonight. Deficit is 1,758,000,000,000. Wow. $750,000,000 in climbing. And that's the official numbers. What about the US Federal Reserve or the tax revenue? Rather it's at 4,000,000,644,000 billion. 963,000,000 and climbing. And that's about $13,829 per citizen. And the taxes aren't even coming in yet. I don't know. Have you done your taxes yet? I've been getting all my information together and I haven't started yet. I have to start probably in another week or two to get all that together. And I take it to an accountant, I have to, there's just so much stuff and they know where to look for things and I provide them all the information and hopefully in two weeks I get my information back. Maybe this year I'll get a refund. I didn't last year. I had to open up my wallet, turn upside down. They said, oh, well, we'll take this, we'll take. Know they have a way to clean you. You want to check it out. The US money supply is doing something no one has seen since the Great Depression. This is a little warning and it implies a big move to come in the stocks. Now, people have been talking about a dead cat bounce where the stocks suddenly go way up and all of a sudden, boom, they drop and they bounce a little bit, not much, and then it's over. It's a dead cat bounce. Well, according to Sean Williams at the Motley fool, he's saying over the past four years, volatility has ruled the roost on Wall street. The 127 year old Dow Jones industrial average, benchmarked S and P 500 and the growth powered Nasdaq Composite have traded off bear and bull markets in successive years since this decade began. Now, for those of you that don't know what a decade is, that's ten years, okay? Even though Wall street has proved to be a bona fide long term wealth creator, it doesn't stop investors from trying to gain an edge by knowing which direction the Dow Jones S and P 500 and the Nasdaq composite will head next. Well, truth be told, according to the report, there is no such thing as a predictive indicator or economic data point that can well with 100% accuracy forecast which direction stocks will move. And the report says there are however, select metrics and forecasting tools that have very good track records and do correlate with the previous directions and moves. The US money supply hasn't done this in more than 90 years. Although there are a number of prominent measures of money supply, most economists and investors tend to focus on m one and m two. The first one is a measure of cash and coins in circulation as well as demand deposits in checking account money. And it's money that can be easily accessed. See, there I go again with pronunciation. Oh, what a day. And spent by consumers. And meanwhile, the m two money that supply accounts for everything in M one and adds in savings accounts, money market funds and certificate of deposits. Those are cds below $100,000. While this money can be spent by consumers, it requires a little extra work to access it. You want to check that out in Yahoo finance. So now you know a little bit about M one and m two money and there's also m three money. But if you read that article in Yahoo. Finance, you're going to find out. But things are changing and you have to watch what's happening and you have to do it every know. I was at a meeting the other day and somebody I knew that was the secretary of this group, he said, hey, what was that show you're doing on Sunday nights. And I said money and change. And I said we do it video and we talk about different things and you never know what's going to happen with money. Where to put your money, that's up to you. If I find something that's kind of interesting, I will tell you and I'll tell you the source. But I'm not going to give you financial advice because I'm not a financial advisor. But if I see something that is interesting, I'll give it out on the air and you do with it however you want to deal with it. So I'm going to send him a link to tonight's show and he can watch it. But he was interested in that and there were a few other people. I said, look, I will get you the video link to the show and hopefully I don't stumble with words next week. This whole new setup is new and it's interesting. Hey, there's an article in zero hedge by Stephen Anderson from the Mises Institute. And you've heard me talk about the Mises Institute, the M-I-S-E-S Institute. And the big question are bankruptcies some us states in the future? Are we going to have bankruptcies in us states in the future or of us states in the future? Is your state going to go bankrupt? How about New York? How about New Jersey? I don't know. California? I would say California before anybody else. Well, this was authored by Stephen Anderson and he said bankruptcy is a developing 21st century theme in America. We see bankruptcy in federal government policy and spending. Many corporate boardrooms, decisions, nonprofits and religious groups overspending and arrogance individuals, some United States cities and counties and the territory of Puerto Rico. The federal bankruptcy law consisting of chapters 7911 and 13 allow bankruptcy filings for local governments, individuals, nonprofit groups and for profit businesses. But it does not allow bankruptcy filings for states and the federal government. How come they spend money like it's going out of style? That's very irresponsible, isn't it? If you and I did that, would we end up in jail? I bet you. I bet you they throw the book at us and throw us away. Well, anyhow, according to the report, a few states are facing the