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Feb 11 2024 | 02:58:30

Episode February 11, 2024 02:58:30

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Riscalla Parker Dominick Victoria Smith Michael Bahas Stu Shear

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Riscalla welcomes guest Peter and Maggie Kling discussing their biblical and spiritual journeys.  He also welcomes on as guest hosts Michael Bahas and Jerry Hall.

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Episode Transcript

[00:01:31] Speaker A: And now your host, Riscala. [00:01:38] Speaker B: Hello and welcome, everyone. It is the red Pill reality show. Hopefully we are on YouTube, Twitter, our website and Facebook at this point. I'll have some people calling in that are checking in for you. Anyway, it's been a wild week. We have been working right, left and center on trying to get this new platform to function correctly for us. And part of it is a learning curve. We've kind of learning about what's going on. This is the first time I've had to deal with video. I haven't dealt with video in the past. Next week I will have a camera, much to my chagrin. We'll have a camera on next week. That'll be another thing I have to take care of, another thing I have to keep my eye on, another thing that just to watch. But this new platform has a tremendous amount of abilities to do a whole wide variety of things. And so we enjoy it so far. If we can make it work right, then that'll be the icing on the cake, if you will. All right, we've got a new call in line. It's all part of the system. That number is 803-200-2277 I don't call in right now, but we'll open the lines up here shortly and you can call in. Let's see what else is new. My gosh, we have toiled to get this thing to work right for us and for us to work right for it. So hopefully everybody out there is hearing me at this point. I know most of you, or some of you at least I'm sure, have heard that Tucker did a interview with Vladimir Putin and it was amazing. Name two hour video, quite a bit of information, a lot of history. Vladimir put out a lot of history in the initial component of the interview. At one point, Tucker says to him, do you know who blew up the pipeline, the north Stream pipeline? And he points at Tucker and says, you and know. We know. He didn't mean Tucker. He meant the United States. And he later went on to comment that in his own way. I mean, I didn't come out and say it, but it seemed to me that he was saying it was a CIA, it was the USA and the CIA both working in Tangent with each other, the government supporting them and them maybe doing the actual physical component. So that's an act of war. And I say we've done more than that to be deserved by some of these people that we have been told that are our enemies. Vladimir Putin, believe it or not, a lot of the things he says make sense to me. Does that mean I'm a communist? That's the last thing I would dream of being. Thank you, Adriana. So if I agree with Vladimir Putin and that I'm a communist, I mean, I don't agree anywhere near 100% with Vladimir Putin. But some of the things he says make sense. One of the things he said is the United States government is nothing but pedophiles. Makes sense. We've forgotten so quickly about the pizza deal, remember? And how the president. I don't even like to say his name. The one president of color, which he really wasn't even. His mom was white and his dad wasn't even black. He was like, remember? Anyway, never mind. He was. You know, we have. It is amazing. It's truly amazing. We have a government that's operating in our faces criminally. What they're doing is criminal, and they're not bashful about it at all. They're right on your face with it all. So Vladimir Putin says, yeah, well, they're all pedophiles. I'm sure he doesn't mean 100% of them. I don't mean 100%, but the majority of them are. They're all bought and paid for. They're all pedophiles. And when all is said and done, it's really the people's fault, because it's our responsibility to have a government that represents us, and it is even written in our constitution that when the government becomes a tyrannical lunatic like we have right now, it is our duty. Our duty. Now, I'm paraphrasing, but I'm telling you the point is the same. It is our duty to remove these people and restore our government. But sadly, we get more attention to something like a football game, a basketball game, a baseball game. It really intrigues me how some of the people that I know that are into sports, depending upon what it is that we're talking, I know little about it, but depending upon what it is that they're discussing and talking about, I mean, they can get into heavy details about, like, if somebody's a football quarterback, how many yards has he thrown? How many was successful, how many of those yards were touchdowns, all this data that they can just spew off the end of their mind, or boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, how much do they know about our government? I believe that these tools, because I think that's what they are, have been introduced into our society to keep us busy and to take our minds off of what's really important. I think Super bowl is coming up, I think tomorrow. I think that's when it is. I couldn't tell you what teams are playing. It's not that I'm trying to make fun of it. My point being is I don't have any desire to know that. I have a desire and a fire within me to get people to wake up and to become active. When I say active, I mean write your representative, call your representative, go to your local meetings and become voices for so many of other people that are not saying anything. We can be the change if we want to be. That's the thing. Do you want this? And if you do, how bad do you want it? Because any of us that stand up, I can tell you the majority of the time we're going to have a hard time from the other side. They don't like that. They want you to bow down. They feel like they are kings and queens and how dare you stand up to them? How dare you question their authority? I promise you, I have no doubt in my mind, as sure as the sun is going to come up tomorrow, I guarantee you that we could put a stop to all of this in a very short period of time, very short, if we just get our act together, if we just put aside all the differences and come to one agreement, and that is, do we agree on the constitution? If you agree on the constitution, why can't we bind together to get rid of these mafia, it's a mafia that we have, literally a mafia. The money laundering that goes on is unbelievable. And they're in your face with it. They don't care. How many times have you, I know I have. How many times have you heard, I don't watch television, but I do get a lot of video clips off of YouTube and a variety of other places. And they'll show a video clip of one of the tv stations saying, oh, yeah, we have all this evidence. Know, I don't remember who was a congressman. I think it was, we have all this evidence on Biden that he received millions of dollars from China and he did this and he did that and he did the other. Nothing happening. They just came up with a ruling that he had paperwork that was illegal for him to have, but he had it because he was only a vice president. He didn't have the authority to have that paperwork. Had he been the president, then he would have had the authority to take that paperwork. And then we go to Trump, who had the authority to have the paperwork. He gets rated for a couple of boxes, ten boxes. Meanwhile, the dipstick, he's got a trailer loads of paper. Trailer loads. What do you think he's doing with all of that? He's selling it. We can put an end to this, really. But we do have to get our act together. We do have to put our differences aside and decide that we want to live in peace and we want to live free. We're not free people. I can tell you right now, you're not free. You may think you're free, but you're not. These sick, psychopathic morons have developed ways to entrap us and enslave us and imprison us without our knowing. You talk about darkness in the world or evil. My gosh, some of the people that are up there in Washington, DC are far beyond your worst nightmares. Now. Whether you