Red Pill Reality Sow December 2, 2023

Red Pill Reality Sow December 2, 2023
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Red Pill Reality Sow December 2, 2023

Dec 03 2023 | 02:59:56

Episode December 03, 2023 02:59:56

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Riscalla Parker Dominick Victoria Smith Michael Bahas Stu Shear

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Blu Crystalline Phoenix on the show tonight.  

Topics up for debate:

  • Elon Musk
  • Donald Trump
  • Aliens
  • Demons
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[00:00:09] Speaker A: You're listening to the Trim radio network. We cut the bowl and serve the truth. [00:00:21] Speaker B: I know you're out there. I can feel you now. I know that you're afraid. You're afraid of us. You're afraid of change. I don't know the future. I didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it's going to begin. Take the red pill. [00:00:48] Speaker C: Take the blue pill. Take. [00:00:54] Speaker B: The red pill. Take the blue pill. Take the red pill. Take the blue pill. Take the red pill. Take the blue pill. Take the red pill. Take the blue pill. You take the red pill. [00:01:10] Speaker C: And I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. [00:01:14] Speaker B: This is your left chest. This is your left chest. This is your left chest. This is your left chest. This is your left chest. [00:01:22] Speaker C: Now transmitting this from an undisclosed location in the northeast quadrant of the United States. It's the Red Pill reality show on the Trim radio Network with your host, Riscala Stevens. Saturday nights from 09:00 p.m. Eastern until midnight. Call in lines are open. Dial 803-866-1667 to reach your host directly. And here is your host, Riscala Stevens. [00:01:54] Speaker D: Hello and welcome, everyone. Again, it is the Red Pill reality show. Going to have a very unique guest on tonight and possibly Mike Bahas, who is the president of Trim Radio, along with Jerry hall, another friend of mine. And hopefully some of you out there that are listening, call in, give us your comments, ask us your questions, and hopefully we'll have an answer for you. In the meantime, just a couple of things that have come up this past week. One of the things that has come up, just not this past week, but something that continues to come up, is this going on in Israel. And I call it a genocide. Some people disagree with me, but I call it a genocide. People that are unable to really defend themselves, the civilians. My heart is broken. For those innocent people in Israel that were murdered, there was no justifiable reason to do that to them. And there's no justifiable reason for them. For Israel. The government of Israel, not the Jews. There's a big confusion there when I speak about this. We just don't like Jews. No, that's not true. I love Jewish people. I have. My spiritual godmother is living in Israel, and I love her dearly. She's like a second mom to me. So it's not the Jews, it's the government. It's like what we have going on here. If you have any idea of what's going on here you can understand that the government that is in place today are criminals. They are criminals. There's no other way to describe these people. They have broken the law repeatedly. They have committed treason openly. And they don't really give a rat's behind about you or me. I'm not really sure what they really care about other than their pockets, because the majority of them have sold us out. There is clear evidence that the man that they called a president is clear undoubted evidence that he has compromised himself. I'm just careful about what I say here. Compromised himself. And there are people in Congress who have brought up the evidence that they have documents that show that he has been. And along with that, just common sense, we left $85 billion of our latest weaponry in Afghanistan. I should have recorded that. I have an audio, a video of this man who they called a president. I say that because I don't really even know if it's who they say it is, but there's an audio of him from years back which may have been him, and he's saying, know, you just can't pull out of Afghanistan. What do you think those people are going to do with those weapons? They're going to use them against us. And then here we are years later, and he's done exactly what he said that shouldn't be done. The border is wide open. We don't know who's coming in the border. The crime is just through the roof in some areas. I'm fortunate where I'm at, it's not too bad. It's relatively safe. But there are areas where people are afraid to literally go out of their home at night because they don't know what they're going to run into, even during the day. Some areas are so bad that they are fearful of what is going on. These are clear and precise movements by people call them the globalists. I call them Luciferians, Satanists, bankers. They've got a lot of different names, but it all reached down to one thing, and that's evil. These people are evil. They would take your life in the blink of an eye and not resent it for a moment. Not for a moment. If it would help their agenda come through, they wouldn't have any problem whatsoever in taking your life or anybody else's life or hundreds of thousands and even millions of lives to succeed in their agenda. It's difficult for the average person to wrap their mind around something like this because most of us don't think that way. I got to speak for me. I would step out if somebody was in danger and I could help. There wouldn't be an eye blinks with a time before I would respond to that. That's not that I want to be a hero. It's that I feel a responsibility. And I would hope and pray that the majority of other people who are out there feel the same way. They see something going on and they can help in some way, shape or form, they help. What saddens me is that most of the time, some of these videos that I see are really disturbing. Here's somebody beating somebody up and people are walking by with their phones. I want to be the first one to get this on whatever LinkedIn, YouTube, rumble, whatever it might be, instead of putting your phone down and say, hey, man, hey woman, whatever the case may be, put a stop to it or help to put a stop to it, rather than be somebody who's just watching it's going on. We can no longer sit on the sidelines. You're actually helping the dark side by remaining on the sidelines because that's what they're relying on. They know that there are far more many of us than there are of them. And I got to tell you, that causes them to not sleep very well at night, change their underwear on a regular basis. Because if we were to ever get our act together, if we were to ever unite, they know would be their demise. It would be the end of them. And that's why they cause this division. That's why they're constantly pursuing fearful acts upon the people. That's why they persecute those who speak out, those who tell the know. I think his first name is Matt Taibi and the other man's name escapes me right now. Two reporters, Democrats, were reporting about the different bits of corruption that are going on. And when they went before Congress, they were attacked. They were attacked, attacked mostly by the Democrats. A few of the Republicans, Republicans, Democrats. They're two wings of the same flipping bird. There's so many up there that really don't give a rat's behind about us. And it's got to be a time when we say, enough, we're not doing this anymore. This is not in our best interest. You're supposed to work for us and they're not. They're not doing anything. Let me correct that. They're doing very minimal for the benefit of us. They're actually working against us in many ways. They're allowing all these people to come in this country and then they pay them. I'm at the age where I'm on Social Security now. And what they pay me in Social Security is a joke. And what they pay these people who broke the law to get in here, they're illegal. I don't care how you want to say it. The truth is they are here illegally. They broke the law. There's a law in place that says you're supposed to go through a procedure in order to get to this country and become a citizen. I went through it. My mom went through it. My brother went through it. My dad, thank God, was already an American citizen. He was born in Boston. We became naturalized citizens. And it's not an easy thing to do. And it took my mom, I think, about a month or so of studying for the test to become a citizen. Meanwhile, they're allowing anybody, we don't know who these people are. I've read repeated reports that many of the countries are just emptying out their jails. Let the prisoners come here. Let us handle them. Do you think that somebody who is supposed to be a representative of yours is doing this in good faith? And how many of them up there are allowing this to go on? For the life of me, I cannot understand. With all of the people up there who are not following this agenda, why aren't they stepping up to the plate? Why aren't they holding the bat and swinging? Instead, they're sitting on the sideline and, okay, okay. Or they're talking. There's a lot of talk. Oh, we're going to do this. Oh, we're going to do that. We're going to do the other. Yeah, right. And nothing happens. Nothing happens. But if it happens to be somebody by the name of Trump, Lord have mercy. Now, those of you who don't know, I am a Trump supporter within reason, but I certainly wouldn't support someone who allows $85 billion of the latest weaponry, our latest weaponry. Think about that. To be taken by our enemy, that is the definition of treason. The very first day he was in office, he cut off a pipeline knowing that it was going to hurt us financially, knowing that it's going to raise the cost of fuel across the nation. There are some places in this country that people are paying upwards of $5 a gallon for gasoline. Now, you can imagine, or you may be able to imagine, how difficult it is for me to look at that and go, holy smokes, man. Growing up, it was expensive at gallon, but they have slowly chipped away at us, little here, a little there, and caused us financial pain unlike anything I've seen in the time that I've spent on this planet. And it doesn't look like they're going to let up anytime soon. Careful what words I use here. The only reprisal we may have is for us to unite. And that is probably the most difficult thing right now because people are so divided about so many things. And I ask different people, I said, well, can we agree that the Constitution as it was laid out is the highest law of the land? Can we agree on that? Some people cannot agree on that. Do you realize that? Some people don't. And people in our government are saying, well, that was written so long ago, it doesn't suit our needs today. We need to change it. I'd like to see a fire put under their behind because it was in place for over 200 years. It served us well until people began to change their mental stabilities. Because I think some of these people are really sick and caused us pain unjustifiably. And the result is today what we're seeing, we're seeing a degradation of our society. The idea that somebody, a man can look in a mirror or put a wig on and say, well, I'm a woman now and you must call me by whatever the pronoun that I use. And believe it or not, there are places where you get in trouble if you don't do what they're asking you. They're telling you, well, it's okay for. Do you realize. Let me back up a minute. Do you realize that the woman of a year was a man? The model of the year was maybe the model of one of the States, I don't recall was a man. I don't care what you look like. If you've got XX, you're a female. If you got XY, you're a male. It doesn't matter what you look like. If you have the chromosomes of a male. I don't give a rats behind what you do to your body. You want to slice and dice your body, that's up to you. That's between you and God. But then to pretend that you are something that you are not and then demand other people pretend with you, this is the insanity that is being permitted today. At some point we have to say, no, we're not going to do that anymore. This is ridiculous. The corruption in our country, the destruction of our young people. I was shocked to find out that in some schools they don't even stand and say the pledge of allegiance anymore. That they're taught that things like BLM and LGBTQrst U-V-W XYZ is a priority. Our children are being indoctrinated. They're not being educated, and what they're being indoctrinated in is truly scary. It is terrorizing to have these children think that our country is the worst place in the world to teach them to hate. Instead of educating them, they're indoctrinating them. And then if a parent stands up to it, they get investigated by the FBI. This is not a good place. Not a good place to be. This is not what we set up. I say we. I'm a veteran. I have friends who fought in the wars. I have people that I knew at one time that didn't come back. I have people who did come back, and they weren't the same. Subjected to the greatest nightmarish things that you could possibly imagine. Some of the now, my war was the Vietnam War. And some of the stories that came back, some of the pitfalls that the Vietnamese had set up were horrifying. They would dig a hole and then put spikes in the hole and then cover the spikes with feces and then cover the hole with straw or something so you couldn't tell if you fell down into it and you got spiked all over your body. Well, if it didn't get your main organ and kill you, it's going to kill you anyway because there's feces everywhere and you'll die from the infection. It was horrible. Some of the stories that were told beyond your worst imagination, and now they're wanting to do it again. And this time they want to go global. They want a world war. If people don't speak up, they'll get their way. If we don't stand the line and say, we're not going to commit to this, we will not follow what you want, I will not consent. Really? That's what we have to do. The bottom line is we have to stand up and go, no, we're not doing this anymore. If enough of us would do that, we could bring an end to the majority of the suffering that we're going through today and the suffering that we're creating. We are creating suffering around the planet. One of the most difficult things for me to understand was the night that I found out the war that I served in. We killed hundreds of thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands of people. We killed them before, all because of a lie. A lie. The Vietnamese never attacked us. The Vietnam War was based upon was started by the Gulf of Tonkin. Supposedly Vietnamese attacked us in the Gulf of Tonkin. It never happened. It was all made up. It's like the Russian collusion hoax. About Trump. It was all made up. And because of that, we went to war. AnD how many of you realize there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but we decimated that country. We created a hell for those people. They may not have had the best of life under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, but I will tell you what. In comparison to what they live today, it's night and day. We created a hell for those people. We did the same thing in Afghanistan. We did the same thing in Libya. We did the same thing in Yemen. We are doing. Let me back up a minute. Our government is doing this in our name. They are using our money that they take from us, and they use it for whatever purposes they want. I don't know of any of my friends that would. Knowing the truth, that would support any of these wars. We're still in Iraq. We were in Afghanistan for 20 some OD years. How many people did we kill? How many of our people got killed? How many people were maimed? What kind of suffering went on? And we left with our tail between our legs, just like in Vietnam. I had so many of my friends who I was two weeks away from going to Vietnam. I was sweating bullets. It was July of 1974, and Nixon decided to start bringing everybody back. And I had orders to go to Vietnam, and my orders were to go into effect in August. And I thank God. I thank God. When I went to my. Can't think of the right word. When I went to the lawyers on base, they said, you have no choice. You sign the line, and if they're going to send people over there, you're going. And I was sweating bullets. I had people come back and tell me, this war is not intended to be won. And it didn't make sense to me. How could we get involved in a war and not be 100% to win? Then I watched Afghanistan. I watched Iraq. I watched him murder the leader, the president of Libya. How many of you know that in Libya, when Muirmar Gaddafi was serving as their president, not a single person was homeless? Everybody had a home. And he made a statement and said, I'm not getting a home until all the homeless have homes. He lived in a tent, and they made fun of him because he kept his word. He wouldn't live in a house. He lived in a tent out in the desert until everybody was housed. At that point, he took up a home. He had donated thousands of dollars to individuals. If they wanted to farm the land, he would give them the land he would finance at 0% interest rate, whatever they needed. And the only stipulation was they couldn't sell whatever they were growing outside the country. It was for the country. He also sent a dividend from all the oil that was sold. All the citizens of Libya got a small dividend from that. He developed a water system. He was going to turn the desert green. And one of the first things they did was destroy all of that. One of the first things they did when they went into Iraq, one of the first things they did, they plundered all the gold. And they kept saying, well, all these children were dying. There was a young lady who testified before Congress that children in incubators were being taken out of the incubators and thrown on the floor. Something to that effect. Found out later the whole thing was a lie. It's all about getting people emotionally charged so that they can use that for their agenda. 