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Austin handles the Pro football week 6

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[00:00:23] Speaker A: And when the man waste to the chief, I want the candidate. You ain't me. It ain't me. I know, Senator. [00:00:37] Speaker B: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Slobber Knocker and offsize, college football's top 25. We're a little bit behind schedule tonight, but that's okay. If you come on over to Trim Radio Network, you'll see we broadcast live all over the world. And I'll tell you what we'd love to see in our merchandise, and it helps us stay on the air. And if you want to be a part of our Trim radio Network team, all you have to do is message us and we'll show you how easy it is to do. The opinions expressed by my host, co host guests, myself and others is not necessarily that of the Trim radio network, its owners, managers or others. Any information shared by us is not to be considered to be used as advice. We inform, we don't advise, and that includes any medical and health professional information as well. Always check with your primary doctor. This song right here, fortunate Son, credence Clear water Revival. I'll tell you what, little CCR baby that's covered under our BMI music License. Six 1516 58. And we have a call in number 838-66-1667 and without further ado, I am putting on Slobberknockers host Austin Neely to talk to you about professional Football Week number six. And live right now is Austin. [00:02:10] Speaker C: Hello, everyone, and welcome to week six of Slobberknocker Talk. We're going to go over some scores and we're going to go over the rankings of each division and point out one or two few little focal points and just leave it at that for today. For the games, it was Broncos versus Chiefs. Chiefs take it 19 to eight. Ravens versus Titans. Ravens take it 24 to 16. The Titans just not the team they were a couple seasons. They're not going to be a good team. They're kind of rebuilding, but they'll get it eventually. Panthers versus Dolphins. At first, the Panthers were winning. Second half Dolphins said, now watch this. They take it 42 to 21. Saints versus Texans. Another game where the Saints looked like they were going to do gOod, and then the Texans came out of nowhere and took it 20 to 13. Commanders versus Falcons. Commanders 24, Falcons 16. The Commanders are a very hit and miss team, but if you look up the jokes about them or the pictures about them the last five years they have broke a streak of some kind, whether it's an undefeated streak or how many games a team has won at home, streak they're just nicknamed the Streak breakers this year. Colts versus Jags. Jags take it 37 to 20. The Jags look put together. It's pretty incredible. They're going to be a playoff team. Do they have Super bowl in their future? No. Playoffs? Yes. Seahawks versus Bengals? Bengals take it 17 to 13. Finally they start winning. Joe Burrow took that big contract and since then he just hasn't been playing to the caliper. He did the year he went to the Super Bowl. Vikings versus Bears. Vikings 19 to 13. Pretty close game. I mean, the Vikings won against the Bears. They have this pretty much same record. So we'll just say they played 49 ERs versus Browns. Browns take it 19 to 17. What in the actual heck happened other than the 49 ERs haven't faced a defense like the Browns this year? I'm just baffled. That took one of the undefeated teams out this year. Patriots versus Raiders. Raiders took it 26 to nine. Let's just face it, the Patriots are tanking. They're looking for that number two draft pick while the Panthers are like, hey, let's tank for number one because we haven't won a single game all year. Lions versus bucks. Lions take it 20 to six. They are now five and one. Cardinals versus Rams. Rams take it 26 to nine. Eagles versus Jets. Jets take it 20 to 14. Again. What the heck happened there? Giants versus bills. Come on. The Giants beating the Bills now. Bills take it 14 to nine. Cowboys versus chargers. Cowboys take it 20 to 17. As for the predictions of last week, my wife wholeheartedly was like, I'm a full send and say I'm going to get ten out of 15 right now. She got nine. She also tied with me, but I guess my prediction accurately. I knew I was going to get nine. She was like, no, I know more. I'm going to get ten. [00:05:03] Speaker B: LA. [00:05:04] Speaker C: But no, she lost. It's okay. We won't hold that against her this week. Just this week. Coming into week seven, the NFL has some new leaders. The AFC east, it's still the Dolphins in first. Bill is in second, jets in third and Patriots and fourth. Patriots having one of five. Jets having three and three. Bill is having four and two, Dolphins having five and one. AFC West Chiefs have it at five and one. Raiders have it at three and three. Chargers two and three, Broncos one and five. The AFC North Braydens four to two. Steelers three to two. Browns three to two, Bengals three to three. The AFC is looking pretty good this year. There's going to be a lot of wild card teams that might get there or might not. It just depends on how the other wild card teams do. AFC South Jags are four and two, Colts three and three, Texans three and three, Titans two and four. There is a lot of three and three. Three and two and four and two teams expect the AFC to have some serious contention for the playoffs come week 1617. There's going to be a lot of okay, well, this team needs to win. This team needs to lose. This team needs to lose. That team needs to win and, well, hopefully your team makes it. We'll see. NFC East Eagles no longer undefeated five and one Cowboys four and two, commanders three and three giants one and five. NFC West 49 ERs five and one Seahawks three and two Rams