reality of defaulting on their issued bond debt obligation payments and loan payments to lenders. Now these states are seeing current and future tax revenues decreases and net population losses, fewer private businesses, increased progressive welfare spending and long term underfunded public pension systems. And us states are not allowed by federal law to print money to finance spending. You take a look at things and you say, okay, we know that some businesses are going under. A lot of them went under after Covid, after they shut down, and they couldn't get employees afterwards. And then we have increased welfare spending. You look at California, you look at Texas, you look at Arizona, all the immigrants coming into those states. California is probably a country unto itself. Basically, when you take a look at the financial structure of California, but you take a look at what's being done there and all the welfare money they have to pay out, plus, if you go to a state school in California, I believe your education is free for the first two years. So that's another freebie. And then you have taxes on. Taxes on. Know, I had a friend of mine that lived out in California. She left California, had a beautiful home in California, came back to Ohio, and she sold the house in California. She came back and she paid cash for her house here in Ohio. And the only reason I know it was about four or five blocks from where I live, it's beautiful home. Beautiful home. And she and her husband financed a business and so forth. And she was an accountant, I guess. And the cost of living in California, even though it's a beautiful state, has generally very good weather, has a problem. They like to spend money like it's going out of style, and a lot of it is for welfare and education. That's why I think that's probably going to be about the first state that's going to have bankruptcy. Even though they're not supposed to do it. I have a feeling that they're going to ask for a bailout from the feds. Well, states without bankruptcy are not without presidents, or states declaring bankruptcy are not without president. The panic of 1837 led to several states defaulting on canal and railway debt payments in 1841. And passage of the 14th amendment to the US Constitution under section four requires some states to declare bankruptcy after the Civil War. Now, Arkansas defaulted on highway bond payments in 1933, in the fourth year of the Great Depression, and tax revenues plummeted. It ran out of cash and stopped payment on all its highway bonds. The state attempted to invoke its sovereignty, immunity, and impose losses on bondholders against their will. Well, that approach failed, and this was described in October 2017, the Federal Reserve bank of Cleveland report, and may serve as historical benchmarks for future state bankruptcies and bond payment defaults. Have you ever been to Arkansas? I've been there in the summertime. It's oppressively hot and humid, especially in July when I was through there. Parts of Arkansas are beautiful and the people there are so kind down home type people, but you don't see a lot of businesses down there. At least I couldn't find them. Maybe in Little Rock and Conway, because that's Conway, Arkansas. That's Walmart, better known around here as. And, you know, there are a few other big businesses down there, but it's basically rural. Interesting place. Well, hey, standard and poor or the S and P listed bond ratings of all 50 states from 2004 to 2017. And coronavirus. State spending since 2020 has made the bond ratings of some states more tenuous. No state has a junk bond rating, though. Illinois is the lowest rated at ABBB minus, followed by New Jersey at a minus. S p bond ratings go from AAA being the highest to D the lowest. S P analysts add a plus or minus sign to the bond rating. Letter grade adjunct bond rating is the lowest probability of the state's reliability meeting future bond payments, and it must sell the bond at a higher interest rate in order to attract an investor. Now, Illinois and New Jersey are examples of a future state bankruptcy or default on future bond debt obligation payments. California budget deficits under Governor Gavin Newsom are proliferating as part of the spending trend. Financial press according to the report, coverage of these states'financial problems is available. New York, Connecticut, Michigan and other states are heading to future default and possibly bankruptcy unless the budget and policy reforms are enacted. Let's see, we have Illinois, we have New Jersey, we have California, we have New York, Connecticut, Michigan. Gee, those states, those are run by Democrats, aren't they? Think about it. Very liberal democrats, too, I imagine. Well, anyhow, this article that I'm reading to you, it can't predict the future bond debt and how it would play out and payment default negotiations between the state revenue officials and bondholders could take place without the federal bureaucrat oversight. Given bankruptcy silence in federal law. Well, the undisciplined state spending spree will be addressed through payment default or bankruptcy resulting from inescapable economic realities. And that's according to that zero hedge report. Does your state have a balanced budget? Does the town where you live or the county where you live, do they have to have a balanced budget? Where I live, they have to have a balanced budget. The state has to have a balanced budget, and they have a rainy day fund that they can take things money from that and transfer