911. That's a subject that people have long forgotten about. We will not forget. Yeah, well, bet me you have forgotten. People think I'm crazy when I tell them there were no plans on 911. What you saw is physically impossible. Look at the makeup of the building that those planes ran into and you have a better understanding of what you saw. A plane could not do that. I believe if people saw anything on 911, it was a hologram. And there were many people testifying prior to the planes hitting and after the planes hitting explosions. There were firemen who happened to be in the area and they were describing this one particular time when the explosions went off and the guy was going. It was going boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. That's what you do in a controlled demolition. How many of you are aware that building number seven, building number seven was a controlled demolition? There's no question about it. It's not a conspiracy theory. Go look up videos. There's still plenty of videos out there of building number seven and watch it come down. And then go watch a controlled demolition. There is absolutely, positively no way that there's any difference between the two of them. And then people tell me, well, so what? It was a controlled. Don't you understand? So what? It was a controlled demolition. You can't do that in hours. It takes weeks. You have to have intimate knowledge of the building. It's not something that can be set up in a day. It takes quite a bit of work. So for at least two weeks, at least, people knew that that building was going to come down. People knew that explosives had been put in such a manner that the building would come down in its own footprint. That is what the class example of a controlled demolition is. But we want to blame 19 Arabs. We brought down three buildings that day with two aircraft, supposedly. And yet we could find the passport of one of these guys. Oh, we found the passport. You completely demolished three buildings, but somehow you came up with the passport of one of these guys. If people would just use a little critical thinking, a little common sense. I remember reading about, I think it was World War II. I may be wrong about the. It was one of the world wars where the government forced people, forced them to sell their gold at a substantially lower price than what it was worth. And I thought to myself, hell, they'll never do that. They'll never get away with that today. There's no way. And then COVID came along, and people were forced to do something that they didn't want to do. It's either jab or the job. I would never imagine in my wildest dreams going to fight for this country and believing that what we're doing is preserving freedom, to have people pull this nonsense on us, this insanity. And then to find out later that many of the vaccines that were given were poisoned. Now, that's not me saying that. That's vair. V-A-E-R-S. Go look it up, and you'll see millions of people, millions of people have died from the vaccine around the world. Millions. And they had everybody so scared of something that the general public had a recovery rate of 99 plus percent without medical intervention, you understand? Nine out of ten people could get through COVID without the assistance of medical, a doctor, a nurse, without that, just get on it by themselves. But instead, they had people so scared, and in some cases, they forced people. And the result is now hypertension is at the highest level it has ever been in history. Hypertension is when people get heart disease. It's high blood pressure. There have been more heart attacks. Now, I got that information from a friend of mine who works for the life insurance companies. They're in a panic. People are dying right, left, and center, unlike any other time in the history that's recorded. Something has to have caused all of that. What would be the variable that would cause people? It's particularly young people, and some of it was done on Main TV. I can't think of the young man's name because I'm not really good at sports. I don't really care for sports. But it was a football player and supposedly died on the field. And they brought him back to life, and what he died from was heart failure. And they said, well, he was hit in the chest. That's what caused it baloney. He was jabbed and I think he was boosted as well. If you go look up beers, you'll see I'm not making this up. And let me say this while I'm thinking about it. I appreciate you listening to me. I am so grateful that you're listening to me. I don't expect you to believe anything. What I would expect from you is. You know what, Riskala? You're over the edge and I'm going to prove it. I'm going to go find out for myself. Because that's when it will hit you like a ton of bricks. You listen to somebody else saying something, but then when you go look it up yourself and find it yourself and see it with your own eyes, it has a different impact. The impact is much greater. But as long as you are allowing yourself to be manipulated by people who really don't care about us, they really don't. Michael Jackson did a song about they don't care about us. It was the truth. They don't care about us. These people that are up in the upper echelons, they want to reduce the population of this planet. They want to bring it down to 500 million people. And there are estimates of somewhere between seven and 8 billion people on the planet. That's something like nine out of ten people they want to get rid of. To put it in simpler terms, if it were 8 billion, it would be 8000 million people, would be 8,000,008,000 million. They want to reduce that to 500. They want to reduce it from 8000 to 500. And the reason they want to do that is, oh, there's too many people on the planet. No, there's not too many people on the planet. We have proved repeatedly, given the right architecture, given the right education, using the right farming skills, there's more than enough abundance on this planet for everybody. But there is too many people in the aspect of they ever get together and they ever get their acts together. Yeah, then there's too many people. If we can keep it under 500 million, we can control them in whatever way we want. We can get away with whatever we need to get away with in order for us to live our lives the way that we want to live. Forget about the people. It's all about them. The time has come to make a decision and I'm hoping and praying that those who are listening will realize we're running out of time. We're running out of time. And if it continues the way that it's continuing, there may not be any reversal. There may not be any way back. All right, I'm going to take a break and I'll come back. And with me, I hope to have blue crystalline. If you don't know who that is, go to Facebook and look up B-L-U-C-R-Y-S-T-A-L-L-I-N-E-I can't remember the last part, but you'll find her that way. Very, very interesting individual with a ton of information, and I think it will keep you on the edge of your seat as soon as we get back. Stay tuned, folks. We're hitting pause for a quick break. We're not going anywhere. We'll be back before you know it with more on the Red Pill reality show. [00:30:20] Speaker A: America asleep right now. So let me try to come wake y'all up a little bit. Good morning. Wear your mask. Get the vaccine. You're saving lives. Let's restore the world. In less than a year, you were whipped into submission. You were told when you could leave your house, how much food you could buy. You were given rations on water and essential care. You were told not to go to church, not to see your family. They took the gyms away from you, then told you that you couldn't go to the parks, the trails, or the playgrounds. Yet the largest corporations like Walmart and Amazon remained open. You got permission to grocery shop with 1200 other people but not attend a funeral of 50. They dangled your freedom over your heads after they biogenetically killed 5% of the country. They made you wait for 601, 201, $400 of your own money to hush you up. Just as you almost crossed the poverty line and made you feel appreciated, they whipped you into mind control and made you need them. Now you need a vaccine. Soon you won't be able to get or keep your job without it or travel. This was all prophesied. But you don't read your Bible, so you can't recognize what the beast system looks like. Wake up. [00:31:21] Speaker C: Join with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the outer limits. [00:32:05] Speaker B: You know, in the Declaration of Independence. [00:32:07] Speaker D: It talks about our inalienable rights. [00:32:09] Speaker B: They're endowed to us by our creator God, the Creator God of the Judeo Christian faith, heritage not by man. AnD those rights are Life, liberty, and the pursuit of hAppiness. The pursuit of happiness for so many Americans has been taken away from them by the virus of tyranny. But the good thing, America, is that we've been there before. And 245 years ago, our founding fathers found the cure for tyranny. It was called Liberty. [00:32:37] Speaker C: And perhaps it is time for us. [00:32:39] Speaker B: To have an inoculation of the vaccine of liberty in order to defeat the virus of tyranny. [00:32:53] Speaker D: Are you a business owner? Did you know that the government is holding funds right now for your business? The program is called the Employee Retention act. It's done through the IRS and part of the Cares act, and it's available to just about every business. This could mean literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into your business. This IS not A LOAN. It's 100% legal and paid directly to you. Go to GetMyMoneyback. Net. That's, to watch a brief video and find out how you can qualify. Getmymoneyback. Net. Go there now. [00:33:44] Speaker A: AND WE'rE bacK. Hope you didn't go too far, because we have more interesting and thought provoking information for you. Coming up on the Red pill reality show. [00:34:00] Speaker D: All right, we are back. It is the Red pill reality show. I want to thank you for taking the time to allow me to share with you some of these things that I run across. And the person I'm going to bring on now is known as Blue Crystalline. And it's blue Crystalline Phoenix. I don't know why I have a block about that, but it's blue crystalline, and she is a tremendously amazing lady with the information that she has. And I ask you to please keep an open mind. All right? You may not agree with 100% with either one of us, but one of the things that we're lacking today in this country is the ability to have a discusSion. The Side that wants their WAy. It's either their WAy or no wAy. And that's a problem, because once you shut down the ability to communicate, you open up the ability to become violent, and I would like to refrain from that in any way possible. So let me welcome Blue Crystalline. You're on the Red Pill reality show. Thank you so much for taking time to share with me tonight. [00:35:01] Speaker A: Yes, thank you, my friend. [00:35:04] Speaker D: Tell us a little bit about you. So we have an idea who you are and what you do exactly. [00:35:10] Speaker A: I'm Unified Federation president and High galactic commander in the United Space Force Department. Now, what I run along with is a higher definition of what runs through the Guardians itself. Who made Space Force? Donald Trump, who acclimated certain documentations into Tesla energy's into effect, and had family, including Kennedy, who pertained to making things a reality with Donald Trump. Reasons why he had appointed Space Force, appointed US individuals in Space Force, which as starseeds, we are generators, as well as the motivational humans effects that dealt with it, to motivating the agenda of the next age and to proving the points outward of what's going on behind the scenes. So henceforth, in our department, United Space Force Department, what we deal with, we acclimate, proving the outstanding effects to maintaining the higher codes and ethics of mankind, the protection of awareness of mankind, the healing of mankind, and as well as the stability of mankind, and including the planet itself. [00:36:29] Speaker D: That's pretty amazing. So in your experience, let me back up a moment. How long has this been going on? [00:36:41] Speaker A: I have been high galactic commander in the Council of what I alleviate for about four and a half to five years. But as a star seed representative through my race of Zeta reticuli, I have hopped into the shell format within a general at a time throughout the years. Meaning there is a hyper ingraining point that generalizers like ourselves have polarized in this succession. And that goes for what is being motivated on the negative stance here in this realm. Do not think that certain Central Americans and certain other beings in representation, that go upon the scenes of effect, are actually human. There are authorical formats and higher consciousness of the relay codes that go into representation with these beings and cause a negative relapse for mankind. Humans would call these demons, but we call these office and Paradraconian reptiles. They are higher species that degrade systems, and they have degraded numerous systems. They have taken away an actual council that had maintained codes of ethics for this current route throughout the generations. People don't wake up to the scenarios of what's going on. And if they keep playing the vital roles of between Democrat, Republican, they're never going to see the in between of what the reality is. [00:38:02] Speaker D: And in your experience, what is the reality? What you just described, the reality is. [00:38:10] Speaker A: Taking the purple pill and alleviating the formations of the red and the blue pill. Think about putting both agendas and fixation upon that agenda together, equalizing that stance, and then taking away the negative part of it, and putting an actual new law and sovereign law into effect. Hence the Federation and hence the quantum age. Hence the reason why Donald Trump have, when maintained his authority for things under space acclamation points, instead of people fighting between their red and blue pills, they need to just take that purple one need to offer into their box that they have been put in and create a limitary scare where they can motivate around that box and out of it instead of being constructed inside of it. [00:39:10] Speaker D: I'm getting some background noise from you. I don't know if that's a vehicle in the background. So you're saying the purple motorcycle, the purple pill would be a combination of the red and the blue, is that correct? [00:39:23] Speaker A: Yes, exactly. Motivating the next stage into a state of stream as well as the techniques that were placed behind the scenes to alleviate the problems at hand. Now think about dumbs. Underground military base systems. Deep underground military base systems. Think about child trafficking, human trafficking. Think about all those points of the fact. I'll think about space wars and think about Heart H AARP, which is on the negative side of it. Space wars. Positive. Now there's indexers and the fact that recalling codes starseeds generalize the emotionalized effect through Manga Garth's realms. Statilizing that the purple pill activates what's going on between the red and the blue pill. What goes deeper down into the sequencing codes of the blue pill outstands for we're talking about deeper trafficking with the drugs. Edwinochrome Cloning Central America has a lot of facilities underground that go into a coordinator effect through other islands and other areas. And then we talk about the positive side that deals with space Force and alleviate the issues that geographically put into effect through them. Fighting against negative communication barriers. Fighting against actuated lines of defense that would pro eliminate into a maintainment code on their stand. Activating on a more protective leeway. Point to maintaining codes of ethics and protecting child units and representation, especially ones that have a DNA fractured codes upon themselves underneath the ground. There are much higher points that humans do not understand of adronochrome is a way for these beasts, these demons, to gain their power. And then it is a way for certain leaps and powers of elites to gain their power. Adrona crone runs on the blood and the flesh of child, of children, of youth. And the energy. Soul scoping is an energy. Knee, rain, strain. Soul scoping is a way they have to suck the souls of living beings to gain their own power. [00:42:01] Speaker D: Wow. You had mentioned about demons. What people would call a demon is what an extraterrestrial or an interdimensional being? [00:42:14] Speaker A: Demons are just a perverse way for mankind to think of. Now, these beings, they're higher terrestrials, but they're more negative and they're constructive relays through certain other types. Now, just like humans are. We're going to do a little bit of homework here. Now, we have African Americans, we have whites, we have Asians, we have Native Americans, we have central this that are all different, but they're still the same race. Do you understand me? But they have different coding effects in DNA fracture codes. Same thing for grays. G-R-E-Y-S. You've heard about that Zeta reticuli, certain other gray species matrix. Certain other types of gray species. Small gray, small white, hall white. They're all the same family, just like humans are. But they have their own planets and their subspecies run through their own subcodes. Unfortunately for humans, because they have different continentals, where the subspecies go the same formulation code, there's not a way to get along quite right. And since they have been pushed more into it, it's been infractured even harder. Other beings, other species, even reptilians, just like the draconian or whatever, are different types, same family, but they have their own planets. They run their own realms because they have their own DNA structures with it. So what's being currently happening upon this realm? There's a certain subspecies of gray, the matriot, and orient Grays that have created an infractured code of technologies