three and three Cardinals one and five. NFC North Lions five and one packers two and three. How are you in second with a losing record? We're just going to leave it at that. Vikings two and four. Bears one and five NFC south bucks three and two, Falcons three and three, Saints three and three Panthers zero and six. Like I said, Panthers are just tanking for a good draft pick or they just suck. They have played decent teams and they had leads against the likes of teams that are wild carded like the Saints and whatnot. And they just like, we're going to flop. We're going to win. We're going to make you think we're winning. Then we're just going to flop. So leading into week seven, no more undefeated teams. There are five teams that are five and one. So the NFL is looking a little bit weird. But the Lions, man, let's talk about this. They lost Matthew Stafford. They lost their receiving core. They lost their O line. Literally half of their O line got traded. The other teams the last two years, this year they're like, hey, we're not being a lap in stock anymore. We're going to be a winning team. And their stats are ridiculous. Are they top five? No. But what they're doing in the defensive side and offensive side, it's just quite incredible. Jared Goff left the Rams. Everyone thought that was the end of his career. Now, the first year with the Lions, he did kind of flop. He made it to the playoffs, but he wasn't what he was. With the Rams going two years with a ten and 411 and three record, it's incredible how quick a quarterback can be told they're going to be bad or good because the team they're on, everyone was like, oh, Russell Wilson is going to have a great coach on the Broncos. Wrong. He sucks. He's terrible. Just retired. You're the last of the generation. Just hang up your boots, call it a day. Not because injury, not because money, but obviously your body's just not for the game anymore. You're not doing what you did with your Super bowl appearance, with your playoff wins. You're defeating the Patriots when the Patriots were a near unstoppable team. You're not going to get it done with the Broncos, even if you have Sean Payton, another quarterback. I say that needs to possibly just be done, and I don't really like to say this is Kirk Cousins. He's been a floater for years, ended up with the Vikings staying there, having a good few seasons, but this year he's going to be coming up for free agency and there's only like two or three teams that would even take a chance on an older quarterback. Jets already hinted that they would take the free agency and give them a new deal. So have the steelers and so have the rams. The Rams did it with Matthew Stafford. They're not an incredible team, but they weren't what they were when they had golf. They're a contention team. Few quarterbacks, I say, that do need to go different places. CJ STRoud, yes, he's doing great with the Texans, but put him on a team like the Cowboys or the Eagles or even the Browns. Get rid of Watson, put Stroud there. Those are offenses he could strive off of. The Browns would be closer to what he was used to in Ohio State, having multiple weapons, aggressive running backs, decent O line with him still having to scramble, but it's okay. He knows how to. It would be basically having what the Bengals did. They took a quarterback who was not good at doing that, got rid of him, sent him to. I think he's on the Saints. No Panthers, one of those two teams, but they got Joe Burrow and it changed their whole offense and the way they play. Stroud needs to move. Bryce Young needs to get out of the Panthers. I know this is first year he doesn't have weapons, but the Panthers, even with a good quarterback, have not had a good season since Cam Newton was like, I'm Superman. Well, you don't have a superman in Carolina anymore, and you've had more coaches than I have brain cells left in my head, but that's a whole different topic. Saints did great with the Derek Carr trade. Michael Thomas needs to stay healthy. Chris Olave is holding up the fort and the receiving quarter. Derek Carr's good, just not starter good anymore. And honestly, James Winston has been starting with the Saints so that just says something there. Another few things I do want to touch base with is Daniel Jones not worth that contract he got? He can barely throw in the pocket. He doesn't have a deep arm and he just wants to run. And quarterbacks like that get hurt. For instance, RG three. He was supposed to be a monster in the NFL. Played all but five seasons, first two tours, ACL and MCL multiple times. Then was a backup for Lamar Jackson the rest of his career. I mean, I don't know about you, but if you're going to play that style, at least have some bulk on you like Mahomes and Allen and Jackson and Burrow. Be able to take a hit. Daniel Jones, yeah, he's tough, but he's not taking hits from linebackers that the AFC has compared to the NFC. The AFC has monsters of linebackers. The AFC is known for the defensive players. The AFC, over history has the most defensive players of the Year awards and the most successful linebackers ever in the NFL. NFC is good. They did have the legion of boom back in the day with the Seahawks, but when it comes to NFC defenses, that's really all you thought of. Except for the Bears. But let's face it, it's not the 60s anymore. They're just kind of. They're irrelevant really defensively. Still. Still there. But nowadays it's just everyone has a good defense. For example, the Browns beat an undefeated team based on defense. Same thing with Jets. It's just not meant for some quarterbacks to play against a good defense. Few quarterbacks I would like to see traded besides Stroud and Bryce Young. Justin Herbert can stay where he's at. Lamar Jackson got that deal with the