realize it or not, this interview that Tucker did, it was shattering for a lot of these people. That's the last thing in the world that they needed, was to have his voice be heard here on America's network. That presented a threat to them, that caused all kinds of changing of underwear, if you will, because of that. Because Putin, I believe. I think there's still parts to this interview that he hasn't shown yet. I find it curious, know, Julian Assange did an interview with him a while back, and he hasn't released that interview yet. And I'm wondering if it's got something to do with. He wanted Putin on first. Maybe Putin's got something that he's going to say that's going to reflect on Julian, and then he'll release the Julian Assange interview. The bottom line is, I think my personal opinion, I may be wrong. God knows I've never been wrong. I think that there's more information that's going to come out. I think we're getting it bits and pieces outside of the interview itself. I have no doubt in my mind that Putin is very well aware of people like Hillary Clinton and what they are and what they do. I think he's very well aware. He's an extremely bright man. I think he has no doubt that these people are absolutely pure evil. He's called them out before. He said that the people in running the government in the United States, they're just evil. They're pedophiles. Meanwhile, because we are silent, we are giving them consent. That's how they look at it. It's kind of like the analogy I've used this many times. If you and I are standing next to each other and I say, hey, I'm going to kick you, and you don't say anything, I kick you. I told you I was going to kick you. You didn't say anything. It's basically the same thing with these people, these sickos. They're going to tell us in some way, they tell us in cartoons, they tell us in videos, they tell us in music, they tell us in ads, they tell us one way or another what they're going to do. And because we are silent, some of us see it, some of us don't. But even however many see it and recognize it, certainly not enough are raising their voices and saying, no, you're not. You're not going to do that. We don't consent to that. That's really all it takes. And people think that, I'm proposing a revolution. I'm not proposing a revolution. I'm proposing a restoration. And a simple. I can't think of the right word, a simple phrase, I will not participate. I am not part of this. I will not give you my consent. It's that simple. If you look at a lot of the forms that the government uses, somebody told me this and I went and looked it up in my old form. The new forms don't have it, but the older ones do. On the tax form on your 1042, is it? I think it is. Whatever it is. The quick form down at the bottom where you put your name. Why does this happen only when I get on the air? Down at the bottom where you put your name, it says, please sign here, please. That means they're asking you to sign this document, which means that the document is not mandatory, but they have developed a system in such a way that if you don't play the corrupted rules of their game, they come get you one way, shape or another. If it's not coming to get you financially, it's coming to get you in the public eye and ruin you. Any threat that they perceive, they go after. Like white on rice, like bugs on a windshield. And because of that, the reason that they do that is to continuously keep anyone who is not in their agenda off track. But if enough of us would get on track, that would completely derail them. Now, I just saw an article today. I haven't read through the whole article, but apparently in the UK, there's been a big uprise in the UK and Europe in general. There has been a tremendous amount of pressure put on the farmers, and enough of the people got together, and enough of the farmers got together and they basically complained to the point where the government has given up. They're not going to do it. They're not going to pass all the laws that they were saying they wanted to pass. They're not going to make these farmers use all of the fertilizers and chemicals that they were going to require. Enough people stood up. They made the change. That's my point. That's what we need to do. Enough of us stand up and we can make the change. It doesn't take a lot. If we could get maybe three or four people out of every ten, it wouldn't take a lot. But you can't be a sideliner. There's no sidelines in this. A sideliner really means that you're on the other side. That's what it means, because you're going to be a silent observer, but in reality you'll be a consenting partner to what these people do. I saw another report, this one coming from Russia. Apparently Russia has been hit with a dew. I don't know how true this is, but apparently a directed energy weapon has been used on Russia. It would be very difficult for me not to see what's going on. Anybody who's listened to me over the years, you've heard me say repeatedly, we are the bullies of the planet. Up until recently, that's what we were. We were the bullies of the planet. We attacked other countries so that we could utilize their resources and then build them for rebuilding them. Destroy the country and then rebuild it using our people and then build them for it. It's a sick, disgusting business, but it is truly a business, and it is very profitable. This is why they continue to do it. And I have said repeatedly, the law of the universe says there is going to be a balance. If there's a right, there's a left. If there's an up, there's a down. If there's a white, there's a black. You cannot continue to bully yourself throughout the planet and never expect that to come back and bite you in the proverbial behind. And that's what's happening to us. But instead of one big snap, it's a little here and a little there. We have these people that are coming in this country by literally the tens of thousands coming in. We have no clue who these people are. They want the citizens of this country to believe, oh, these are families. They're escaping communism or whatever it might be. Their lives are in danger. You put their lives in danger by putting them through what they're going through to get here. And 85% of the people coming in here are not families. They're young men from all over the place. There are countries who have literally emptied their prisons because it's cheaper to let them go. Let them go to America. We don't need them here and we don't have to pay for them. Let them go create havoc over there. And when one of the states decides that they're going to stand up and defend themselves, what happens? I mean, this is so obvious to me. It is so obvious. The state of Texas has declared an emergency, I believe is what they said. They have declared that there's an invasion going on. When you get tens of thousands of people coming across the border a day, I would call that an invasion easily. So the governor declared that there was an invasion going on. He calls out the National Guard, he brings the National Guard in. They begin to sew up the hole, if you will, where all these people are coming through. And this wonderful administration decides that they're going to file a suit. They're going to file a suit against the state of Texas and force them, attempt to anyway, force them to allow the border patrol back into Texas so the border patrol can cut the razor wire and remove it to open up this hole again. Now, this is in your face. There's no question about what's going on at this point. This is laid out pretty straightforward, simple. We have a state that is literally being overrun by people. We have no clue who they are. The state decides that it wants to defend itself. I can't think of the right word. I get so upset over this. By protecting the law that is already in place. There's a law that says that you can't come in this country just because you feel like it. You have to go through channels. So the state has stepped up and said, look, the laws are in place. All we're doing is enforcing those laws. And what do you get from the federal government? No, we don't want you enforcing those laws. We're going to sue you to allow us to break the law. This is really what's going on. I mentioned to you