for others to take advantage of. Humans have an awareness strain and have cooperated with either good, neutral or negative species over thousands of years. And do your homework, people. You're going to find this on writings. You're going to find this on stabilization points that dealt with Egypt, dealt with Antarctica. It dealt with Atlantis, Mount Shasta. There are several networks underneath manuscade that have substructures outlined with this. This is a reality check. You're more than just what you're dealing with on a human as air. That is why the cosmic system and the motivational technique of what's coming next is going to be one of the main on mass awakening things for mankind to have to accept. [00:44:51] Speaker D: Do you see a mass awakening? I mean, in my limited vision and the people that I speak with, it seems to me, at least on the surface, it does that more and more people are becoming aware that something isn't right. Maybe they can't put their finger on exactly what'S going on, but they can tell that something isn't going right. Do you agree with that statement that more and more people are becoming aware that something's not adding up here? [00:45:18] Speaker A: Of course, if you're allowing certain things into continental areas and you're not even putting into a representation of what those beings are. You're not doing any homework. You don't even know if they were even born here on this planet. They could have been a clone. You don't know the manufacturer of thought forms, right? There's a guarantee for mankind. If they do not put a good, progressive law for this land into motion, it's going to be downsized from the inside out. And that is what's happening. [00:45:53] Speaker D: That's what I see. [00:45:55] Speaker A: It doesn't go just for immigrants. It goes for what's going on everywhere. The DNA of mankind is being alternated. Even around you, even the chemicals in bound into you. They are putting and degrading the DNA. Fractured tones. And unfortunately for my race, for the species of the Zeta, that's a bad thing because the Zeta reticuli, the ferons, and the encoding effects of the DNA fraction codes for humans have same application C. And that's how humans are able to self program proper. Do you understand me? Now? They're losing that because that's what they want to do. They want to take away that self programming speed and push them back. And when they do that, they can help eliminate that race and ours. And I guarantee you there was another council that used to be the Council of Nine. It's now the Council of Five. Look it up. Even look it up. Ancient Council of Nine. Ancient race of the Council of Nine. It will show these different beings. It's similar to what you think of the Divine code of the Bible, biblical times, or even divine codes of other documentation. You got to understand that Vatican hit a lot of the documentations for mankind, including extraterrestrial knowledge. [00:47:10] Speaker D: Wow. [00:47:12] Speaker A: This goes into effect that we need to wake up. [00:47:15] Speaker D: Let me play. This is a short audio. It's only about four minutes, but this is right along what yOu're talking about. [00:47:22] Speaker B: Why are they trying to get the. [00:47:24] Speaker C: Mrna into every single thing? [00:47:28] Speaker B: Every person, every piece of food, all. [00:47:31] Speaker C: Your beef, your chicken. [00:47:33] Speaker B: They're trying to put it in everything. Okay? And it's all becoming clear now. Here's the best four minutes you'll spend on the Internet today. How does it differ from DNA? Okay, DNA, that's a very good question. DNA is just an abbreviation for a much longer name. Deoxyribonucleic acid. That's what DNA stands for now, Deoxy. See, that's a Latin root. If you trace its meaning, it means God. So Deoxyribo. In the Semitic languages, ribo is the same as rabbi. Or in Arabic, we say rab. It means the master the Lord. So here we have Deoxyribo, God, Lord and master nucleic acid. Nucleic means at the center, and acid is like chemical fire. So deoxyribonucleic, acid, DNA, what does it mean? God, Lord and master, the fire at the center of my being. So what does the Bible say about it? It says, in the beginning was the word. And the word was what? The word was God. And the word was with God. Then it says, after many days, the word became flesh and dwelt among men. But see, that's DNA. So now the DNA basically is the God molecule. That actually is the blueprint for how to make a human being. Every molecule, every protein, every substance in your body was coded for, programmed for in the DNA. But how did it get expressed as a protein, say, in muscle or bone? How did that get expressed physically out of a word? How did it manifest into flesh? That's the messenger RNA. See, the mRNA, the small case M stands for messenger. So it's almost theological. If DNA is the God molecule, well, how does God communicate with the world? He sends messengers, prophets, teachers, with a message. So in the cell of a body, okay, suppose some injury took place. Suppose you cut your skin. Like, I got a little thing here. Okay, so a message went to the cell from the DNA. Oh, there was a protein that got destroyed in some cell. We need 300 of those units to replace what got destroyed. So the message RNA comes out with that message to code for that protein. And then the cell gets busy and makes 300 copies of that exact protein, fixes whatever the injury was, we call that healing. We take it for granted. But how did it happen? The DNA was in charge and gave a command to the messenger RNA to go make a protein. This creation, taking place every minute, every second. Why? Because it's God that's at the very center of our being. So what does the enemy to God and the righteous want to do? Wants to send in an alien word, an alien messenger RNA. Not the word of God coming from the divine, but coming from the outside act, literally coming from Bill Gates. So what kind of message does Bill Gates want to send into your cells? Two or three generational genocidalists, eugenicists. Now, he's hated black people, even his father, his grandfather. They all believed in eugenics, population reduction, but they didn't have the means to carry it out. And so now here's Little Billy. He's got the means in his hands to actually carry out the depopulation agenda of his father and his grandfather. [00:52:03] Speaker D: How scary. How scary is that. Do you agree with any of that? [00:52:10] Speaker A: Yes, there could be psychology effects that can recalibrate the DNA structure of mankind either to re enhance it or deenance it. Now, a lot of depopulation goes into enhancing the molecules that are in the transactory effects of the DNA, like what is stabilized. But if these beings keep it up, they would maintain their own code of ethics and overtake the coordinates effects of the populace. It would pretty much degrade the entire matrix. And you got to think feature down into the system itself and you go in into the substructures that are already self analyzing and putting into proposition here on this realm. And that includes fortifying extra buildings, which isn't necessary whatsoever, because there are different types of outlets that can be corollated, like Arctech and ray tech through advanced space technologies. Not this, which is degrading the system. And it's killing out a lot of the life forms. It's causing a lot of people, too, to become more homeless because they're putting in too many buildings. And it's also causing problems upon the realm. Potholes and collapses, this and that. We want to go deeper down to the DNA Reformation Act. We got to go deeper down into what they are causing while they're self acting this while they're producing the chemicals they produce and while they're dragging in the drugs and the alcohol as well. And they are actually putting in things into the alcohol to cause more problems for mankind and that reproduction process. Note that they are putting into the alcohol itself. I mean, they even hinted out towards bud light and all that stuff, stupid transgender stuff. What's going on is there is an extra chemical imbalance that they're putting in there recently into certain alcohol effects as well as chemicals and food, including bovine, as well as dairy products and eggs. And now that through Bill Gates itself, that they are starting to mess around with the crop systems. And that's why people, they buy fruits and vegetables. They don't look the same color. They're two times bigger, like plastic, or they pretty much within an hour degrade, like bananas and apples and other types of fruit, which is not supposed to happen at all. [00:54:37] Speaker D: Wow. This is my opinion. You let me know how you feel about this statement. I believe that the planet is being geographically engineered. In other words, just like geoengineering, they're changing the basis of our planet. And much of it is being done from the sky through these chemical trails that are being aerosols that are being used upon us. Is that any part of this agenda that you're talking about? [00:55:13] Speaker A: Well, that would be going through what Space Force is dedicating itself against harpless. And Harp has generators and extraterrestrial technologies that were incubined through the matriarch of the Matrix, which is an older, gray species, one of our cousins, but not good, regardless of the effect they have technologies that were correlated for several years and now are correlated through transactory to weaponize the system itself through the upper elementals. And as well as weaponizing the system through the electromagnetic field. A lot of what the Space Force does is help to alleviate their effect through certain areas and transactory nodes, and as well as the fact that these negative beings, through harp, polarize a lot of negative infrastructure, causeway through a lot of the storms that are not even on normal stance, and you would notice the difference. [00:56:14] Speaker D: That's something that I have really wondered about while I'm thinking about it. If you want to call in, if you have a question or comment, call in. Lines are open. You can call in at 80 386-616-6780 I'd like to hear from many of you out there who are listening. You got a comment or a question? I lost my home. I actually lost the whole neighborhood to a hurricane when I was living in Florida in 1992. It was Hurricane Andrew at the time, and we were fortunate in the sense that we were not at home. We were actually celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary in Orlando. And my brother, who happened to be living in Miami, had called me on, I think it was Friday night. I'm going by my memory. My memory is not all that great anymore, but I believe it was a Friday night. He called. He said, well, it doesn't look like it's going to be a really big deal. And then sometime between Friday and Saturday morning, literally all hell broke loose. This thing exploded and expanded into what I would describe as a giant tornado. The winds were so high that the instruments that recorded the winds were actually blown out. They were actually destroyed from this thing. And I couldn't help but feel that something was done to assist this thing in becoming more and more powerful. I remember when I was just a child, I was probably ten or twelve, maybe there was a hurricane. I think it was Hurricane Betsy, but I may be wrong about that. But they announced on the television they were going to send airplanes out and what they called seed this storm, in an effort to, quote, make the storm less potent, if you will. And the opposite happened. I remembered my father was extremely upset. How dare them go out there and do this? And it was pretty damaging to the area that it hit. And we happened to be in one of the areas that it hit. So going that far back, I can remember that there are forces at play that can manipulate our weather. And I've tried to explain to some people, you mentioned Harp. I've tried to explain to some people, I believe that harp is working, and please correct me if you think that I'm wrong. I believe Harp is working with the chemtrails. That these chemtrails that are being sprayed in the sky are metals. They're heavy metals. They're aluminum, barium, strontium. And that they are able to transmit into these heavy metals and cause either a heating effect, if you will, and by doing that, you're manipulating the weather. In some cases, you're actually creating the weather. Would you agree? [00:59:05] Speaker A: Right? Yes. And I'm going to explain one or two things. Now. The deeper representation of what harp is, has negative, like I said, higher terrestrial type of algorithm codes and blueprints that they create. But those like us in Space Force, especially starseeds who run in my department, we can manipulate the weather too. I and those who I work with in our department, have a way to reroute certain algorithm codes against other replicated speeds. [00:59:34] Speaker D: Awesome. [00:59:35] Speaker A: Henceforth, the guardianship. Now, even if I put this outward, many already know what we represent is maintaining code of ethics between us and the telepathic dose of effect that we deal with between our being and to the avatars that we represent for the higher races, which star units and star drones already work alongside and cooperate with certain military, including the Air Force. That is why they don't shoot down all drones that they see with them. That is why they have recently put out an acclimated point that the few years about how Air Force had allowed certain, what humans would call UFOs, they would follow them, they would allow that, they wouldn't shoot them down, they would take them where they needed. There's a reason for that thing as well. Understand the higher definitions that the technologies acclimated and claimed for by a higher government and military were obtained with the Higher Council's galactic summits meeting, and those of the higher agents of the council itself. In the galactic many of the presidents has worked as higher representation scores. It has been dealt with for eons. Now, what we deal with is Space Force. We deal with at a higher stance to maintaining the next order codes of ethics against these negative beings that put things into a reality. Now, all much newer department nodes, but it has been around before. The technologies have definitely been around before. [01:01:18] Speaker D: So in some cases you're able to correct me. Any of the cases you're able to counteract some of these things that they're doing? [01:01:30] Speaker A: Well, the initial female code of life. I have manualization and psychiatrist streams that are able to manipulate certain things. Other star seeds that are in the order, whether they are co op, military through space Force or not, are indicators they have some type of psyche awareness stream because they're a higher being coming into effect. We representators, we are representatives of a higher race and maintaining a divine order for mankind and the planet itself in process and on route. They are negative beings that would do anything in their power and their utmost power to not make this happen on a justified stance. They will keep fighting until they totally degrade the system. Humans have the right to know what goes on. [01:02:14] Speaker D: I believe that wholeheartedly. And one of the reasons I do what I do is to try to disseminate information that I run into. And as I said earlier in my monologue, I really don't expect people to believe what I'm saying. What I would hope and pray is that the information is out there. If you look deep enough and if you look in enough places, you'll find it. And what I'm hoping is that we create that spark of curiosity where people will say, you guys are off the edge, man, you guys are crazy. But I want to prove you wrong. Some backward background noise, I want to prove you wrong and I'm going to go find out for myself. That's really to me. If somebody takes the time to do that, the impact upon them is much greater than you and I saying something, they see it with their eyes, they experience it with themselves. Then I know in my life, at least there was a time in my life when I found out, I mentioned in a monologue that the war that I served in, the Vietnam War, when I found out that was all based on a lie, I didn't know if I was in reality anymore. I thought I was dreaming. I kept begging, please, come on, wake up. Wake up. Snap out of it. It took me three or four days to really wrap my mind around millions of people being killed over nothing more than a lie. And if they're willing to do that just for a lie, imagine what else they're willing to do. They spray our skies with these God awful chemicals day in and day out. I see it here and it really just irritates the snot out of me because it's like a bully as an individual. There's not a whole lot that I can do. But as a unified people, that will change all of that very, very quickly if we can get our act together. And I believe that this is one of the things that part of your message coming out is we need to get it together. Do you agree with that? [01:04:14] Speaker A: Absolutely. Remove the degradable chemicals that are caused upon mankind. Because if it keep being caused upon mankind, unfortunately going to have a system with negativity only we don't want that. They will do that and correlate it to each planetary grid, not just this one. There has to come a time we stop. We maintain code of ethics, forbid of these negative species of what they were dealing with. And we put in the sovereign law of the nations. Again, you maintain code of ethics. [01:04:44] Speaker D: You mentioned a word that really caught my ear, and that was sovereign. That's something that today. I know some law enforcement people, if you say sovereign to them, they think like you're a terrorist. They have manipulated the meanings, the definitions of different words in a way, so that something like militia is another one. Oh, you're part of the militia. It's a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. Militia was originally put in place to protect us. The militia was supposed to be us. That's why the Second