Ravens. He can stay. Jets need to get rid of Mike White and Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson. I would say pick up someone from the draft, maybe start tanking right now. Even though legally through the NFL, if they catch you tanking, they will schedule a game that you have to win? Pretty much. And if you don't believe that whole conspiracy theory, look into it. There has never been a team in the last five years that went zero in whatever. They have always had to win a game because they can't tank. They're not allowed to tank a full season. It's just how it is. The Commanders need to find a good quarterback. Howe is doing fantastically, but I don't see him staying consistent. Besides the quarterback rooms, some of the wide receivers need to switch around, like Odell Beckham Jr. Stop trying to be relevant, man. You almost 35. Stop playing. You don't make big catches. You barely run anymore. You have multiple ankle and leg injuries. Just hang up your boots and become a wide receiver coach for a team. Another player that I believe needs to hang up the boots or go to a team where he's going to be second or third stream is Michael Thomas. He can't stay healthy. Bucks Mike Evans, Chris Godwin Very good Lions Amari St. Brown. They have great wide receivers. There's no lack of weapons there. Jags. You don't even know what they're going to do half the time anymore. But they're doing good. So leave that how it is. Eagles have good weapons. 49 ers have Mr. Relevant, Brock Purdy. He can stay there. He's got weapons. He's got offensive line to protect him. He's just a whole different kind of animal. He should have never been the last person drafted in that draft and he has proved it every single day. He came in last year, won all five of his games except for the playoff game where he wasn't playing. He was injured. Brock Purdy's record up until now was ten and zero and then he lost as the starter. Mind you, he did start the other game but he got injured within the first quarter. Therefore I don't see it as a loss for him. He didn't play the whole game. It happens. Jalen Hurts has been incredible. That team needs to stay how it is. Chargers need more weapons than the wide receiver. Better O line. Dolphins most put together team right now. I do not care who you are a fan of. The Dolphins are the number one team in the AFC right now. The NFC is the 49 Ers. If you look at either of their games, both their games either are super aggressive or they were very well put together defensively and they score points. They don't just show up on defense when they get their opportunity, they score. If you don't believe me, look at the scores over the past weeks. It's just something crazy done talking about teams. What they need to do. Here's something that the Dolphins did not need to do. They did not need to pick up Chase Claypool. They have Jalen Waddle and Tyreek Hill upon many tight ends that they can use that block. AnD as long as you have a good O line, all you need is two speedsters that run amazing routes. Hill is only 180 yards away from having 1000 yard season and it's only week six. Next week. If he gets another 170 yard game like he has been, he's going to have the most yards in NFL career. As long as he doesn't get injured. It is week six and he has double than the person in second place. Let that sink in. He has been running crazy on that offense and he is doing it to prove a point that he does not need Mahomes. He does not need Andy Reed. The man has 814 yards in Week six and he leads with most touchdowns for a receiver too at six. He's just crazy and it's amazing. And Raheem Mozart who played for the 49 ERs, he's running crazy there too. He has the most touchdowns as a running back and the third most yards. Rushing wise, it's Christian McCaffrey at 553 most rushing attempts carries average other than touchdowns, McCaffrey leads everything in the rushing for passing. TUA leads rating touchdowns and yards. Tua is really showing that Hey, I had concussions, I dislocated my hip, but I'm still going to get the job done. He is leading in almost everything in passing for receiving. Like I said, Hill is at 814 yards in Week six. I still can't get over that. He needs another 186 yard game and it's 1000 yards by week seven. He still has ten more to go. And the playoffs he's going to have, I'm going to say a 2000 yard season which has never been done. The highest is 15, seven five. And that was Justin Jefferson last year and Hill is like, now I'm going to break it this year. Sacks though, this is where it's crazy. TJ Watt and Daniel Hunter. Daniel Hunter from the Vikings, TJ Watt from, well, everyone knows him from the Steelers. They don't play every snap defensively, but they're still leading in sacks. They both have 8.5 sacks Week six. Most linebackers by week six have maybe four, maybe five. But TJ Watt, Daniel Hunter, they just go. They do not care if you are the quarterback and you have the ball, it is snack time for thEm. They will blow through your line. They can hip toss them. Linemen. They are monster of men. They just need to chill pill a little bit. Interceptions though, there are five people with three and that is the most by anyone in the whole NFL right now. It's Bates, Jacobs, Nelson, Stone and Williams. They all have three. But if you look how the quarterbacks are playing this year, I'm surprised no one has like five or six. But it is what it is. You can't predict that every single year the quarterbacks are going to play the same way. It just matters on their O line, the weapons they have and everything else going into week seven predictions. Now that I'm done with everything else for week six, the games are Jags versus Saints. The wife took Jags, I took Jags. They've just been. I wouldn't say they're