it into the budget to balance it. But they don't like to go into the rainy day fund as much. So you want to start asking some questions? Hey, does this state have a balanced budget? Is it going to be affected by a lot of welfare payments, illegals coming into the state, draining money, taxpayer money. It's going to get scary, guys. It's going to get scary. Hey, there's a tax relief act out there, the birch gold group. It was authored by Peter Reagan. Reagan. And he said, as it stands now, it appears like Biden's entire first term will have been plagued by varying degrees of unacceptable price inflation. I don't know about you, but when I go to Wally World, better known as Walmart, or I go to Kroger's or I go any place, and I'm looking at prices, the prices are going up and up and up and up. And Patara at Appalachian Homestead, she was saying today that, hey, she thought Aldi's had lower prices and she went there and she could get canned goods and a lot of other things at a lower price. But now Aldi's has raised their prices. So what was maybe forty nine cents or sixty cents a can is now 20 or $0.30 higher, and you're almost paying full price for everything. Now, I have to admit, I go to Aldi's not all the time, but they have certain things that I'm looking for, and I like a certain type of crackers and they are in a multi sample pack, if you want to call it that. And I can pick and choose on crackers. They have different types of canned fruits and vegetables and stuff. And they would have the same thing over at Walmart or Kroger's, but you're going to pay a little bit more in price, same quality, but you're going to pay more in price over at the bigger stores. And I do shop at Aldi's once a week, maybe twice a week, depending on what I need. And then I will go over to Walmart and like, I like to call it around here, Wally World, and get things there, but the prices are going up there and the prices are even higher at Kroger's. Now, I wish that we had a publix market here in Ohio. I would love to go to a publix market. It's a non union atmosphere. The employees get a cut of the profits. It's a great place. And I experienced those down in Florida and I loved them and I wish they would come up this way. I think they go up as high as the bottom of Tennessee and they're just in, I believe just in the eastern states. And of course, we have Myers and other stores, igas and so forth. Oh, and that reminds me, iga I went to an iga about 15 miles from here. I heard that they had some things that I can't get around here. And so I went to the store. Beautiful store, great people. It was in a small town. Everything was marketed just right. It was full front, everything was neat, store was clean, everybody was friendly, the prices were decent. So you might find a decent iga around. Independent Groceries association, that's what it stands for. And we have one where I live, and it's okay, but it's not as like the one I went to in a small town. That place was great. People were friendly. I couldn't believe it. Well, there's a Trojan horse, according to this report, hidden in the Tax Relief act. And a recent article published in the Daily Signal revealed that legislation claiming to provide tax relief for the middle class doesn't quite do what it says it will. And checking inside the Trojan horse known as the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers act instead reveals a mixed bag that includes welfare expansions, corporate windfalls and inflationary deficits. And so here's what this tax relief entails for those of us trying to plan for our taxes. The only individual tax cut in the bill is a slight cost of living adjustment to the child tax credit, likely from would apply to taxpayers 2025 and 2026 tax filings before expiring the bulk of it, 91.5% to be exact, of what is being described as middle class tax relief is in fact an expansion of welfare benefits. Welfare is okay. People have to eat, people have to live. But once they get on the welfare bandwagon, do they ever get off of it? Gee, it's free. I just got an ink. It's free. If it's free, it's for me. But look at your taxes. They're taking it out of your taxes. They're taking it out of everybody's taxes. Every time they come up with these long things, the Tax relief for American Families and Workers act, you might as well just open up your wallet and let the money fly out. Just turn upside down and let it go because the government's going to get it. And if that doesn't get you upset, plus giving all this money over to foreign countries for different things, or spending money on wars or spending monies elsewhere on stupid projects, people are going to have to stand up and say, hey, cut this stuff out. If you want to be my state representative or state senator, you better forget this stuff, straighten up your act and spend our money wisely. It's your duty to do that. Here's another crazy thing about California. Beautiful state. But according to John Siler of the Epic Times, California will have a bill that would give unemployment benefits to illegal immigrants. And according to the report, on January 1, illegal immigrants in California received free medical care. That was thanks to Assembly Bill 133, which Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law on July 2021. The cost is $4 billion more a year as an estimated 600. And I'm sorry, my eyes crossed, 764,000 illegal immigrants are added to the already stuffed rolls of the 14.6 million Californias on medical sounds like citrical. Remember? Oh, there was a news