Amendment says the right of the people to bear arms, because the people would be the militia. But again, they take these words, they turn them around, and they redefine them so that you lose the essence of what's supposed to be. We're supposed to be our own bosses, I guess, best way to put it. We are supposed to have the government that is in place. The government that was originally to be in place was a government that was supposed to serve the people. It hasn't done that in neons. It just hasn't happened. And the result is because somebody asked me, maybe this is a better analogy. Somebody asked me, how do you eat an elephant? That's disgusting. But how would you eat an elephant if you were going to eat an elephant? I don't know. How would you eat an elephant? You'd eat it at one bite at a time. That's what they've done. They've taken us out one bite at a time. A little here, a little there, a little over here, a little over there, until we've gotten to the point where those of us who are searching for the truth can see it's no more little bytes now. They're gaps. They're big, huge chunks that are coming out, and people are still hypnotized. I can't really think of a better word to describe it. It's like, maybe this is better. They're in a delusion. I know that there's a Bible verse that says that God will bring a delusion upon the people because they believe the lie. Well, they believed the lie of COVID How many people believed that lie and brought a delusion upon them? I had a personal friend of mine curse me out, cursed me out. I mean, just every word you could ever imagine. And then at the end of it all said to me, I hope you get Covid and die. And all I said, really, what brought the whole thing about was, why do we need a vaccine for a virus that has a 99 plus percent recovery rate? And they just blew up on me. But this is the delusion that many people are living under. And when someone like you and I come along and say, listen, this isn't the way it's supposed to be, they get triggered, if you will, if that's the correct terminology, they become triggered, and before we know it, they've lost emotional control and they don't want to hear anything else. They're happy in the delusion that they have been soaked into and they don't want to change. And I think that's one of the major issues that I see today, is that some people, they're so into what's going on. They're so reliant upon the system, if you will, that anything that comes along and questions that or creates a threat to that. They feel that as a personal attack upon themselves and want to lash back out. Do you see that? [01:08:12] Speaker A: Yes. I mean, zombiology points that go into effect just negative neural standards are just getting worse for mankind. And over time, this is going to come to a point of total degradation of the system. Mankind, humans, if you will, have DNA structure codes that are supposed to maintain their codes of ethics here, like I stated last before, that means you are higher beings. That means you're supposed to govern a planet and maintain it and not degrade it and not allow others to take over and degrade it and ensnare your neural code. Whether the Bible is a lie, whether it's truth, doesn't matter. There are some truths in it. And one of the main truths in it is that when you're on a grid and you are a species of that grid, you're supposed to maintain it. The lower species can't do that. That could be a wild planet, yes, but when you're motivating something else into it, you're supposed to stabilize it, respect each other, and what's on it and inside of the realms in mankind. And I'm going to be honest with you, there are a lot of paranormal aspects, including Sasquatch itself, that had been degraded from the system because of mankind's negative actuation point, because they allowed other beings, or the other beings had taken over upon that generalized area. Atlantis used to be a subsidized system, meaning that there have been an underground and up above ground system to hire advanced technologies and co ecosystems. They have lost that because of fights and wars. There is a current Atlantis, but that's protected by governments and military. Now, the older ones, including the others, like currencies that dealt with Egypt platforms, they have been degraded because then again, you get a fractionalized coding effect of mankind being unstable. We got to find a way to stabilize itself because this is what's currently going on now upon this system. Destabilization. [01:10:31] Speaker D: Yeah, exactly. Their modus operandi is order through chaos. So that would be destabilization of society. There is a scripture in the Bible that I don't remember where it's at or exactly what it says, but it's something to the effect of, God has given us dominion over the planet. And to me, the meaning of that is you are a caretaker. You are supposed to preserve what I have given you and take care of it, not destroy it. And this constant destruction, I go back to the chemtrails. This affects everything. This affects every living being in the area that these are sprayed. And from what I understand, all of the UN nations are doing this. I don't think Russia allowed it. If I remember correctly, I read an article several years back. Russia said, you're not doing that. We're not allowing you to do that here. But there are many nations where this is going on on a repeated basis, on a daily basis. When I was in Florida, there were times when I woke up in the morning and it was a nice blue sky, but you could see the lines starting. And then by mid afternoon, the whole sky is gray. And people don't realize that that Gray came from those little lines that you saw initially in the sky. PeopLe don't look up. People don't realize what's going on in their face. Like I mentioned in the monologue, we have a president who gave our enemies $85 billion of our latest weaponry, and nobody got in trouble. Not a slap on the hand, not a letter of reprimand, nobody that should speak volumes to people. We should be. I am. I won't say we should be. I would say I question why people are not upset to the point where, listen, we have got to do something. And the best thing that we can do, in my opinion, is to find common ground with each other. Do you want to live a life of peace? Do you want to live your life the way that you want to live your life? Or do you want outside interference, constantly meddling into your life? And that's what we have today, unlike any other time. In the time that I've spent on this planet, I have never seen such an intrusion into the privacy of ourselves. I went to order something online, and they want my phone number. Why do you want my phone number? You got my credit card number. What else do you need? Oh, no, they want my phone number. They wouldn't allow me to place the order unless I put my phone number in there. So I put my phone number in there. Guess what? I got a phone call. I got an email and a phone call. Well, we just want to verify you're the right person. It's unbelievable, in my opinion. How dare you? I placed the order. You have my credit card number. And it wasn't for very much. It was less than $10, the whole thing. But the implications that were behind it, they would call me. You would call me to verify my information. Growing up, that was unheard of, totally unheard of. But yet it's become commonplace now. People are carrying around these devices that can do a myriad of things, a whole bunch of things. One of the things that I see them doing constantly, especially my kids. I have several kids, is they'll download these apps that you take a picture of yourself and then you can manipulate the picture. The purpose behind that is that the face recognition, they now know what your face looks like. The purpose of Facebook, had I known, had I been a little more alert and knowledgeable before I put all my information in, I wouldn't have done what I've done on Facebook. I wouldn't have put my real name. It's not their business what my real name is. It's too late now. I put it in a long time ago, and they have it from there on out. But the purpose of all that is to intrude into your privacy, to get into your life. And the more they can get into your life, the more control that they can manipulate you with. You mentioned clones. I want to talk about clones for a minute. You said earlier that some of the people that we may run across or we may see or whatever are not people. They're clones. My interpretation of a clone is a being that doesn't have a soul. Is that correct? [01:14:59] Speaker A: Well, yes and no. There is a way to move the consciousness of one to another fabricated code, but there is a way to inquote the effect and manually set into a negative stance, meaning there are neutral orders to put the external presentation through modulation to their cloning effects. Adronocone, which has a used ambulatory effect, also is a stabilizory node to maintaining what certain laboratories underground and scientists on a negative stance actuate for. And if you're really going to think about it, you got to look into certain clips or certain scenes with Hillary Clinton, certain clips, certain scenes that dedicated a fact with Joseph Biden, which really, if we're going to call him the right name, it's Gorman and our demon. He doesn't even look and fabricate the right wavelength as it is. You're going to notice not the same beings. There are a lot of actuators, even with singers, actors, actresses, even other higher elites that do not look the same as they once were, reprocessing that effect, as well as numerous closed effects of essential Americans, not all of them, but their indexers, that were either refabricated on a neural stance to maintaining reguncture of their wavelength and put into camp in military camps too, to relearn negative processes speeds into other areas, as well as remaintaining what these beings actuate into existence. They have ways of hiding amongst other species. This is one way. [01:16:51] Speaker D: You mentioned the word indexer. What do you mean by an indexer? [01:16:58] Speaker A: Indexer, meaning the actual points of effect of one being their main indexer, their main point of what they are. [01:17:09] Speaker D: Some of the stuff that they do. And again, let me know if you agree with this statement. They always, for whatever reason, I believe it's one of their sick, twisted laws, but they always have to tell us what they're going to do before they do it. Now, they may encrypt it somehow, or they may put it right out in your face. One of the things that I've noticed is that a very popular browser is called Chrome. C-H-R-O-M-E. Chrome. There's an add on. I think it's an add on, and they call it Adren or Adrena. One of the two. I don't remember. So they're telling you straight up, adrenochrome. And they derive the adrenochrome primarily from children. From what I understand, they prefer girls, but they'll use boys as well. And in the process of getting this adrenochrome from them, they literally frighten them almost into death, so that adrenaline is running rapidly through their body, and at that point, they murder these children. They drain the blood, and the blood is full of adrenaline, and then they drink this blood, or they consume it somehow. And that's supposed to be a life lengthening source of some sort? Am I on track or off track? [01:18:32] Speaker A: You're exactly on track. And they have ways to clonify that. A type of blood, too, to manually re replicate their processing. Seas of effect. They're real beings that look as what they are as officent or draconians look similar to what those beings look like in the movie alien. They have those tails, and they're reptilian looking like, but they have ways to negatively pull planets down. They have ways to camouflage, they have ways to maintain their codes of ethics. [01:19:14] Speaker D: So you said code of ethics amongst the different planetS? I think the word is the Federation of Planets. Is that correct? [01:19:27] Speaker A: Yes. [01:19:28] Speaker D: Is there a code among the Federation of Planets that, hey, you're not allowed to do this, or, you're not allowed to do that? [01:19:35] Speaker A: Well, there's an ancient sovereign code of ethics that deals with what the cosmic laws stand for. And the ancient cosmic laws worked alongside human races for many eons, and they held that stance for that as well as other agenda effects. Humans, because of their low agenda speeds and the neural wavelengths, and are still a growing species, they're considered protected by the High Galactic Council themselves. They're protected species because they are similar to the prospect of multiple DNA fraction codes. And what humans don't understand, that they can multiply those codes of effect and maintain a much better order for themselves as a higher subspecies. [01:20:23] Speaker D: Wow, you mentioned about these people that worked alongside the humans and worked with them. Some people call them watchers. Is that who we're talking about? [01:20:38] Speaker A: The High Galactic Summons Council are different types of races of extraterrestrials. And some of them look human, like the Nordic and the Anunnaki, the Palladians, they have founded. What the Nordic and the Palladians look like are very similar to those nowadays of Albino people, those that have albino DNA, Ingram effects. Humans have that withstanding code. If they keep it up like galactic summons, council has an alignment to maintaining codes and orders and ethics for the stabilization of the system and the gridding point. Remaintaining that is its highest order right now. And we cannot remaintain that if we have around negative alloy biowave matter running things on this current country, who is considered an enemy of the human race because he is a degrading systematic formation, code of ethics put upon the system. [01:21:48] Speaker D: Is that what people would call Satan? [01:21:52] Speaker A: That's what people would call Arkdemon himself, Gorman, the actual main Arc demon, something that has been reprocessed back into this matrix from thousands of years ago. There is a way to move around this, but humans need to find that stabilization point from the in between and not what they're currently seeing stuck in the box. [01:22:17] Speaker D: Wow. I'm trying to wrap my head around some of the things that you're saying. It's really out there for somebody who, the average person who doesn't even look up during the day and see what's going on, they would say, wow, you guys are just. You're out of your mind. When I know better, this is why I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around some of the things that you're saying. What can you tell me about Antarctica? I know that there's a great deal of secrecy around Antarctica. And then I read several articles that all seem to say something about a wall of ice. Is that all related? [01:23:01] Speaker A: Well, Wall of Ice is just another correlated event at the Manicarphic portal. The managarphic portal runs through the Antarctica. Antarctic itself runs through the Federation, meaning that there are ancient realms and ancient species of the inner world that acclimate in inner scores through that effect. There are trilateral platforms that are still working order there, as well as underground military zones. On a good actuation effect, underground civilization speeds that correlate through several networks and several lining effects that go through other portals and other dimensions. And as we maintaining the codes of ethics that they have certain technologies and hyper advanced technologies in coordinates there. Now Antarctica also deals with the outlining effects of the conjoined conjuncture of the continent itself. When humans are not aware of that, this continent is more joined up than their own pervasion stream of what self intellect effects put into the geographics itself. There is more land than what they know. [01:24:14] Speaker D: I've heard that many. [01:24:15] Speaker A: And there's more of a link up to the other side of the planet than what they know through that land. [01:24:20] Speaker D: There's been reports. I think it was General Bird. I may be wrong about the name, but I think that's what it was. Who took a bunch of people with him and said that there was a hole. They found a hole. He was flying in a small aircraft and noticed the ice everywhere. And then he got to a point where all of a sudden it was like all this greenery, which didn't really make a whole sense. And before he knew it. I want to use the word tractor beam because I don't really know any other way to describe it, but a tractor beam hit him and pulled his aircraft down into this hole, and he met these advanced people. Can you shed any light on that? [01:25:05] Speaker A: Yes. That goes into the inner world societies. The inner world societies doesn't just link up to Arctica itself. It links up to Atlantis. It links up to the underwater realm, to the oceanic realm. This world of what people perceive to think as a core and filled with dirt and rock and bedrock and stone and lava is not what they correlate for. It is not the same thing. It's hollow. It has an inner land. It has an inner world. Agartha is real. [01:25:40] Speaker D: Wow. [01:25:41] Speaker A: There are tunnels and subtunnels and even systems. There are man made subtunnels and systems that have been around for eons, that have been hidden from civilization. And those conjoin into the substructures that go through certain areas of the inner land. Mammoth Cave was one of the main sublevels, is very well protected in certain areas. And the indicator effect that has mainstreamed through numerous networks, widespread throughout the entire planet. [01:26:14] Speaker D: Wow. Got to take a breath. I'm telling you, this is amazing. Truly amazing. All right, we're going to take a quick break, and when we come back, I'll have Michael Bajas on with me. Michael is the president of Trim Radio. We'll get his input as well. And will you be willing to stay on with me, Blue? [01:26:36] Speaker A: Absolutely. [01:26:37] Speaker D: Awesome. Because the amount of information in the short amount of time that you've been on is already blowing my mind. All right, here we go. [01:26:46] Speaker B: Bring you this important message. We're not gonna take it. We're not gonna take it. Anyhow. [01:27:05] Speaker A: You'Re listening to the number one. [01:27:07] Speaker B: Radio, Trim radio network dye lately. Those wicked white line, they're poisoned and fall on you and I. These devious deeds will sadly proceed until we all demand and answer why they're murdering us from the sky. It's time to stop the madness and end this evil crime murdering us from the sky. If we don't, we. In the bright light of day, they brazenly spray these chemtrails into the atmosphere let brain disease and distress It's a toxic game of chess they play without a bit of guilt, of fear they're murdering us from the sky. It's time to stop the madness. Endless evil crime, murdering us from the sky. Because if we don't, we'll die. Sure, there's lots of other things I'd rather think about or do, but it's hard to with what's going on above. If you be like me, that it's a human tragedy, let the ones in tower know you've had enough of this murdering us from the sky. It's time to stop the madness and endless evil crime murdering us from the sky. Because if we don't, we down you stop this crazy murder. Waste the time, stop the rain. This crazy stop rain. You. [01:30:47] Speaker C: Do you need toner for your Epson, Hewlett, Packer, Canon, brother Apple or sharp printers? [01:30:52] Speaker D: Look no further than laser technologies in business for over 20 years. [01:30:56] Speaker C: They offer the lowest prices on toner on the web. [01:30:59] Speaker D: They can also repair your laser printers. [01:31:01] Speaker C: And toners fast and easy. Call their expert staff today at 561-7929 600 or email us at service at laser for all your toner needs. All toner is shipped nationwide. Why wait? Get the lowest prices on toner. Call or email us today. [01:31:22] Speaker D: Are you a business owner? 