earlier, this is a mafia. It's exactly what it is. It's turning into a mafia. You have the legal part of the government now creating. I like this term because it makes a lot of sense to me. Lawware. That's what kind of a war that we're in. Lawware. These people are using the law and twisting it around and then utilizing it to their advantage, even though they're breaking the law and nobody's standing up for it. This is what I said before. You may have a right wing, you may have a left wing, but they're both the wing of the same freaking bird. Voting for a Republican, voting for a Democrat doesn't mean spit, because they're all in it together, basically. There's a few of them. I want to give credit to a few of them. There are. There's maybe, I don't know, ten of them that I can think of right off the bat. But in comparison, how many of more than that? 200. And something of them up there, they're either on the take or they've done something and they're under control, but they're certainly not serving the people they're supposed to be serving. I mean, that's pretty obvious. You'd have to be sleeping under a rock at this point to realize that. And we continue. They keep us busy with all of these things that they can find. If it's not entertainment, it's some kind of division, using either the color of a skin, the language someone speaks, the way they dress, it's whatever they can throw in and cause more chaos, because that's their modus operandi, is order through chaos, or order from chaos. They create the chaos. And then they are the ones who provide the solution. They create it. They provide the solution. What happens here is they will create a problem, then they'll wait for the reaction, then they will provide the solution. This has been proven over and over and over again. 911, if you think for a moment that it was just 19 Arabs that couldn't fly a freaking Cessna, but had the ability to do some maneuvers that even professional pilots said that they couldn't do, that have been doing it for decades. You're sleeping under a rock. There were high level people involved in that. They presented a problem. They had a problem. Let me go back before 911. They had a problem. They needed more wars. The wars are the way they prop up the economy, because the dollars that we use are worthless, absolutely worthless. It's fiat money. So they needed a way to prop all of that up. Well, the best way to prop it up is war. So they looked for a way to start a new war. And they found that way by bringing it solved a lot of problems. First of all, Silverstein, who owned the towers that came down, had only owned them for a period of six or seven months, if I remember correctly. The towers were really condemned. They had asbestos in the towers and they were condemned, and it was going to cost a tremendous amount of money, probably more than they were worth, I don't know. I'm guessing to fix all of that. So here on 911, you have the towers come down. That takes care of that problem. And then we have building seven that comes down later on. And building seven had all the evidence for the enron, all of the CIA evidence, all of the FBI evidence against these people. The evidence from, oh, I can't think of it. Now, the building that got blown up, all the evidence from the government agencies, not all of it, but up at that time, a great majority of it. And what they had was the most damning of the evidence, all disappeared with billing number seven. So that created the problem that they had, which was they couldn't allow any of this information to get out. And Silverstein wasn't about to rebuild the towers. The problem that they had was easily solved because they had the wherewithal to do it by blowing up the buildings. Now the next thing is the reaction of the people. They needed more wars. Now the people are enraged. How dare them come over here? It was 19 Arabs. It was the Arabs. It was the Arabs. How dare them come over here. Now we go to Afghanistan. Why do we go to Afghanistan? Afghanistan had nothing to do with 911. But they claimed that Afghanistan was a home to the man who masterminded all of this. One man was able to overcome the greatest security on the face of the planet. One guy in a cave with a satellite phone. So they waited for the response of the people. The people are angry now. They went out and started an illegal war in Afghanistan. The people are angry. Right after that, they went into Iraq. Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 911. And then they provided you the solution. Well, we're going to keep you safe and secure. We're going to take these people out. These are mean. This mean dictator and the Taliban are horrible people. And all of you see where I'm getting at. They needed wars. They created a way to have wars. Lots and lots of wars. I remember George Bush Jr. How he was know, this is going to go on for a long time. It's going to be a while. We're going to have to sacrifice a lot. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. And the whole thing basically was a false flag, all of it. All right, so tonight I'm going to have Peter and Maggie Kling. Hopefully, I see them. They're in the studio. Okay. And we'll have Peter and Maggie Kling on. We'll have. Looks like Jerry's going to join us tonight. I see Michael is on the studio. And we're going to have some very interesting conversations tonight. Interesting conversations because they are conversations that are based in truth. And that truth comes from the Bible. And anyway, we'll get to that in just a minute. Going to take a break and then we'll be back. Don't go away. Here we go. 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The humans remain entertained until the end of creation. [00:36:05] Speaker D: Biobasses throw. [00:36:11] Speaker A: I just can't help myself. I keep going deeper and deeper. I keep on falling I with you sometimes you make me feel loose sometimes I feel good at times I confuse. Makes me so confused with you never felt way because we so much pray. I keep in all the food within you. [00:39:22] Speaker B: Lisa Marie breaking live. [00:39:25] Speaker A: Break the knees. [00:39:25] Speaker C: Break the knees. Receive. [00:39:43] Speaker A: And we're back. Hope you didn't go too far because we have more interesting and thought provoking information for you. Coming up on the red pill reality show. [00:39:59] Speaker B: All right, we are back. It is the red pill reality show. Thank you for taking time to allow us to share with you some of this information that I run across. So tonight I'm going to have Peter and Maggie Kling. I'm going to have Michael. I'm going to have Jerry as well. So let me bring Michael on. Hey, Michael. We'll get him to unmute himself. [00:40:20] Speaker C: Hey, Ritz, how are you? [00:40:23] Speaker B: Hang on. You're a little loud. Let me make a change here real quick. [00:40:27] Speaker C: That's probably on my end. [00:40:29] Speaker B: Okay, that should do it. Go ahead. I'm doing much better. [00:40:34] Speaker C: Yeah, we're having some solar flare issues, and unfortunately it's been affecting everybody, computers, phones, everything. So bear with us as best as you can, folks. We do have a link up on the different pages, so if you do want to join, follow the link. It's that easy. And we'll get you on from there. [00:40:58] Speaker B: Amen. All right, let me get to Jerry real quick. [00:41:03] Speaker C: Jerry how are you doing tonight? [00:41:07] Speaker B: All right. I'm going to make an adjustment on Jerry as well. All right. Say something. You're good. All right, let me bring on Peter. Peter, welcome to the retail reality show. [00:41:25] Speaker D: Hey, I'm here. Yeah, hey, we're together. We're having all sorts of issues here. Maggie and I, totally bonkers. [00:41:38] Speaker B: Let's see, there's another one of you showing up. Is that one waiting to come on? [00:41:44] Speaker D: That must be one from before. We've actually tried to get on several times. [00:41:48] Speaker A: We weren't able to get through on the phone line. So we're on the computer. Yeah, we came in on the computer on a split able. I wasn't able to get it to connect through the phone, and Michael said it's because of solar flares. So anyway, how are. [00:42:07] Speaker B: Welcome, welcome. Awesome. All right, so let's start with Peter real quick. Peter, just a quick background. And then when you're done, I want Maggie to give a background as well so people have an idea who they're listening to. [00:42:20] Speaker D: Okie doke. Well, I started my biblical education and had a complete concept of what was in the Bible from Genesis to revelation. I didn't have a concept of the whole Bible, but the basic story all the way through from creation until, well, what we're facing right now, and we are in the book of revelation. There's no doubt about that with all of the certain things going on. But when you just look at, and this was biblical education, it wasn't religious dogma. It wasn't anything like that. I didn't learn doctrine. I learned biblical history and biblical prophecy, and that's what the focus was on to comprehend the scriptures. The problem is that you can't really comprehend the scriptures just by what's written in the Bible. The Bible is also a book of science. And so in order to comprehend that book better, you need that scientific background. And so I literally grew up with a test tube in one hand and a Bible in the other hand. And around 1981, I put them both together and started coming up with real answers for what was there. And a good example that I always like to use, which kind of proves this out, is in Genesis, chapter two, verses 21 through 23, God said, it's not good for the man to be alone, so I'm going to make a helper for him. And so he causes this leak to come over the man. He removes a rib, closes the wound, and he proceeds to build a woman out of her rib. This is a record of genetic engineering, but we wouldn't be able to know this record until we understood genetic engineering. And so that was the obvious one. There's a lot of science in the Bible, and as a scientist, you say there are no mysteries. So when you combine the two of them together in order to totally understand the scriptures, I keep on saying our science isn't advanced enough yet, but it is advanced enough to comprehend what's going on. We may not know the miracles, but you put them both together and, wow. Now you look for the practical things that are going on, but now you also look back at the prophecy and you can see how it's starting to fit like a hand in a glove where we are now. And so, actually, about 15 years ago, I authored the book letters to earth. You can survive Armageddon. It was a book of future prophecy, which is now becoming a book of history. So we'll talk more about that later on. But that's pretty much me in a nutshell. Scientist and a biblical expert looking at the scriptures, looking at prophecy, and seeing where we are today. And trust me, we are living in the biblical last days. [00:45:03] Speaker B: Amen. All right, Maggie, a little bit for Maggie. Let's hear what. Maggie. [00:45:09] Speaker D: No, we're not still Maggie. [00:45:14] Speaker A: Yeah. So I was born gifted, and my family is italian on my dad's side and on my mom's side, it was irish, celtic, and my grandmother, I'm hearing a phone ring. [00:45:31] Speaker B: I don't know what that is. [00:45:32] Speaker A: I'm sorry. And then on my grandma's side, she was scottish. So my great grandmother from Ireland was born gifted with what's called a brow, which is an extra piece of skin over the forehead. And back in the day, it was considered to be a very big gift. And somebody who was born with a brow was considered to be highly prophetic and a visual and a seer. But because it was an ugly thing and the women weren't considered marriageable, they cut the brow off and kept it in a jar. And so my grandma from England was very gifted. She was prophetic, she was a seer, very prayerful, devout catholic woman. And so on the other side, on my dad's side, my great grandmother from Italy, in her village, was also considered very gifted. And she used to do healings and the equivalent of what today would be a reading in her neighborhoods and became very well known in the area for her gifts. In fact, some people called her astrega, which is a witch, but she wasn't a witch. She was also a very devout Christian. And then my regular grandma, not my great grandma on that side, she married. My italian grandfather was in Scotland, born in Scotland, and they met in the war, and they were married in World War II, and he brought her over here, and she also had gifts. So I basically got it on both sides of my family, both my grandmothers and then my great grandmother. So I was passed on to me. And as a child, it was very weird because I would see things and I would hear things, and I was afraid of the dark, and everybody would tell me, oh, it's okay, honey. Don't be afraid. But my great grandma would be, like, doing things at the table, like she'd be picking the sex of a child for somebody in the family or telling them something was going to happen, or she had a dream and things like that. So I remember it being discussed in the household, but when it happened to me, they just told me, don't worry about it. There's nothing to be afraid of. There's nothing there. Go back to sleep, honey. It's okay. And then when I became a quote unquote woman at the age of 14, my grandmother took me aside and she said, you know all this stuff you've been telling me about for years, well, you're not crazy. It did happen. You're seeing things. And the reason for that is because it's in your bloodline. So I started to develop some of that, although not until I was in my most part before that, I kind of just pushed everything aside and didn't want to see what I'd been shown. However, if I was shown something, I would say to my grandfather, don't go down this road. Go down a different road. And the family would always listen to me. So when I got to be 30, my cousin said to me, you really need to do this. You need to be doing shows and readings and lectures and things like that. And so I started to develop my tools and my gifts, and as a result, I became one of the top, what they would call a psychic in the state. However, I didn't consider myself psychic because all of my gifts came from above, came from father, came from universal source, came from God, whatever you'd like to call him. And so I was one day, I was in a very tough spot, and I was having a lot of problems in my personal life. And I remember being, I was actually down on my knees praying. And I had been doing shows professionally for several years at that point. And I asked, what am I doing wrong? Why am I not getting what I need? And I need help, and I'm about ready to give up. Not that I would ever hurt myself. But I just had enough. And at that point, something touched me on my right shoulder. And I was lifted up to my feet. And all I could see was a bright white light. And I couldn't look directly at it, but I could see what looked like a robe. And every time I tried to draw my eyes higher, it was just blinding. I just couldn't look and see any closer. And I was told, everything will be okay, and any questions that you have will be answered. And fear no more, be anxious for nothing and things like that. So at that point, I started to ask questions, and I was told what I could do and what I couldn't do. And I was told what I should do and what I shouldn't do. And essentially, what I was told at that point by, I don't know if it was Jesus, I don't know if it was an angel. I just know that the white was so intensifying. And that the energy that filled me was such a feeling of love and peace and calmness, the equivalent to which I'd never felt anything like that before in my entire life. And my entire body was just filled with this vibrant energy. It was just amazing. And I said to myself, I asked questions. And one of the questions that I asked was, well, why am I not going farther in my career? Like, I'm famous, I'm like at the top of my state. And the readings that I'm giving and the helping people that I'm doing is very accurate, but I still feel like there's more. And I was told, well, there are a lot of people in your field that use tools, and you don't need tools, you just need to go to father. So if you ask a question, it'll be granted to you. And when you're shown visions, you need to trust and believe in that because it's coming