reporter that always talked about citrical. Millennial. This is medical. And the state's provisions are part of their version of the Medicare program. At the signing almost three years ago, Newsom exclaimed, we're investing California's historic surplus to accomplish transformation of changes we've dreamed of. This is including historical medical expansion to ensure thousands of older, undocumented Californians, many of whom have been serving on the front lines of the pandemic, can access critical health care services. That was when the state enjoyed 100 billion dollar 100 billion, not million, but 100 billion dollar budget cuts. Now it's suffering a deficit of $38 billion, according to Newsom's January 10 budget proposal, or $58 billion, according to the legislative analysts. January 13 analysts or analysis of the proposal and then you've got Senate Bill 277 by state Senator Maria Elena Durazzo Durazo from Los Angeles. It would give unemployment benefits to illegal aliens, according to the analysis by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The bill establishes until January 1, 2027, upon appropriation by the legislature, the excluded workers program, the EWP, administered by the Employment Development Department, the EDD, to provide income assistance to workers ineligible for unemployment insurance. What are the new cost? $270.7 million to set up the program. The taxpayer dollars would go primarily to develop a new information technology system, better known as it and EDD's UI program is a federal state partnership with the current it system, largely funded through federal grants. However, federal rules would preclude the EDD from using existing systems to administer the EWP. $270.7 million to set up a program? They're taking your money. No wonder people in California are moving out. It costs too much to live there. Annual cost to run the it systems or information technology system ranging from $39.3 million to $53.8 million and ongoing cost of benefit amounts ranging from paid for EWP claimants. I can't believe that. And this guy is they want him to run for president and he can't balance a budget. Like I said, no wonder people are leaving California. No wonder my friend left California. The costs were too high. She would know because she was an accountant. And then the Department of Education is pushing forward $1.2 billion Biden plan to expand federal college prep to illegal immigrants. So now we're going to feed them and then we're going to give them education. Who's going to pay for that? That came from Emily Sturge Sturge of These people don't know how to run a business, let alone a government. I can't believe that. They keep spending and spending and spending and spending and no wonder the US dollar is not worth anything. I think they're trying to crash the system. I really do. Maybe I can talk about that maybe Wednesday or maybe next Sunday. Here's another one. Brandon Smith at Altmarket US said globalists will use carbon controls to stop you from growing your own food. In nearly 2020, in the midst of the COVID lockdowns, blue states run by leftist governments pursued mandates with extreme prejudice. In red states like Montana, after the first month or two, most of us simply ignored the restrictions and went on with life as usual. It was clear that Covid was not the threat federal authorities made it out to be. And in states like Michigan, the vice was squeezed tighter and tighter and tighter under the direction of shady leaders like Gretchen Whitmore. It worries me because they say, well, you can't grow this, you can't do this. The carbon your plants are going to use up. All the cows are farting. We have to get rid of cows. There are too many farting cows. Funny, I drive by a farm and I don't hear a cow passing gas. [00:58:56] Speaker B: No, that's AOC. [00:58:59] Speaker C: Oh, there are a lot of, man, these liberals are getting me wound up. I normally don't talk about politics, but I'll tell you what, that Gavin Newsom cannot run a state. And a lot of these other liberals, they're spending money like it's going out of style. And I don't know where you're at in South Carolina, but we have to have a balanced budget up here. And if you can't balance a budget, then you got to anticipate taxes and get that done. But I'll tell you what, it is something else. Well, anyhow, guys, that's all I got for money and change for this week. And join us next week at 07:00 p.m. For money and change. And we'll talk about more things with the economy and money and how to save some money. Also check us out Wednesday on my world. And with that, Michael, that's all I have. Everybody have a good week and we'll talk to you next Sunday. [01:00:05] Speaker B: God bless, guys. Thank you for tuning in to trim radio network. And as we get this going more and more, I'll tell you what, it's going to be fantastic. Stu, you like it? [01:00:19] Speaker C: Oh, I love, yeah, this, this was. [01:00:22] Speaker B: About an eight hour. [01:00:24] Speaker C: Oh, more than an eight hour. [01:00:30] Speaker B: Know. It was tough. I'm not going to lie. It was tough. [01:00:35] Speaker C: You're lucky you're not like me. Okay. You got hair. [01:00:41] Speaker B: Yeah. Well, I thank everyone for tuning in and thank you so much. And we're grateful for that. Stick with us. It's only going to get better and we are growing and we are excited about it. All right, stu, God bless and we will see you all later then. [01:01:05] Speaker C: See you.

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