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I mean, I don't pretend to know that I know a lot, but I can honestly say I think I know more than the average person who refuses to look up at least and see what's going on. I would humbly say I think I know more than them, and there's quite a bit of information that she has shared with me in a short amount of time that she's been on has really just kind of warped my mind at this point. All right, so let me welcome her back on Blue. You are back on. And let's see here. We'll get Michael Bajas. Michael is the president of Trim Radio. We'll get Michael on. Well, let's see. All right. There you are. Hey, Michael. [01:33:19] Speaker B: Hey, how you doing, Russ? [01:33:21] Speaker D: All right. I don't know how much you've had the chance to listen, but. [01:33:24] Speaker A: Hello. [01:33:25] Speaker D: A tremendous amount of information coming forward from this young lady. [01:33:29] Speaker B: Yeah, I've been listening a little bit and everything. And. Very interesting. [01:33:36] Speaker D: Again, perceptions and different things that have been coming true. [01:33:42] Speaker B: As far as with the children and stuff, the adrenal chrome and stuff like that. This world is filled with some very sick people that do exactly as she said. They scare these children, then they harm them, they hurt them and kill them and do sick, twisted things, unspeakable things. God is very clear about it and says, you are going to suffer if you keep your hands on the little one. So he's very clear about it. [01:34:21] Speaker D: Wow. [01:34:21] Speaker B: We have a problem in this world. We do. The way that children are getting abducted. [01:34:27] Speaker C: And taken and sold and everything else. [01:34:31] Speaker B: And it's deep. [01:34:32] Speaker D: Horrifying deep. So let me ask you, Blue, let me ask you, where do you feel religion falls in any of this? [01:34:44] Speaker A: Religion is an entrapment code because it has been manually enslared into mankind through many, several processing streams. And through those factors, the other alignment of that causeway has signalized the wrong quote of ethics downwards. Yes, there is a source of life. Yes. Humankind are meant to be higher beings and process through their own and has their own will and learn between good and bad. But they're not meant to be entrapped and learn from that slavery. And not have a higher understanding of the things, especially what goes on on self programming speeds above them and below. [01:35:25] Speaker D: Wow. So if I say that there is a God, would you agree with that? [01:35:34] Speaker A: There are, Denny, gods. There are higher beings, like ones of my own, ones of Donald Trump, ones of other sought. [01:35:43] Speaker D: You caught my ear there. Wait a second. One is a Donald Trump? [01:35:48] Speaker A: Yes. He has deity mainframe about him as well as I can. [01:35:53] Speaker D: You. [01:35:53] Speaker A: I've heard of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit when it comes to certain factional events. But then you encode that there are numeric names through that half or runs through the Holy Spirit's mainframe, which runs through my code of ethics. But there are two gender allied codes of ethics that go through that as the female male codes of light. It has been acclimated through my own network shows that I run, since the USFT ETQ force, about certain points of effect that humans are underaware. Of Donald Trump was brought here by the higher beings to an awareness string to help maintain the codes of ethics and bring about what needs to be placed. He is removing on his own code of a sovereign divine act because he has a sovereign divine nature that was brought upon his own being. Elon Musk has a sovereign divine nature, but he has run through a demigod nature, meaning that there are several intakers like us and even ones to the ancient timelines. The progressive knows, like Jesus Christ. Albert Einstein had a definitive note about him. Man. He set into effect reprocessing his skills. He had helped from the higher beings, and there was also generalizers that moved the coordinates into effect through the electromagnetic fields. Certain presidents had maintained that they had helped throughout or withstanding codes as well as their self programming speed through their higher awareness, which jumped their intervals in deities. Debbie, gods. Higher beings can be self programmed into one mainframe, and they can timeline jump through that interval. [01:37:42] Speaker D: When you say that, you mentioned, and I think I heard you right, you said Donald Trump is a. Can you. Okay, I'm having a hard time. [01:37:55] Speaker A: That runs through several intakes. And he also is quantum Twin, so he has an altered link to my own status quota. [01:38:07] Speaker D: I don't mean to laugh, it's a serious subject, but that's just kind of my reaction and being nervous. How can Donald Trump be a god? How is that? [01:38:19] Speaker A: He's not a God per se, but he has abilities and transactory nodes of effect on the psychic awareness stream and a paranormal effect that Manly puts him into something other than just regular human as well as others like myself. There are star seeds. They're in a lower code, but they have self manualization seeds of higher beings. Humans are just lower fractal codes, but they don't have the extra added DNA formation. And they were not activated on a higher point like certain others were processed for. And yes, being like ourselves and even ourselves, we had help and assistance from our higher beings, from the Avatar quota skills. [01:39:08] Speaker D: Is that what we would call angels or angels? [01:39:13] Speaker A: I suppose so. There are different types of galactic and higher terrestrials that look either human or generated through something entirely different that could be considered angelic beings, something that would help and assist. It goes vice versa the other way as well, through the negative ways, those that are considered demons. [01:39:35] Speaker D: It just kind of caught me off guard when you said Donald Trump as a god. I've had many different people have said he was chosen by God, that he was. [01:39:48] Speaker A: A god. There are numerous demigods throughout the ages. Look at all the ancients of old. Ra, Hathor, Poseidon, Metatron, even archangels, the considered gods, in a way, or demigods or activator events. There are numerous types of ancient gods and goddesses out there that humans bystander with through their numerical event. Whether they want to put a fractal code of something that activates of what they want to worship or something that activates of what had assisted throughout the timeline, like Anubis, he's real. All the other ancient gods and goddesses, whether it's Greek, whether it's Egyptian, whether it's man societies or other types of civilizations, they're real. The timeline skippers, they maintain their codes of Essex throughout the generations. It's not just on this planetary realm. They're just higher beings that have different powers and abilities to maintain and what needs to be. Set an example. He's just one of the many of us doing what we can to help from the highest source itself, the infinitum. Do you understand me? [01:41:07] Speaker D: Now I'm getting a better picture of what you're saying. How would you classify somebody like Obama? [01:41:17] Speaker A: Generalization code of effect. He's not even anything like who he was. He was re replicated on a cloning modulation scene, meaning that the original form was taken away, just like many others of the elites of what people would have thought used to be are no longer. [01:41:36] Speaker D: Wow. Like I said, in the short amount of time that you have been on, it has just really kind of warped my mind. Can you tell me anything about the Mandela effect? [01:41:50] Speaker A: Well, Mandela effect or reprocessing skills of the timeline juncture of something that has happened before supposedly happening again, or another effect of something happening in the future, alternating back into this timeline. That is a supposed. Yes. Recalling codes of effect. This is correlating into another timeline conjuncture. There are several poles in the atmosphere that polarize the conjunctions of numerical electromagnetic fields into one score similar to that effect. It is maintaining that. [01:42:34] Speaker D: This thing called Collider. I can't think of the rest of it, some kind of molecular collider or something like that, that they have, I think, in Sweden or Switzerland or somewhere. Did that have an effect upon our timeline? [01:42:50] Speaker A: Remoleculing the infrastructure of the electromagnetic and field frequencies that outlet through the upper hemisphere and lower hemisphere of self. Yes. Numerology that goes through the ancients to what they say about the firmament and breaking through the firmament waters in between the waters that can also mess with the molecules that go with the actual matrix itself, because the molecules incubate and are connected to the actual Ingram. There's a way to subsidize around this. So the negative bypassing can't activate certain codes of ethics, though. And that maintains to the ancients the vault and our sovereign laws that we had by standing with, especially alongside the ancients being raised throughout the generations, dealt with our Garth and portals, and it dealt with what needed to be set into place. [01:43:43] Speaker D: I think it's called a hydrant collider, if I've got it right. So this thing that these people have come up with, from everything that I have read about it, it's not a good thing. Am I right or wrong? [01:43:58] Speaker A: No, it can be a good thing. It can be a bad thing. The correlation code, you're saying. Yes, bad thing. Replicated in high processing speed because it electromagnetically reprocesses certain molecules out of transaction. And it could pretty much recommend the intermolecule stasis of the DNA itself upon the substructure. So yes, that certain type is not good. There can be certain types that can be and remanualize the DNA upon impasse and manually put it into the effect it needs to be calibrated for instead of repurposing their own zoning affairs. [01:44:36] Speaker D: Wow. All right, let me give the number out again. I don't know why people are afraid to call in, but feel free to call in. 8386-616-6780 it looks like Michael dropped off and probably call back in a minute. We may have an issue going on with the board that I'm not aware of. With Everything that you have mentioned tonight, we have been from one horizon to the like. I don't know what to ask next. Sasquatch. You mentioned Sasquatch. Is Sasquatch A native of this planet or was Sasquatch brought here? [01:45:25] Speaker A: Native American Indian tribes. They have learned a lot from them and other tribes as well, through areas of effect. They were higher beings brought into an order to help those races of mankind in the ancient times. They have brought into an awareness train to help correlate through calendars, timeline, intervation events, as well as certain paranormal accounts. Meaning that some of the healing activation events of mankind, some of the prospects that they have gained were from these species, some of this knowledge, higher awareness streams, higher psychic awareness streams. And assisting on that, they worked alongside each other, certain tribes. The degradation of the system and takeover of the maintainment code took away that it pushed them away. The moon eye people were a substructure species. Certain tribes, certain other, if you will, humans of nature had taken over and drove them out. [01:46:33] Speaker D: Wow. [01:46:34] Speaker A: And it is true. I mean, for the current race of mankind, what's going on right now? Similar aspect, I'm going to be honest with you. Sasquatch are still alive, but they're nowhere near like they were back then. Humans had respect for these species. They used to. Used to have respect for mermaids, too, which do not look like what they are saying right now. A female utilized human half mer. No, they look like what was photographed and through some of the movie clips that they had found. These species have alien looking eyes. They're bald like, they're silver gray and skin color, and they have a screeching sound. They correlate in coordinates with the dolphins and some of the porpoises and some of the whales. That's why the dolphins are so smart and intelligent. Them, too. They are from a higher ingredient system. They have learned from these species, and therefore, I've taught humans. It's like humans have Burned things in dolphins. [01:47:47] Speaker D: They are amazing. There's no question about it. They're very Intelligent. All right, let me get to one of the Calls. We have a call coming in from Boynton Beach. You're on the Red pill reality show with blue crystalline. [01:47:59] Speaker A: Hello? [01:48:00] Speaker D: Yes, can you hear me? Absolutely. [01:48:05] Speaker A: Hi, my name is Jackie. I had a question for Blue. When you were talking about the chemtrails earlier, I noticed every Day, every Single Day, there's not a Day that hasn't gone by in weeks and weeks and weeks, maybe Months, that it looks like they're covering up the sun. Yeah. What do you think about that? There was particleized movement matterways in Conjunction through Some Ology Points that were in Relay through certain areas of Effect. Those particles are Reenhancing the mammogram effects that Inoculate through the correlated COVID structure that was being put into those areas. Indexing it helped enhance that awareness. String negatively and it could cause those on impasse to get sEt. The intervals can coalign as well to negative impasse upon the solar replication processing speeds that deal with the sun itself. But I Don't Understand, why would they Be trying to Block the sun so we can't See it? I Mean, Every Day we have Barely no Sunlight Coming Through Anymore. We have Coenhancement of materialistic Agents that Repossess the Scenes of Effect and Simmology Put into that effect. These Species, they'd rather Prefer Cold than Heat. [01:49:43] Speaker D: That's what I Mentioned Altogether to think about. That's What I was Mentioning EarLier. It's almost like they're geographically changing. The Planet. And I think Part of It is not Just to Block Out. Part of it is to Block out the SUn. And in the process of doing that, we know, at least I know, that sunlight, when it hits the human body, causes the human body to develop a vitamin called vitamin D. And the vitamin D is a vital component of our immune system. So if they can CUt out the vitamin D in Our Immune system, they can bring Our Immune system Down further. And the Other Thing, of Course, With the chemtrails is they're able to transmit into these heavy metals, these aluminum and strontium, and barium, and who knows what else that they've got up there, and they're able to manipulate the weather. So I don't think it's a single thing, Jackie. It serves multiple purposes for them, and none of it is in our benefit. Not a bit of it is out there to help us. [01:50:51] Speaker A: Yeah, I don't think so either. For a couple months now, I also noticed that whatever is falling out of the sky from these chemtrails, like, it'll land on your car, because if you have a dark colored car, you'll see it. And I see yellow. This stuff, that's really hard to come off. My painting on my car, my car is black, and I get these yellow dots all over my car. And at first I used to think it was birds, and I'm like, I don't know how the birds can do that though, because the whole car is like covered in it. So now I really believe it's coming from the chemtrails. And I wonder if that's the heavy metal coming down out of those planes, because I see it, I catch it on video all the time. But I have another question for blue. She was talking about President Trump being a demigod. Well, if he's a demigod, well then what is? Melania, his wife? They run on races of a higher agenda C from another dimension. Think about that. The same wavelength as Elon Musk and his supposed family. Same wavelength as others and supposed family. Higher race. Agenda C's want to maintain their own codes of ethics that come from