from the true source. And the people that are around you in your field that are using cards and pendulums and Ouija boards, which is something I had never engaged in. They're following, they're getting accurate knowledge, but it's from a false source. And so what I learned to ask people when they told me that they prayed to God was, well, which God? Because what I realized was right. When I did readings, I never approached it from a psychic perspective, especially from that point on. What I would do is I would pray and pray for guidance and direction for that person. And as a result of what happened when I was touched. Consequently, where previously I'd only be seeing things about my family and immediate friends and things like that, glimpses into the future. I would always know if someone was sick or going to pass away in my family and close people around me, things like that. I started to see more worldwide events, and I was know, like the floods in Louisiana and the floods that happened in New York and earthquakes in different places and people suffering, and I was literally brought right to that environment. So for the floods in Louisiana, for instance, I was in the water. I was drowning. I could feel myself gulping and gasping for air. I could smell the water and the filth and the dirt around me, and I couldn't catch my breath, and I was sinking, and I was going under things like that. And then as a result of that, my healing became much stronger. And as a result of that, I turned to strict Christianity rather than Catholicism. And I was shown many different things about different religions that really weren't accurate insofar as following the true source or following that energy that created us. Right. So then I started to delve into the political platforms, and I was shown different things. For instance, before Trump was announced, I was shown that Trump was going to run, and I was shown that Clinton. I was literally shown some of the things that she had been accused of that were happening with children, and they were so horrific and obscene in nature that I wasn't able to sleep for two days. But what I was shown was that Trump would win. It would be a big victory. And when I was telling my friends about this, so I had this vision, they were like, you're crazy. He's never going to win. And she's going to take everything, and then all of that. And I was shown, and this is very interesting to me, too, because I told Peter this, but I was actually shown that there would be a change within the next ten years, whereas the evil powers that be were going to change their tactics in the way that they were trying to not only control the masses, but eradicate the masses, and that a lot of it would be through biological and chemical warfare and biological and chemical means and technology that we didn't know that they have that existed. And as a result, when things happened, like, well, the whole disease that happened and the whole subsequent poke that came along with it, I'm not sure how candid I can be on your show, but I was shown that there would be, yeah, there would be a lot of death and destruction and people suffering and things like that. But just like with Hillary, I wasn't shown the name Pizzagate. I was just shown what they were doing. So I wasn't given the name Covid, but I was seeing people dying in a disease and I was seeing that it was man made and just things like that. So basically what I've done is as a result, I've had some issues because of the way that I was with being attacked from what's called the other side. And because I was doing prayer work and healing work and helping people, I attracted some negative forces. And so I did some research into that. What can I do to combat this? And I became ordained in spiritual warfare. And it wasn't a bubble gum certificate. I had to go through months of training and learning, and it was pretty intensive. And then I just went with that. And I've been shown a lot that kind of helps what I was shown through the actual classes. And I've worked a lot, a lot over the years with people with anxiety, suicidal tendencies, veterans, PTSD, seniors, abused children, the whole thing. And so I continued my online classes, and I'm three courses shy right now of two two year degrees, which will allow me to do things like christian marital counseling and stuff like that. So I've been able to help a lot of people and I've worked a lot of cases internationally with spiritual warfare. And it's been some interesting rides. It's kind of like what you see on television, but some of it is trumped up. However, there are some things that I've seen that I've never seen in movies that are absolutely horrific in nature. So it's basically all been a matter of faith and discernment and just my mission, really is just to help people. And so that's where I've come from and that's where I've progressed to. And it's a daily commitment for me to become a better person. And as the result, I'm able to. And I'm pointed toward different people that I'm able to help. And a lot of my work has been non gratis, but because of the nature of reality, I do have to charge for some things. So that's kind of where I've been going with it. [00:57:24] Speaker B: Sadly, that's the way things are. Give me a second here. I want to make sure. Peter, can you hear. [00:57:39] Speaker A: Of it? [00:57:41] Speaker D: I've got the call in line going here. We're playing backup to backup. [00:57:47] Speaker B: Hang on, Peter. I'm getting that. [00:57:53] Speaker A: Right. Hold on. [00:58:03] Speaker B: All right, I'm going to go to Jerry real quick. Jerry, you got any questions for Maggie? [00:58:07] Speaker C: No, not right now. I'm just listening. This is all fascinating to me, and so I'll chime in if I have any questions. [00:58:15] Speaker B: All right, Michael. [00:58:19] Speaker C: No, I am just listening and I'm grateful for more information. [00:58:28] Speaker B: Okay. We do have a chat room open, I think, on the website. Michael, did you check the website to see if the chat room is open? [00:58:38] Speaker C: I can do that right now. [00:58:40] Speaker B: All right. And there should be a chat room open on YouTube. If you have an account on YouTube, you can join the chat there as well. If you have a question for Peter or Maggie, you can put it in the chat room. We'll read it off to him. Peter, let me know when you're ready to come back. [00:59:01] Speaker D: I should be there. [00:59:03] Speaker B: Okay. [00:59:04] Speaker D: I just plugged into Maggie's computer. And so now we're back on the same line. So I do have the call in number, should something happen. I'll get back to the call in number. How's that? [00:59:17] Speaker B: When you called in, I had you on the call in line. What happened with the call in line? [00:59:23] Speaker D: An echo between both machines. So I disconnected the call in line. And so I'm over on Matty's computer. We put a splitter in there just in case. [00:59:35] Speaker B: Yeah. Okay, cool. [00:59:36] Speaker D: Solar players. Hey, we're trying to work around them. [00:59:41] Speaker B: So, Maggie, with regard to. Because of what, everything that's happening, particularly in this country right now, with regard to the spirit realm, do you think that there is a dark spirit, if you will, maybe a best accurate question. Best way I can put the question is there's a darkness, a spirit of darkness over our country because of what we've done in the past. [01:00:07] Speaker A: Yeah. One of the things that I recommend that people do when they do prayer work, because everything comes through paramedication and faith. Right. And you have to have that trust. And as you build that faith and that trust, then you gain discernment. And so I think that it's really important. So let me start from the beginning. I feel like churches nowadays, I don't attend a public church. And the reason for that is because, for the most part, the preachers, the pastors, the priest don't teach spiritual warfare. And in my opinion, it's essential. It's essential, especially for the times that we live in, because the evil has taken more of a stronghold. I mean, let's face it, they know they're in their last stages. Right. So everything's amped up a little