dominant, but they're doing very well to hold their own against a team that has the same record. Plus, the Saints are used to playing the NFC, and the NFC isn't quite as offensively powerful, I should say not as high scoring. So we'll see how that game goes. Falcons versus bucks, split decision. She took Bucks, I took Falcons. The Bucks are all right. The Falcons are all right. It's a 50 50 game and I just hope my 50 is right. I like to see her lose. I mean, it's my wife. Why wouldn't I? But it's okay. Raiders versus Bears, we both took Bears and I don't get why they have the worst record, but something about me says the Bears defense is going to stop. Jimmy G. Browns versus Colts, very. Another split decision game. We both took Browns again, 50 50 game could go anyway. Commanders versus Giants, both took commanders. That's easy. Giants are, well, you heard the record earlier, Lions versus Ravens. Deep down inside me, I'm an AFC fan. I don't really like NFC teams. I mean, I do, but I don't. I like the 49 ers about it. Lions, I am taking this time as much as I want to say Ravens, we both took Lions. They have been five and one. Their games have been close, but they've been able to get it done. Both sides of the field. Bills versus Patriots, Bills both said Bills, Patriots. Just not it this year. Mac Jones Belichick. We don't know what is going on over there in New England, but it is not how they were in the it's sad because they spent all this money, all this trade capital just to get weapons for Mac Jones, just to make the defense better, just to get the offense better. And all they did was make it worse. So it baffles me how a legend like Belichick, who went 1012 years being one of the most dominant teams in the NFL to being laughingstock. Cardinals versus Seahawks? Seahawks. We both took them. Cardinals are okay, but it's just the Seahawks. And Gino Smith, he is leading that team well for what he has. Doesn't have the grip. Best coaching, doesn't have the best O line, best weapons. Metcalf's good, Lockett's good, but they're not consistently good. Steelers versus Rams, wife took Steelers. I took Rams. The Steelers have been struggling with high defense teams and the Rams are known for their defensive stops. Kenny Pickett is good, but he's not. He needs a year or two behind a veteran. He got thrown into it by circumstance. Mason Rudolph's not a good answer. Neither is Mitch Trubisky. I say just go to someone's practice squad, look at a quarterback like you. You got the job because that's pretty much what they did. Chargers versus Chiefs. Chiefs. Obviously, we both took them. I wanted to say Chargers. Justin Herbert and the Chargers have always been able to beat Mahomes and their scores and their records since those two have started. It's 50 50. Same amount of wins and losses for both teams. So it was a toss up. But we both said Chiefs. Packers versus Broncos. I said Packers. She said Broncos. The Broncos are one of five. Packers are still doing pretty good on their games. So we'll see Eagles versus Dolphins. She said Eagles. I said Dolphins. You're taking two, five and one teams who are offensive and defensively stout with quarterbacks who are from the same college trying to prove a point, and this is going to be a great gAme. If this is not the closest game of the week, then everyone can boo me and say I'm bad, but I am calling it right now. This is going to be the closest game this week and probably the highest scoring. 49 ERs versus Vikings. We both said 49 ERs. Another thing I do want to touch base with you today is just because there's a record doesn't mean they're going to be good. Look, at past years there have been teams who made it to the Super bowl who had a losing record at first, and all of a sudden week nine, they explode and they do so much better. I'm really excited for this year. I don't know if I've said that a lot, but this year it is a completely different animal. And I'm so excited for everything that either one of these teams can do that are leading, whether it's the Chiefs, Bills, Dolphins, Eagles. 49 ers. I want to see all of them do good, but I do want to see an underdog team like the Lions continue their streak or shoot. I even want to see the Commanders. It's just so crazy. The caliper of the NFL. Like, if you would have said the jets would have won last night or last week, my bad. That they would have beat the Eagles, I would have said no way. But they did. Same thing with the 49 ERs losing to the Browns. They've played good defensive teams, but this last week they're like we'll lose. And it's not even that they wanted to. It's just. You never know. It could take one interception, one fumble, one sack, and it could change the whole dimension of the game. For example, when the Dolphins beat the Broncos with that insane score the next week, they played their heart outs, but the Bills were just able to do more to change the momentum towards their sideline. And that's all football is. It's how you can hype up your team, how you can hype up your fan base and just go from there. And if you have the players, obviously, but a lot of it is just one play or a set of plays that can change it all. Besides all that, I hope you had fun listening about week six, and I'm ready to talk to you for week seven. Have a good weekend. [00:24:35] Speaker A: You. [00:24:36] Speaker B: All right, guys, stand by because I'll tell you what's coming up next, is we've got offsides. College football's top 25, and we folks will be back in 1 minute, so stand on. [00:24:52] Speaker A: Bye. You think that something's happening then it's bigger than your life but it's only what you're hearing Will you still remember when the morning light has come? Will the song be playing and.

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