correlators. And the mainframe itself, he is a representator too. So if you're saying like a mainframer, are we really? The mainframe is the infinitum. Higher beings that come from the Infinitum and have their own generalized code of ethics to maintain things. Don was programmed for a reason. He was set into that program to activate the field of effects of the New Age, which runs through my inner being. And as well as maintaining what Kennedy and others had for this point, in return, he was given orders from the higher cosmics itself. Demigods. There are Hundreds of us. We're just timeline jumpers. And we have several names, several types of beings, just one of them. [01:53:25] Speaker D: Wow. [01:53:26] Speaker A: I see. Okay. Very interesting. [01:53:30] Speaker D: It's mind blowing. [01:53:34] Speaker A: Those books that were written about Baron, because there's a few books that were written about Baron Trump, and that's about him jumping timeline. [01:53:46] Speaker D: Yeah, I was just about to ask her that. There is a story about Baron, a book that is written that says the last president, I think it was. And in the book, there's a character called Baron, and supposedly the last president comes after Baron or something to that effect. And people are among the idea that this was a book telling people that time travel exists. Can you expand on that? [01:54:20] Speaker A: Absolutely. We're one of the time traveling indexers. And then there is the times of the dimensions. So there are dimensional skippers, hyperdimensional loopholes, and as well as altered dimensions that sequence into the same actuation tone itself. The same device in the same matrix. [01:54:44] Speaker D: Wow. [01:54:46] Speaker A: Let's say that who I run with in my altar twin, what we ran through, ran on a whole nother altar length or ran on a whole nother timeline, except it conjoint into this timeline, and it created a paradox effect. Widespread, that paradox effect. Think about how many loopholes that can. Let me. Let me ask you this, because I keep hearing things about JFK Jr. And being the vice president. So is he also a demigod? And what do you think of that? John F. Kennedy Jr. Or David, if you will, is the male code of life, whether he's alive or not. His activated sequencing base alternates with my own, which generally motivates into Donald Trump. Three way point. So you're saying JFK Jr. Is alive then? In a way, no. In a way, yes. As the male code of life in conjuncture to maybe another type of hologram, and also his link up status quota events into my own. And Don, because he has an inertial code of life signature base to him doesn't mean it could be the same one. It means it could be one activated on another mainframe or is. Self preservation is still intact. I'm going to tell you right now. Kennedy senior, Junior. Yes, they're alive, but they're a little bit different. [01:56:39] Speaker D: There is a video of Trump leaning over a man who's in a wheelchair and hugging him and giving him a kiss. I think he gave him a kiss on the cheek or he shook his hand, one or two, I don't recall. And people are claiming that's JFK. Can you expand on that? [01:57:00] Speaker A: Well, just several ways to hide one self amongst civilization. And then when that time comes, as they open up portals and people really see what's going on, then you'll know the hidden agenda of it all, the Q hidden agenda of things, to maintaining that certain elites never really passed, that they're still heading there, but in plain damn sight. The king. We all know who the king is. Mr. Singer himself. Elvis Presley. The King, he's still alive. Well, I have heard. I have heard. And if you compare the pictures of Bob Joyce, Reverend Bob Joyce, he does look exactly like Elvis Presley. Older. And I have heard that before, many times, actually. [01:58:06] Speaker D: All right, Jacqueline, thank you for taking time to call in. I've got a couple other callers on. Go ahead, Blue. And when you're done, I'll get to the next caller. All right, thanks, Jacqueline. [01:58:16] Speaker A: Thank you. [01:58:18] Speaker D: Go ahead. [01:58:19] Speaker A: Thank you. All right, you have several intakes of effect remanializing things. If there is any other questions you would like to ask, I would be more than happy to answer that. [01:58:36] Speaker D: I've got a call coming in from Leesburg, Florida. You are on the Red Pill reality show. Your first name? [01:58:42] Speaker E: This is Lisa. How are you? [01:58:44] Speaker D: Hello, Lisa. [01:58:47] Speaker E: How are you doing? [01:58:48] Speaker D: Good. Question or comment? [01:58:51] Speaker E: Unfortunately, I had some WiFi issues, so I only just got on. I was able to listen for the last 15, maybe 20 minutes. So I'm a little far behind, but from what I'm hearing. Oh, boy. This is a lot of things that I've been learning lately. I have so many questions. Let's see. Okay, question. So the Earth is one big vibration where it's a magnetic field, and so are we. So as every being. That's correct. [01:59:18] Speaker A: Right. Okay. The Earth runs at a magnetic pole, and that magnetic pole runs through activated points of affected the electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields can affect everything around it beyond the stabilization points. Your solar scoring grid, it runs on an electromagnetic field. It can even manipulate things around you. Okay. [01:59:47] Speaker E: My best friend who passed away some time ago, she always had pictures of planets and dolphins. She loved dolphins. And she used to tell me that we were evolved from aliens. I was brought up in the Catholic Church, not that I believe in it anymore, but I have different views now. But I always thought, when she told me this 30 years ago, I thought, it's so off the wall, but now I'm leaning more towards it. I've been told that we have seven chakras within our body, and then we have two above our head, which supposedly connects us to our Creator. Can you elaborate on that? Is that something that I am trying. [02:00:30] Speaker A: To explain more about? That there are more than seven chakras. There are 13 chakra systems that the humans have an awareness stream for, and one is not intact currently, so that regards them only to twelve. Those extraord balancing streams depend on how their psyche awareness goes. And between the two third eyes, number two humans have two third eyes. The third eye, which runs into the in between state of coda, runs in between the eyes and the other one, which runs in the back of the neck. That's the mainframe to the core itself. But no one can really screw with it. Even the negative beings, once one alleviates their notion of stance and maintains through the inner psycho awareness, they're able to motivate between two Ingrams between the two third eyes, and able to self motivate through the rest of the Auric frequencies that they balance for the rest of the chakra systems. There are several ways to impact your authorical beginnings in this. [02:01:43] Speaker E: Am I on board with any of these chakras actually connecting us to our actual creator? [02:01:52] Speaker A: Yes, and that would run through the 13th dimensional sequencing basis. There are 13 Chakras that run through an outer aligning mainframe. You ever heard about, run through the codes of ethics, through the divine Bible, how they always put twelve in the number, but there's an add on effect to that. Twelve. And it runs through the 13. The numerical code, the main numerical code that adds to the extra DNA awareness dreams, too. The self analytic effect that runs through the programming speeds of mankind. [02:02:27] Speaker E: My father just recently passed on November 11, and my mind was blown. He was my most famous, favorite person. He got me 100%, never judged me. I could go down for anything. And he was always patient, and he was a genius. He could explain anything. I just lost him on November 11. Now, I was on the phone that day with my cousin, and I was telling him how my father was into numerology and he was the number nine. And my cousin asked me, what is it about the number nine? And I said, oh, God, what is it? I think it's divisible by anything. And then I turn around, I asked my Google speaker what she replied with blew my mind. And to me, it was a message from my father. It was basically saying that the number nine is a very powerful number. Although your life has ended, it hasn't ended. It just goes into another existence. So I felt like my father was telling me, hey, I still exist, it's okay. And Google explained nothing about the number nine mathematically. It was about the way your existence here ends, but you're getting ready to go into another existence. And I stopped crying. I was so happy to hear this. Then also later on, I asked her something about what are the most powerful numbers or something. She said, the most powerful numbers universally are the numbers 1122 and 33. So my father dies on November 11. There's your eleven. He also passes. I hate saying dying, because he didn't die to me. He passed. He also passed at. [02:04:20] Speaker A: Twelve. [02:04:21] Speaker E: Plus ten is 22. So you got your eleven, you got your 22. And the number 33 was his most favorite number. He had a PO box number, 33 for years and years. And I've also been told that we actually know what our lives are going to be like before we get here. [02:04:42] Speaker D: I've heard that. [02:04:43] Speaker E: We don't necessarily know that when we get here, but before we got here, we know what our life is going to be like. Maybe we chose it. [02:04:52] Speaker D: Yeah. [02:04:54] Speaker E: I've always believed that we were here to learn a certain set of lessons. And until we learn these lessons, then we can actually either become a guardian angel or we can rest in peace. Do you think that my father actually sent that message through Google to let me know, to give me that message? Because before he died, he had cancer for two years before he died. I said, dad, if there's a way, will you please communicate with, like, well, you know, Lisa, I don't know what's over there on the other side. I don't know if there is another side. I said, OK, well, fair enough. But if there is, will you communicate with me somehow, some way? He said, okay. He goes, you don't want me to haunt you. I know, dad, but me getting that message via Google blew my mind. So with the number nine, what I just said about it, and the 1122 and 33, do you know anything about these numbers? [02:06:03] Speaker A: Numerical number, second rhino, divine orders. Every number has a sequencing database. Train that self analytics through what its point of effect can go through and through. Those digital inframes can re repeat processes or cause a psyche or paranormal account to come into effect manually. Those who see the same of the numerical number numerous times, they're running into something that is in a divine order. They're running into something that is putting their neuroprocessing strain. Hey, we're pointing something out to you. There is a reason behind this. Pay attention. Numerical orders have a scene of event. [02:06:51] Speaker E: If I could just mention this real quick. I'm the oldest out of nine of his children. So there's nine children? [02:06:56] Speaker D: Another nine. Wow. [02:06:58] Speaker E: Yeah. [02:07:01] Speaker A: Wow. [02:07:03] Speaker E: Do you think it's true that we know what our lives are going to be like or we choose our lives before we get here? [02:07:12] Speaker A: Lives are refracted through numerous timelines. We all have past lives. And incursions of those past lives can go through multiple dimensions. Because the soul can skip. It can move around. Depending on how far you go through that progression will depend on how far you go through your awareness and how accessible that platform will motivate you in to the infinitum of your mainframe. [02:07:41] Speaker E: I've heard that there actually isn't such a thing as time. There is no time because we could be in the past, we could be in the future, we could be somewhere. It's 02:00. You know what I mean? [02:07:57] Speaker A: There is no numerical order for time. It doesn't have a numerical order. [02:08:05] Speaker D: Time, from what I've learned, is a man made structure. It's just something for us to. It's a reference calendar. Yeah, it's a reference point, basically. [02:08:18] Speaker E: So you hear about the little children that swear that they existed before. They describe their home, they describe their previous parents and all this. So what I've surmised that to be we are here to learn a certain amount of lessons. If we don't learn our lessons before we pass on, then we are brought back. If we do, whoever it is that determines what amount of lessons and what lessons we are supposed to learn, then you get two options, and it's for our creator to decide. You either go and rest in peace or you come back as a guardian angel. And that's what I was told. [02:08:57] Speaker D: Wow. Awesome. [02:09:02] Speaker E: This is really enlightening. Thank you so much, Steve, for having this young lady on. This is great stuff. [02:09:10] Speaker D: You're welcome. [02:09:11] Speaker E: Awesome. Will I be able to listen to the previous part of this program? [02:09:18] Speaker D: We'll have archives set up. Archives will be on Trim radio. They'll play Monday through Friday from 01:00 p.m. To 04:00 p.m. And maybe other times too. You have to check my Facebook listing. Red Pill reality show on Facebook or Riskala Stevens on Facebook. [02:09:35] Speaker E: One more question. Okay, now she said Trump. They're demigods. Do the demigods know that they are demigods? [02:09:42] Speaker D: Oh, good. [02:09:44] Speaker A: Yes. Yes. Because we from different dimensions, we've come from different timelines. Either demigods or higher activated beings that have abilities. There are negative ones too, though. Adolf Hitler was a negative timeline jumper. He was an ultra dimensional being. Demigods, meaning are hyper alter dimensional beings. They have different type of nodes of defect or nodes of effects. It's just another word of a stance of something in a paranormal descent. [02:10:18] Speaker D: Wow, got a little background noise there from you, Lisa. That's why I had to put you on mute. There's some dogs barking. [02:10:25] Speaker A: The dogs bark. [02:10:26] Speaker E: Sorry. [02:10:27] Speaker A: Okay, all right. [02:10:28] Speaker E: Sorry about that. [02:10:29] Speaker D: That's okay. [02:10:29] Speaker A: That's awesome. [02:10:30] Speaker E: Thank you so much. Thank you. And I'm very intrigued and I'd love to learn more. [02:10:35] Speaker D: Look her up online, Lisa, you can find her on Facebook. B-L-U. Cristalline Phoenix. C-R-Y-S-T-A-L-L-I-N-E. Phoenix. And you can get more information there. All right. [02:10:53] Speaker E: Okay, thank you. [02:10:55] Speaker D: All right, I'm getting a little background noise from her now. All right, thank you. Okay, I wanted to touch base on something else. Throughout my readings and learnings and watching and research, I ran across this story about a man named Zachariah Sitchin. Are you familiar with this name? [02:11:18] Speaker A: No, I am not. [02:11:20] Speaker D: According to Zachariah Sitchin, who was supposedly, allegedly one of only several people on the planet that could read ancient texts, he said that we as humans were basically modified from some type of a humanoid here on the planet. Can you expand on that? [02:11:43] Speaker A: Garthians, and our Garthians, Ralph helped manualize through hypergenetics awareness codes, DNA fractionalized through certain beings manually set into effect as DNA fractionalized codes be reprocessed into the manual zones of humankind. Very well sourced. [02:12:01] Speaker D: So you agree that there was some type of a being here? And then from what he said, according to what he said, aliens came here, extraterrestrials, and modified that. [02:12:12] Speaker A: May I interject? May I interject? Please. They came here through what humans would have processed as Eden. Eden is not just in garden or replication, processing seas in the main starboard unit that have brought to the Ingrams upon this fortifying planet. And as sucH, humans are protected and encoded species because of us. They're neural instandard ways that are growing aperture because of that, because they're a growing species, they have to learn through their awareness streams. So thinking about how they were set down onto the SFX from the higher beings, the higher. [02:12:50] Speaker D: Well, he's again back to Sachariah sitchin. He says that allegedly the Anunnaki are the beings that performed this. Can you expand on that? [02:13:04] Speaker A: That they are any of the supplemental species that work through the ancient races of the council, the Ancient Galactic Council. They are just one of the ancient Galactic councils. That maintain codes of ethics for the Mannization zone and processing speeds of the DNA formations of mankind. There are other authorities besides himself to help process into effect. [02:13:29] Speaker D: Wow. I wasn't prepared for all of that. I mean, I've been following you for a while on Facebook, and I've read quite a few of your posts, but I thought I was prepared, but I'm not. So the information that you have put forward, it's mind boggling to me. And I can imagine that some of the people out there who are listening are going, holy smokes, man. This is way above my pay grade. All right, so you mentioned mermaids. Now, I remember seeing a video of a small submarine. I don't think it's called a submarine. It's called something else, but it's a two man piece of equipment. And they were down. I don't know how far down they were. And they had heard some strange sounds and for a glimpse, like a blink of an eye glimpse a hand, what appeared to look like a human hand, but webbing between it tapped on the glass, and they caught that on film. So obviously something is real. [02:14:36] Speaker A: It's real. [02:14:38] Speaker D: Something definitely real. Go ahead. [02:14:45] Speaker A: Yes. What I'm stating is what you have seen is one of the real clips. But one of these species is one of the