bit. Considerably, actually. And this has all been a premeditated plan going way back. And we all know that. At least the people who listen to your show know that. But what I find is that when you pray together as a family unit, and you pray together daily and do your prayer and meditation independently. And then again as a family and then again as a body. If you have a big family or even a church body or a bunch of people that have a Bible study, let's say one of the things that's really effective to do is to pray against the strongholds that are over. Your families, your communities, your towns, et cetera. And so you can effectively blanket your people and your community and then spread that outward. And what's happening is this has all been part of the plan. I mean, we're going from anything from the sexualization of children. What we are aware of is going on in our school systems. I actually worked in a school system for a couple of years, and the whole LGBTQ movement, the litter box thing, people say that's a fallacy. It's not. It does exist. My daughter. I was telling you the story earlier. Bought makeup and came home from Sephora. Naked skin. And one of the skin colors was, there's a shapeshift shifter is one of the palettes. The names of those eyeshadow include strange, burnout, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, mugshot, dark side, dark heart. So what are we promoting to our children? Right? We're trying to sexualize our children. We're trying to have our children dress and act like adults so that they're more easily sexual prey. We're trying to normalize this whole system of the LGBTQ movement because the powers that be that are in charge, a lot of people may not realize this, but they're worshiping the same ancient evil gods of the Bible, the ones that we were told not to worship. And the false idol is in effect today just as much as it was back then in the form of your music people, of your Hollywood people. So it's all kind of the same story carried forward throughout time, and as we come and approach the end times, it's intensified. So what I feel is that if we go back to basics, the family unit was created for a reason. Man, women, creating children. A man can do certain things that a woman can't, and a woman can do certain things that a man can't, and society has dictated because of the government and the powers that be, that, oh, we don't need women's lib needs to be a thing. Men are emasculated. Look at any sitcom nowadays where men are deemed to be utter and complete idiots. Right? And the breaking up of the family by women's lib so that women went out and worked and left the home place so that now you have strangers and daycares raising your children and instilling their morals, and then they go to the educational system which is instilling their liberal morals. It's a degradation of the family unit and it's an implosion from within on so many levels in our country and other countries, but especially in the United States, to where evil has been able to take a stronghold because you don't have that solid family unit and you don't have that prayer base going on. So does that answer your question? Yeah, maybe it's a little more than what you wanted, but that's where we're going. And so it's really essential that we get back to basics. And you have the two family unit with the children and you have the mom who's home. But see, again, the government has turned it around and twisted it so where it's impossible for you to be able to afford a loaf of bread unless you have two people working and one of the parents, if not both, sometimes have two and three jobs. It's become so unaffordable. And that's why it's done that way. It's all part of the master plan. So what I do when I counsel people is I tell them, are you aware of, let's say, the gmos in the foods? Are you aware of the poisons in the water? Are you aware of the toxicities and the poisons from big pharma? Do you know what you're putting into your body? And I try and teach people to organic garden, learn about healing herbs, learn about foraging, learn about ways to learn to hunt fish, right? Learn to shoot, learn how to protect yourselves and your families and get back to the basics of the family value system because that's how we're able to combat this. If you have strong morals and strong values and you have faith in yourself and your creator, then there's nothing that can touch you. But God gave us free will, right? And that's the crux of it. And that's the crux of it. It kind of becomes a slippery slope at some points because women are raised now to believe that we have the free will to enter the workplace and we have just as much equality as men. And in a lot of scenarios, women are now being pushed ahead above men in so many different environments and aspects. And we're not built the same. We're not physically the same, we're not mentally the same. Women were created to be caregivers and providers. We have the empathetic side. We have the compassionate side. Men were raised to bring home the bacon. They were raised to hunt the animals. They were raised to protect the family. And so when you mess with that dynamic, everything goes off helter Kelter. And then we throw in all these other movements that have come into play in the last, especially probably five years. And what we see there is the diversity that's created, is created for a reason. It's the same as the Roman Coliseum. Divide and conquer and what they've done to african american people and the whole welfare system and taking the black man and incarcerating him and taking him out of the family. And then we have women that are having children with several different men and just working off of the welfare system. It goes so deep. It's so utterly entrenched in the roots of evil. So if we work on just going back to basics, and as you said in your introduction, Rascala, I mean, if everybody goes to their school board meetings, if everybody goes to their local town hall meetings and votes, if everybody goes to the White House and protests, it's happening all over the country. We're just not seeing it on mainstream media. That's where we need to put our focus, because as we do that, the energy of the planet increases in a positive manner. And right now, when you say, does evil take over the earth? Or says, evil got the earth, a lot of it is based in fear. And so you've got the mainstream media be fearful, be fearful, watch out what's coming. This is coming. That's coming. The next thing's coming. We all know what the COVID scenario was, and we know the lies that they told us, and now they're prepping for another one, and people are still fearful, and they're getting eight and nine boosters and wearing their masks. And we know scientifically that the masks do nothing other than make you sick. So if you have the capability to research these things and delve deeper under the surface and just have a basic understanding that essentially evil is running the planet. However, having said that, if we come together and we help each other, and we truly love our neighbor as ourselves, and we truly make it an effort to help the old lady down the street carry in her groceries and help the old guy down the street shovel his walk, and we share the food that we have, that we've grown ourselves, all of that, that's the way we need to be living, and that's what's going to combat the evil. Because the dark forces have no protection against love. That is the greatest tool that we have love, faith and love and faith. That's it. That's all you need. [01:10:19] Speaker B: It's interesting. That's the first time I've really heard that about love being used as something that the dark side has no defense against. But that's true. [01:10:28] Speaker A: Well, when you work with spiritual warfare, and I have a person who's afflicted, and it may not be a full blown possession, it may be a case of oppression, the first thing that the demon tries to do is separate them from their family unit and people that they're close with. And then they create a sense of fear, a sense of anxiety, guilt and shame are huge. And all of these feelings of negativity so that they feel less than a person, so they don't feel worthy of the attention and the love of their