many other types of mer species people think about. The Atlantic oceans, the Pacific Oceans, the South China, North China seas, as well as some areas around the equator through the Antarctica. There are different subspecies of these peat for certain beings in reposition. They live in the underwater societies or aqua wells itself. [02:15:23] Speaker D: Having seen that and understanding that it was a scientific thing, it wasn't. Some people going down to have a good time. They were on a scientific expedition. And it coming up like that, that was really mind blowing. I think it's the best way to put it. It was really something that caught my attention and expanded. Can't think of the right word, my knowledge, I guess, maybe because there were many stories of seamen in days of old that were reported seeing these things. And everybody thought, well, that's just a myth. It's no such thing as that. And then we see this. I see this video, and holy smokes, man. So mentioning that there are the Sasquatch and the mermaids. What about giants? The Bible says that giants roamed the Earth at one time. And I have seen videos. And of course, you can't always trust what you see anymore because of a little background noise there. So I mute you out. You can't always trust what you see anymore because things can be manipulated. But there are so many different avenues of what I would consider evidence that giants roamed this planet at one time. Did they have anything to do with us being manipulated from whatever being we were into humans? Did it carry any of our DNA? [02:17:04] Speaker A: Well, just like subspecies that are aligned with dwarves. And there are humans nowadays that have that DNA, like the dwarf people. They're small. They have the infrastructure of something that have aligned with that, as well as those that are modulated, just like with the Nordics, as I explained, Palladians, they have humans that are closely integrated to that system. And there, as well as others that have a platonic affair of a DNA ingram that have run through their subspecies of the ancient races. Giants, Goliaths, if you will. Human cell days. There are some, especially certain other countries, look like giants. They're huge, but they show up some type of growth spirit or something, or genetic evolvement, devolvement form. Ever think about certain genesis feeds that programmed through other dimensions, or societies like that through the Goliath giants, mountain people, mountain gnomes, even dwarves and elves. Humans have certain ingrams of those species. They don't just have a paranormal descent of extraterrestrials too, hyper being star gods. There are humans that still have Ingrams of these, the ancient civilizations. [02:18:38] Speaker D: Wow. [02:18:39] Speaker A: There are certain types of tribes that are able to see underwater and bubble out to that effect, be able to look underneath and be able to spot things easily than others could because they have extra layer through their eye membrane, or they're able to self protect themselves because they got some type of hyper awareness stream or some type of information, data stream from more generalized DNA beings, more advanced societies. [02:19:16] Speaker D: Wow. So we talked about giants. What about the other end of the spectrum? I have seen videos of, I can't think of his name. He's a Ufologist out of Mexico who has supposedly, allegedly a skeleton of a miniature, what appears to be, could be a human, but it looks like a skeleton of a small. Are there, for lack of a better description, are there miniature humans on the planet? [02:19:48] Speaker A: It could have been the subspecies of a human, higher terrestrial, and there are generalizers that are higher terrestrial, that look like human, but are more gray. D-R-E-Y grays, certain types of grays, including Andaras. They have similar properties like humans do. The skeletal figurative notes would look similar in a way, but these scientists, those that work with these secret intelligence societies, will be able to know the difference. [02:20:22] Speaker D: Wow. Like I said, there's just tremendous amount of information in the short period of time that we've been speaking. And if people want to get more information from you, what's the best way? I know you're on Facebook. Where else are you located? [02:20:45] Speaker A: Well, I also have my programming shows that I deal with on platform through Mike Soft, USFET Q four through Facebook. That platform itself, through those network shows go through several intakes, including YouTube and others as well. And there's also, I do post things sometimes on up on X. So if anyone wants to go and look me up on there, blue crystalline Phoenix, I believe I would be through that. It would be correlated, though, mainly through my Facebook. You would find me through there on my main platform. But if anyone wanted to get a hold of me, that would be the best option right there. [02:21:33] Speaker D: I want to touch on something real quick. You mentioned that. Just to be clear about this, because I'm still kind of confused about this particular thing, are you actually in the United States Space Force? Are you part of. [02:21:48] Speaker A: Yes, yes. But my coordinated zones run through a more higher terrestrial department, meaning we're more protected of what we run through. We're the Guardians of the Guardians, if you will ever heard of the Guardians of the Space Force, those military departments, we're over them. We run through the higher beings that represent through the military. Psyops, telepathic equation forces, distribution scenes, because we are hopping of higher terrestrials, maintaining the codes of ethics. Donald Trump had played this out for several years to maintaining what needs to be played out on vital roles. [02:22:28] Speaker D: I have heard from several sources that it was the military. I'm trying to recall exactly how I learned it, how I heard it. There were people in the military that were loyal to the country and the constitution of the country, and they were considering a military coup, but they felt that it would be too damaging to the country. So they approached Donald, and again, from what I understand, they kind of talked him to doing this and running for president. Can you elaborate on any of that? Do you know if any of that is true? [02:23:15] Speaker A: All military is only a part of the agenda at hand. The main vital role to be in place in the proper wavelength was the fact that he had actuated Space force to maintain, protecting mankind and to opening and awakening the access ports of what's really going on. [02:23:35] Speaker D: Wow. So with what you know and the knowledge that you have, would it be fair to say that he is very aware of everything that we've talked about tonight? [02:23:47] Speaker A: Basically, yes, absolutely. [02:23:52] Speaker D: Wow. Can you tell me, as far as you know, with your knowledge, why are. Let me back up a minute. I've also read from several different sources and some of them were military, ex intelligent people, intelligence agency people who say that Donald Trump is still in charge, that he is the president of the Republic, and that the military is following him. Can you expand on that? Is it to your knowledge? [02:24:26] Speaker A: Yes, as an alternative twin link. His definition note runs on the programming speeds of republics of the nations to maintaining the codes of ethics and the sovereign of the replicated seas of the divine. [02:24:42] Speaker D: So understanding that I don't know how to word this where it comes out right, why is it that these people who are in, quote, places of power now, why are they permitted to do what they're doing? [02:24:59] Speaker A: Because it runs on an order of effect. And if that order of effect doesn't go on the right timeline, the stabilization process doesn't go right. So you have to polarize what they are putting out there, shut it down and reactivate something. And it says to remaintain code of ethics for the next generation. If things keep getting hidden like they are or like they have been since stuff has now been unfolded, more, if they keep hiding, it doesn't move forward for mankind is what I'm stating. When things be unfolded and they polarize things outward, we're able to shut certain things down. We're able to open the eyes up and open the minds up of mankind. So that way they are seeing the things that they haven't seen for several years, whether it's good or bad. That way they have something to motivate them for and to keep them away from what they are transacting now. That way they can see what they're currently seeing. [02:26:08] Speaker D: Wow. Does that go along the lines of the old saying, give them enough Rope to hang themselves? Is that kind of what they're doing? [02:26:18] Speaker A: Absolutely. The time comes when you're stepping on something, what's it going to happen? Is going to bite back. Don't step on ahead of something. It's going to bite back. It's going to bite back hard and it's going to just like karma. Would you do good? It's going to come back good tenfold and do bad. Same thing. [02:26:42] Speaker D: Can you? I'll tell you what, Blue. Blue goes good with you. You blew my mind tonight. I'm just still trying to grasp some of the information. I might have to go back and listen to the archive several times just to get an idea. So I have another friend of mine. I can't really tell you a whole lot about them because it would reveal who they are. But I trust what they say very much because they were involved with NASA and they were involved with higher ups in NASA. And they were told that one of these playing cards, these evil playing cards, these different cards that these people use. Is going to be an alien invasion. Can you expand on that? Is there really going to be an alien invasion? Or is it going to be all hype. [02:27:36] Speaker A: That'S already happening? Like, pointed out, seeds of effect. Alpha century draconians initial takeover of the fabricated codes of mankind. And then they have hyperstar units of reposition against this. And they have other dealings of effect that people are aware of. That's already being polarized into reality. It has been for a while. Space Force has indicators between one species against the other. Because the other species is fueling a takeover on this planet, not just human invasion codes going on. [02:28:14] Speaker D: So would it be fair to say that the alien invasion is this attack on our DNA? [02:28:22] Speaker A: It's the current war going on. It's systematically caught up by higher negative beings. Like I had talked about before. Dealing with certain activators that help do harp and help through other generators. The matriarch or the matrix. Certain other programming seeds that deal with the Orient Grace, which are a more negative stance of our subspecies. [02:28:47] Speaker D: Wow. UnDerstanding that there is a code of ethics. Are these people. Obviously, I believe they're operating out of the code of ethics. Is anybody going to hold these people responsible, these beings responsible for what they're doing? Is there ever going to be a time where that occurs? [02:29:09] Speaker A: Digging down deep to the controversies of the things going on. Destabilization of the grid has to stop. Maintaining the code of ethics to the hyper technologies that are hidden, especially the ones Donald Trump had, including the quantum metabeds, need to be self activated for mankind. Big Pharma is a big enscarement code. There may be some good in it, but most of it isn't. And it comes to this conclusion that they help benefit through certain COVID structures against mankind. [02:29:48] Speaker D: All right, it looks like Jerry's going to ask a question. Go ahead, Jerry. [02:29:52] Speaker C: Yeah, I was just talking to a friend of mine in California today. And she kept referencing. We just met just recently. And through our mediation training that I do. And she was bringing up the fact that every time we talked, she would get this numeric image popping in front of her. Today. She mentioned that as we were talking on the phone that, well, first thing she said is, I'm seeing monarch butterflies flying around. And this is not the season for them. And then she indicated that shortly after that she saw three, three, three. And then seven, seven, seven. And then again today we talked again where she had said, as I texted her, it showed up on her phone that it was two, two, two. So she was all interested in this concept, and along with the same line, that the belief is that the election is going to perpetrate the alien invasion, so it will diffuse the election process coming up now. What are your thoughts on that? [02:31:00] Speaker A: Well, eventually, these beings and the negative things that these officer tourists are doing, they're going to be pulled out of the repositional codes, and it's going to show themselves for what they truly are. And by the slow unfolding of the higher consciousness of mankind and the slower unfolding of certain awareness streams and documentation and confidential scenes of effect that certain people are pulling outwards are already putting this into what's going on. It's awakening up on mass scenes of effect, and it's going to push them down to the ground. The more information and the more action that is being taken up against them when it comes to the intellect. [02:31:53] Speaker C: Something else that was brought up to my attention by this Ashley friend of mine is she said that they've been able to now magnify to the tune of, I don't know what level the DNA and found in it, encoded in it. The one. The binary code that we use for computers all the time embedded within our DNA, which is now a computerized message within the DNA that identifies each person. Now, I don't know if you've ever heard anything along that line. [02:32:28] Speaker A: Well, there's a deeper perception to it. It also does that, but itself activates, and everyone has it. Don't matter who and what you are, where you're at. This whole planet is engulfed in it. Understand that it seeks out certain individuals and ingrams, and it's more activated when you get the shot. It's more activated when you accept certain perimeters to the pharmaceuticals. But regardless of that effect, it seeks and searches out the DNA. Ingram effect of the hypermolecules of mankind and subatomically insurges a reroute wave in it. [02:33:06] Speaker C: Well. [02:33:10] Speaker A: It could defamate the subconscious latitude of mankind, and it could cause them to sick. It could cause negative Ingram problems neurally and physically upon the substructure. [02:33:24] Speaker C: Well, with that in mind, the concept that there's binary structures within the DNA and messaging within our DNA, which is they were going along the line, that it identifies more characteristics and more identification and communications, I guess, intergalactical in that concept of where the belief was. Okay, we talked about rascal, talked about giants, and there's proof, because they're even saying David and Goliath. And the Goliath was a giant. And that DNA structure was a different characteristic that was created through the modifications of the DNA that we had of the average human being on earth creating these. In our society, tall people gain more respect than short people. And that equates back to respect looking up to someone, like identifying with a god, that we're looking up towards a god. And so that perception still plays in our society as of today. Just tall people in business seems tend to be more successful than short people. [02:34:46] Speaker A: In a way, you are right. In a lot of ways, you are right, my friend. But there are also advanced races of different types of humanoids of mankind that had transdeted through the timelines here. And they did have different types of psyche awareness streams and DNA fractured codes. That means that they had paranormal accounts with them. They able to do things because of their neural injuncture speeds, more manually set to a higher awareness. Okay. [02:35:22] Speaker C: Go ahead. What do you think about the concept of ghost? How do you explain that anomaly? [02:35:32] Speaker A: Well, that's easy to explain. Spirits and transaction or hyper effect of one being able to advance the astral project, one area indexer or another. It could be that it could be a sole interceptor through a different paranormal account that overtook that type of dimensional frequency outlet. And it could as well be a higher dimensional, higher extraterrestrial formation encoding wave to a lower paradigm effect. And it could also be a signalized insignia through your neural stream of one maintainment code, meaning that a hyperloop or injuncture code of the Soul interceptor itself, once it passes, if it was screwed up between relay and it couldn't process right, just a tiny part of that soul's Ingram will be stuck upon that timeline interval and would stay stuck upon that processing scene. [02:36:27] Speaker C: Okay, do you believe that you talked earlier that the concept of past life, now, past life regression, is a popular thing among psychiatrists, psychologists, to experience what may be portraying in their current lives nowadays. And I've had two examples of that come to me over my lifetime. Years ago, I was sitting in a restaurant, and this woman was sitting across from me, directly across from me, on the other side of the restaurant. She just kept staring at me and staring at me. And I thought, that's a little strange. Maybe I've got something hanging out of my mouth, or maybe I'm dropping soup on me or something. But ultimately, she came over and she says, we were married before. And I was like, I must have missed that one. And so she said, no, she's. I'm dead serious. We were married before in England in the 18 hundreds. And I was like, I'm sitting there and of course the first thing I'm thinking is, what kind of nut bucket do I have sitting in front of me? And then the more she talked and the more detail she was able to describe, it started literally refreshing memories in me, or it might have been my imagination, but I sat and listened and we ultimately ended up dating for a while. And