family, so that they're separated. And animosity, a feeling of animosity is created between that person and their family or their loved ones, and they try and isolate that person. When that person is isolated, then they work on the mind. And so many times, I mean, almost all of the times, these people are hearing, literally, this is in their head, you're no good. Don't trust that one. And usually when they tell you not to trust somebody, it's somebody that wants to help you and drag you out of that. Be fearful, be anxious. You don't want to be on this planet anymore. The drug abuse, the alcohol abuse, the substance abuse, how did the demon enter the body? Well, they enter them through your orifices. So if you're watching porn, if you're listening to dark music, if you're doing drugs or alcohol, there's a reason that they call alcohol alcohol, spirits. The reason that they call it spirits is because spirits enter the body when you imbibe the alcohol or imbue the alcohol. And what happens is once these things enter the body, they try and take hold. And it's just a matter of the person's faith as to whether or not you can eradicate that. And so what I do is work with them to, first of all, show them love and explain to them that you're not worthless, you're not unworthy. You have so many gifts and abilities that you're not even aware of yet that were given to you by the creator source so that you can heal yourself and that you do have the power to thwart these things. And then it becomes a matter of prayer and meditation. And then we work together and there's a healing that takes place. And then once they absolve all their sins. Now, what that means is they have to realize that they've done something wrong in the past. So what did they do to bring that entity in? Did they engage in drugs? Did they engage in alcohol? Did they engage in poor. Did they create a heinous crime? And then they have to be sorry for that. And then they have to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. Right? And then we can start the process to begin the clearing. And then it's literally a matter of minutes. I mean, it's not like the movies most of the time where they're screaming and yelling and heads are twisting. But it can be like that some of the time. Because what happens is sometimes there's more than one presence in the body or around the person. They have a chain of command, militarily, for instance, colonels and corporals and generals and privates, just like father does. Right? So there are different strengths of demons. So there could be one. There could be many inside of a person. It becomes a process. We get rid of them. But the major thing in an instance like that is they cannot go back to those sins. Because just as it says in the Bible, if you clean your house, they come back sevenfold. Well, yeah, they come back and they have a pizza party. And then typically what happens is there's even more of a full blown possession. And I have seen cases where it's ended very badly, I. E. In a case of suicide or mental depravity, to where there's just no return from. Because they've lost themselves. They've lost their souls. Why? Because they didn't have the free will to stay strong enough to avert those things that they knew were bringing in the evil. [01:15:14] Speaker B: Wow. I want to ask you about suicide. This is something that I am seeing quite a bit of. [01:15:22] Speaker A: Absolutely. [01:15:24] Speaker B: One of my daughter's friends, who was a very kind soul, very caring person. Him and I had discussions many times about this haunting that's going on with him. And he would tell me that he felt this I'm not worthy thing, like you mentioned earlier, that God hates me. And I did my best to try to convince him that God doesn't hate you. How can you break through that? [01:15:58] Speaker A: And I haven't met the person, but it sounds like there's some sort of oppression going on. So what I would do with that person is exactly what you did. And then pray with them. Pray with them and over them. Because it sounds as though there's some sort of oppression going on. And what did they do to bring that oppression in? Are they a drinker? Did they engage in drugs? Did they do any of the things we talked about before? Do you know the person well enough to speak to that? [01:16:35] Speaker B: Well, I wanted to ask you, what happens if they were abused? Is that an entryway? [01:16:43] Speaker A: Okay, so sometimes in the case of an emotional or a physical trauma, yes. There can be instances in cases like that where because of the trauma that they suffer, things are allowed to come in. And the reason for that is because even subconsciously, as a child, when something like that happens, typically they'll try and block it out, and it will come into play in different scenarios as they live their lives and as they mature. So if it were a boy that were abused by, say, a family member or someone in a daycare, as they get older, they show signs of trouble with intimacy. They're afraid of relationships, extreme anger issues. They're not able to deal with their feelings. They're not able to express their emotions. And so when that happens, what I try to do is take that person and show them love and gain their trust. And once I have their trust, then I can broach the spirituality aspect of it. And as that happens, typically, if they've blocked it, we can open that channel up to where they have certain recollections. And sometimes they do have glimpses of things where they'll remember little bits and pieces or something would be a trigger for them. For instance, if they were beat with a strap, anytime they see a belt, it bothers them, but they don't know why. So at that point, that's when I would work with them, gain their trust, pray with them, and we would broach spirituality issue. And in so many times, it's so sad to see that these people turn against the creator because they find guilt or fault with him for allowing these terrible things to happen to them. But what they may not understand is that these are challenges that were placed in their lap for them to have the strength to overcome them and get through them so that they can follow their true path and be the person that they were meant to be. So the new age does have that right, to a degree. When they say that we're all learning and growing, and it's a process and there's an ascension involved, that part of what they preach is true, is true. And so what happens is that person can heal and blossom into a person that potentially becomes a counselor for someone who's sexually abused or potentially becomes a big brother or sister for a child that suffered a lot in their lifetime. And it can become such a beautiful, wonderful thing. That opens up, and I've said this so many times for so many years on my shows, we're all a ripple in a pond, right? And so if we spread the negative, we're going to get negative. But if we're able to come to a point where we spread the positive, we can truly create miracles. If there's such a thing as miracles. And is there such a thing as miracles? Because Jesus did so many amazing things that are spoken about in the Bible. But what a lot of people don't realize is we were all given those gifts and abilities just as being children, or because we are children, rather, of the creator created in his image. And he says, we can all do the same thing. Jesus said, you can all do the same things that I do, but you have to have the faith and more, but you have to have the faith to believe in it. And you have to know that you have the abilities to do these things. They have to be woken up, in a sense, inside of you. And as we were talking about before we went on the air, and that's where I have issues with the Bible, or at least the Bible as it's been changed, is there's no way. There were only 66 books of the Bible and the Book of Enoch. All of those books that were taken out were taken out because the powers that be don't want us to know the information that's contained within number one. And number two, what we have has been changed. So it's my belief that there are passages that were left out of the bibles and worrying that have been changed. Right? So we were told how to heal. We were told how to bilocate. We