she would carry on and on and on in detail of our lives as in England in the so. And then recently I've had an introduction to someone who has told me, and I've had the feeling sentimentally, at the same time, is that we have a connection that I can't explain that's very powerful. And then I was reading today about both of us together, and it said we had had past lives together. Now, how do you then explore that and find out? How do you identify that? And how do you go into detail on that to find out more about what that feeling might be? [02:38:48] Speaker A: Well, sole representation of REM status, quota event, self programming into hyper sleep. When you're able to advance astral project into a hyper awareness stream through your REM, you're able to move into the timeline dimensions that your soul intercepts for, as well as finding certain information at hand that correlates with the main database string. And that main database string through the mindset of each soul intake valve usually runs through the main coordinates. Library of souls. That library itself in conjuncture, goes through into each and one's designation point. And the only way to activate through it is through a certain type of meditative status. Being able to project into that realm and get that information out. The Akashic records is the name of the library. Okay, I'm sure you've heard about that before. [02:39:52] Speaker C: On just a layman's term, okay, without all this research here, what steps can a person take to try and delve into that? Now, I had talked to some psychiatrist years ago and he took me through the steps of past life regression. And in years ago we did this. A friend of mine and I hypnotized a lady and we did some past life regressions, but we made some mistakes. Because in the mistakes of taking someone through past life regression, you have to tell them they're leaving one time period and coming to the next time period, forward or backwards. And when you bring them back to the present, you have to take that in stages, saying you're leaving this time, you're coming to this time era, this time era and then eventually to the present to do that transition properly. Or you can leave them in a state they were at the time that you got them to that time frame. And an example, here's what happened with our scenario. We took the woman back through different timelines, and one was kind of humorous. She's riding in the car, and she's explaining this, that she has a dog that she's taking to the vet, and she's describing it in great detail and describing the dog gets sick and throws up on her. And she manifests the actions of what's happening in the car, in actions, in her physical being. And then later on, we moved her from that time era to the time we accidentally got into where she was having surgery. And we got scared at that time because we weren't experiencing this. So we tried to bring her out of it. But what happened is we had left her physical being in that time era, in the mental state in the present. So when she woke up, she was in horrible pain, as if she had just gone, experienced the surgery. And that's the thing, that past life regression needs to be done by professionals who know how to transition you through that time area. Is that correct? [02:42:00] Speaker A: You're absolutely right. And it depends on the link up between one soul and the other. If you don't know the link up between yourself and that, it's going to polarize the dimensions and the frequency strains that run through that timeline. Once you're able to project through that score and that link up goes through those two different dimensions, you're able to motivate your mind better through your subconscious awareness. You're definitely right on many aspects. [02:42:29] Speaker C: Now, another thing that we are talking about, the frequencies, this is kind of interesting because I got on a conversation with this lady out in California, Ashley, and. Brilliant lady. Just absolutely brilliant. And she was talking, I was hoping to get her on the air tonight, and she was talking to me about the devil's triangle. And some research had been done on the fact that there was an intense frequency in that area that was causing a swirling at the lower levels of the ocean. And that what was happening, and our concept was that that created an electrical magnetic pulse where planes would fly over it and ships would fly over it. They would lose their control of the vehicles, and it would plummet or sink in that area, and the whirlpool would suck them down. That's why they've never surfaced or never washed on shore. They were literally sucked into that whirlpool and couldn't be found from that do you have any feeling on that? And that there's a double triangle on both sides, opposite on the globe. There's an opposite side on the other side exactly parallel to the one that's in off of. [02:43:48] Speaker A: Will love. I would love to explain about this, my most recent episode between myself and Mike's off gun us at the ETQ force. I had accubated point of acquisition about this devil's triangle. Same thing dealing with Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, if you will, the self link up to the agars and realms of certain areas and indexer points in atLantis. Think about sub anonymous advanced terrestrial city underwater that maintains itself close to ethics and protection score through an electromagnetic distribution line of disturbance field upon impasse that runs through through the inner realms. That's on its main codes of ethics, can disturb the fields of impasse around it. So it's being more protected. Yes, but as well, the cyclonic effect are so polarizers that there is the main island actuated nearby too, upon distribution. That has certain technologies and scenes of events that are protected. Governments, militaries and certain sides of effect have those protected zones too, and a self manualization to that programming speed. [02:45:07] Speaker C: Well, if we talk about frequencies, there was an individual, this is about five years ago or six years ago, that was trying to find a cure for cancer or a way to dissolve cancer cells in his wife because she was dying of cancer. So he was experimenting with different frequencies and subsequently didn't find a cure for the cancer, but was able to pass a frequency, this one particular frequency, through water, which was able to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen atoms in water and created a burnable fuel. Well, he openly put that on Facebook immediately. And GM apparently came, he said he wanted to sell the technology, and immediately GM bought him out and closed it down. Now, again, frequencies have this capability, and our bodies emanate frequencies as well. Now, you also know I was at Stonehenge years ago, and I had the luxury of opportunity to actually go into the Stonehenge. And I was there with the foremost authority on crop circles, exploring crop circles. And when Colin Andrews was the person I was with, took me into the Stonehenge, he said, I want you to go and touch every stone in Stonehenge and come back and tell me what you experienced. So once I did that, each stone had a different property. Some were vibrating, some were cold, some were hot, some were resonating, a little bit of a sound. They all had different prOperties. And then after I did that, I came back and told him, I said, this is kind of weird. And he goes, now go stand in the middle. Stand in the middle of Stonehenge. Just stand there, close your eyes, and just relax. And then tell me what you feel. And it was the weirdest thing I've ever felt in my life. I was being pulsated. As know there was an energy presence pulsating my body from all sides. Then I did an aerial shot of Stonehenge. And if you look at Stonehenge, there are parallel lines going out in different directions, of which, if you follow the parallel lines out of Stonehenge, they go straight to the pyramids. So my theory was, at the time, if you look at the circumference of the Stonehenge and you imagine it being a generator, as opposed to astrological observatory, it made more sense to me because the properties of each one of those stones had, like, magnetic properties as well. Like a generator would have in a circle state, generators in a circle state with magnets around it that create an impulse and a pulse and a frequency that creates electricity. So that was my observation. Only now, I don't know how valid that would have been. Or if you even have any concepts on. [02:48:10] Speaker A: Do I? Yes, yes. Electromagnetic ingram effects through pulsating frequencies and data streams closer to what people would think Nikola Tesla had. Or quantum energy, if you will, the levels of effect that inoculate between trilateral platforms and certain energy indicator levels. Those energy indicator levels thematically run in through certain portals that run into the matrix itself. [02:48:42] Speaker D: Wow. [02:48:44] Speaker A: Antigravity polarity spheres, as well as certain areas, indicate through those levels. And they also help through certain star units and reposition, as well as other indicator events that maintain higher scenes. Those indicator events distribute electromagnetic field levels as well as polarity scores that help elevate certain transactions into effect, like the buildings itself into maintainment score or certain other area indicators. [02:49:23] Speaker C: Okay, let's take it to the common sense level right now. Okay. The average person out there, just in common words, how can they benefit from accessing any one of these frequencies or meditating to different planes? What could they do? If you had to give them a one, two, three step procedure, what would you tell them to do? And how would you tell them to proceed? [02:49:56] Speaker A: Well, eventually, there's going to be a subatomic level that analytically will put humans back into a more hyper code of awareness. Okay? But that will reproach in lower sense. It means that their energy levels would be different on that stance of awareness. There are different levels of energy that one has intact through that scene. [02:50:21] Speaker C: Okay, but give me a one. [02:50:23] Speaker A: You are able to feel what you are able to feel. [02:50:26] Speaker C: Okay, but give me a one, two, three step procedure for me to experience that today. So what should I do? Do a meditation? Should I set in a bath of water, or take a shower, or sit out in the backyard looking at the stars? What literally steps could I take to experience that energy source like I did in England, touching the stones? We have energy around us all the time, but we don't know how to respond to it or feel it or experience it. And that's what I was asking. Do you have a one, two, three step procedure. That the average person could do just today? [02:51:16] Speaker A: Awakening their awareness codes, meaning avoiding the chemicalized agents that would downsize them. Because a lot of chemicalized agents nowadays, they take away your third eye transactory code. That helps lift up the energy levels that are self processed around you. That you don't normally feel. Like cats and dogs and other species can feel these points of effect automatically. Okay, humans can feel this automatically. I'm giving you a hint. Most cannot because they have self emulators that degrade them from points of sex. To main elite and governments that put them down from that type of energy field. If they are able to get that type of energy field again, they're able to automatically incur with it. And there is another easier way to incur with it through meditation though. And being able to elevate yourself around the element. [02:52:20] Speaker C: Okay, that's what I'm getting at. You're still kind of in the realm of. It doesn't make sense. Okay, so if I had to say I want to experience know, you might say, Jerry, go out and sit in your backyard, close your eyes, cross your arms and meditate and see what you feel or experience. Those are the kind of steps that I'm looking for. Can you give us those kind of steps that we could take? Explaining that the metaphysical is out there? [02:52:51] Speaker A: Certain energy levels through sawn fraction codes. And the awareness that you feel through those. There are electromagnetic fields that pulsate through those. Certain fields of effect. Through meditation, songs or certain other area indexes that you listen in on and help. Hyper awareness streams of what you can level out through your energy indexers, number one. As well as motivating and getting your mind set on an equalized note. Instead of what's going on around you, negatively setting your mind to one core example, in influx stream. That way it is lifting you up as well to certain energies. So you're able to motivate that feel of awareness. Kind of like Stonehenge of what you were elevated through that. If others can pull the main source frequency code to them, I guarantee you they are able to unlock what they cannot feel, but what others can. [02:54:03] Speaker D: Wow. [02:54:04] Speaker A: Meditation, eating the right things, motivating yourself around and outside of the box, and finding ways to stabilize in the negativity stances of the system itself. I hope this lowers it down enough. [02:54:23] Speaker D: Wow. All right, we are rapidly running out of time. Jerry, I want to thank you for taking time to call in. We're going to wrap it up here in just a moment, and I wish you well. Any final comment? [02:54:37] Speaker C: No, I just enjoyed the show tonight, and it was interesting because we all experience this stuff, and I highly recommend, if you get a chance to go to Stonehenge, go there. [02:54:46] Speaker D: Yeah. All right, my friend. God bless you. I appreciate you very much. Wish you an awesome care. Okay. You know, regarding this feeling, I can tell you personally, I have experienced a feeling when I was four years old. I was living in Cairo at the time, and my dad took me to see the big pyramid. And I touched the pyramid, and I felt this energy. I don't really know any other way to describe it. And I said, dad, dad, touch it. Touch it. He couldn't feel it. And then many, many years later, I was visiting a friend of mine who has advanced technologies, and he showed me a circuit that was self charging. It just charged itself back up as it ran. And part of the circuit went against everything that I've been taught as a printer technician. I had to take electrical courses and sorts. And one of the things that I was taught was rubber doesn't conduct electricity as we know it. And part of the circuit that I was witnessing had a rubber hose about a foot long. And he asked me to touch this hose, and I touched the hose, and it was kind of a shock and pulled my finger back real quick. And then he said, touch it with two fingers. And when I touched it with two fingers, I began to cry. And the reason I was beginning to cry is it immediately took me back to that moment when I was a child touching that pyramid. It was the same energy that was coming from that pyramid was coming from the circuit. So there are, like Jerry was saying, there's things that can trigger this. The hinge that he was talking about could be one of them. The pyramids could be another. I can only relate to what I personally experienced, and it was truly amazing. And for many, many years, it left my memories. I never really thought about it until that moment when I witnessed that circuit and touched that circuit. And, wow, everything just came back to me. Oh, my goodness. Blue. I'm going to have to listen to the archive several times. You have sent out so much information in such a short period of time that I've got to go back and just listen to it over and over again to try to really get it in my spirit. I Want to thank you very much. You've been so kind in sharing your time and sharing your knowledge and hopes that when people hear about this, that they realize that there is a good here, there is a lot of good, and we just have to work towards that. I think the most important message we can give is the idea that we should reunite. We need to reunite at one point and getting a lot of noise in the background. All right, my dear, I would like to say goodnight to you. Thank you so much for everything that you've done. I greatly appreciate it, and hopefully we'll have you back on again. [02:57:37] Speaker A: Yes, thank you. I'm sorry about that plane overhead of me. [02:57:42] Speaker D: It happens to the best of us. I want to wish you a great evening, and I'm looking forward to having another conversation with you sometime in the future. [02:57:50] Speaker A: Yes. There is one little thing I'd like to answer about those energy points, though. [02:57:55] Speaker D: Okay, real quick. [02:57:56] Speaker A: They do run on ancient cymatic lines through higher races. [02:58:00] Speaker D: Wow. [02:58:00] Speaker A: So there's probably one other reason why certain humans can feel it and others cannot. But that doesn't mean that not everybody can't. There are possibilities that most, if not all, of the future of mankind and the race can appoint to much more advanced type of elementals and energies that would help program their feel better as well as program the Matrix better. [02:58:32] Speaker D: Awesome. All right. Thank you so much. God bless you. Looking forward to it. [02:58:37] Speaker A: Thank you. [02:58:50] Speaker B: Take the red pill Take the blue pill Take the red pill Take the blue pill Take the red pill Take the blue pill. [02:58:59] Speaker C: Take the red pill Take the blue. [02:59:01] Speaker B: Pill Take the red pill Take the blue pill Take the red pill Take the blue pill. [02:59:11] Speaker C: You Take the red. [02:59:12] Speaker B: Pill and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes this is your last chance. This is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your left chest this is your life Chest this is your life Chest this is your left chance this is your left chance this is your left chest this is your left chance this is your left chance. This is your left chance. This is your last chance. This is your left.

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