were told how to stand in our own strength and have the faith and conviction to be able to do, to have the power of the mind to create our own future. And these gifts were taken away from us. The knowledge, rather, was taken away from us. So here we are. We're the worker bees, we're the slave race, and we're just doing what the big eyes want us to because we're afraid. And that's the tool that keeps us down, is to keep us afraid to try and venture out and explore, to do prayer and meditation and find out what comes to you. I mean, that's how so many of my gifts were able to blossom after the fact, especially that that instance happened to me, was through prayer and meditation. I would be praying on a problem when I'd wake up in the morning and I'd have the answer in my head and I'd hear in my head, you need to do this. Or a door would open or I would be introduced later that day to a person that would help me solve the direct problem that I was searching for. So it's so interwoven and intertwined and it's actually a beautiful dance if you can look at it in a positive light. Right? But the bad guys don't want us to do that. They want us to be afraid. They want us to be anxious. They want us to be scared. They want us to be separated. And so there you have it. [01:23:01] Speaker B: Would it be fair to say that if somebody is in a suicidal state, the best thing they could do is try to draw up the emotion of love? [01:23:13] Speaker A: Absolutely. Because that is the key. If you don't show fear and you have love in your heart, those are the only two things that you need as a tool to combat the evil. You need love in your heart and faith. And you need to not have fear because they're like a pack of dogs. They smell fear. And if you show them fear, and here's another thing that can read your minds, right? So if you're fearful inside and you don't have faith that you will be saved and you will be taken care of, and you're going to see all kinds of images in your heads depending on what state of progression this is, whether it be scary monsters or dogs with red eyes or whatever. But if you know in your heart there's nothing that you can touch that can touch you rather and you fill your heart with love and you eradicate those negative feelings, okay, then there's no combating that. There's nothing they can do but what I found personally. And some people may disagree with me, but when I'm able to do a clearing for a person and when I say I, let me just do that too. When I say I, I don't mean I. I mean the energy that flows through me. So I'm just a channel. And I'm not a channeler. So don't misunderstand me. I don't channel, I don't allow anything into my body or anything like that, but I'm strictly a pipe for the energy that comes from above. So when I say I did, I really mean up there. Did. Right. But what I found in the case of, and this may trigger some people, but suicidal and anxious and also people who proclaim to be lesbian or gay. When I do a clearing for them, those symptoms fall away so they have mental clarity. Isn't that amazing? Yeah. [01:25:20] Speaker B: So sadly, this person that I was telling you about. My gosh, we had many, many talks, but it ended up being a failure for me because he ended up taking his life. [01:25:32] Speaker A: I'm so sorry. [01:25:34] Speaker B: The sad part about it that I think the people who feel that way don't realize that there's so many people who love them when they do this. They're hurting everybody. They're hurting the people that love them and care for them. And to me, it's kind of a cheap way out. It's a cheater's way out, I guess maybe is a better way to put it. [01:26:02] Speaker D: I could add something to this subject. Yeah. I know people that committed suicide personally, and I had a very interesting comment come back to me. It was actually the daughter of a woman I knew that committed suicide. And she said, and she was suicidal, too. What can I say? She said, so I have to live with my pain. So you don't have to have pain. And I thought about that for that statement. And it's like, why? You see, the question is not the pain, it's why do you have to live with pain? Yes, you had a loss. I comprehend that. But the reason for that amount of pain is that generally, we start to lack to have a compelling future, and then we start questioning our self worth, and it's like, I'm no good. The world would be better off without me. I can't do this anymore. I was at a point in my life where I was at the bottom of the barrel, and then I found out what was under the barrel, and then I became an expert in the dirt. But I didn't go out and kill myself. [01:27:30] Speaker B: Because I was too curious to. [01:27:33] Speaker D: See what kind of nonsense the next day would bring. But it was here again through prayer and through meditation, and to start to build a compelling future again is what actually brought me out of that. And so there's a key when you go to help somebody who is at that point, it's not just the spiritual end to try to uplift them, but to help them comprehend that, yes, they can change their circumstances and start building a compelling future. And it may not be, okay, get back to work. Do the nine to five thing. It may be go on a fishing trip or go out for a walk in the park or get a puppy, something of that. There's. But when a case of failure happens, you've done your best. And don't take it personal, because ultimately, it's that person. Because they didn't take care of themselves. Or, as Maggie said, sought out spiritual know. It's a hard. [01:28:41] Speaker B: A hard. It was a hard thing to accept. So what do you know about if somebody committing suicide, do they go to hell? [01:28:50] Speaker A: Well, I have my own thoughts on that because I know that the Bible has been changed and parts have been left out. One of the things that I do know is that we can stand in our own power and with our own free will, we are able to change things inside of and around. Right. In Genesis, God says, let us create man in our image. And Peter spoke about that in his book. So I've got to give him credit for that. But there was not one creator, okay? There was the father, and then there was a team that worked with him, which we're going to say were probably the watchers, right? So there were a group of people, and when the devil was cast down to earth, he never left. He's still here, sadly. And this is the evil that we come up against. Right. But I believe that my God is a loving God, and I don't believe that. Here's kind of a double thing. I don't believe that there needs to be a third party to pray your sins to or to ask for forgiveness to. I believe that. And the catholic church taught me for many, many years. And I hope I don't offend anybody because I'm just going to give you my personal opinion, and I hope that we're all adults here to try and appreciate someone else's perspective, whether or not you particularly agree with it. It's somebody else's perspective. Right. So try and be open if you can, because I feel like social media and all that, there's so much dissension, especially over the political wars and. Right. That we can't be adults anymore and discuss certain topics without somebody getting their panties in a bunch. [01:31:02] Speaker B: Right. Absolutely. [01:31:03] Speaker A: Openly. So anyway, I believe that you don't have to go to a priest or anything like that. [01:31:11] Speaker B: I agree. [01:31:12] Speaker A: You go right to source. So you go right to source and you say, look, I know I made this mistake. Now, see, this is your free will at play. So I'm cognizant of this mistake. I know that I've done wrong. And you will be forgiven. You will be forgiven. You are forgiven. You are forgiven. And then what you need to do from that point onward is just try and be a better person. So if you make that same mistake again, you do it again. Hey, look, I'm trying. I'm learning. And you try your best to kind of progress along the lines in an upward fashion to be the person that you want to be. And so if there's an instance of suicide. It's my belief, because the reason that the person did that was because they had something in them that convinced them to do that, that they were powerless to fight against. So having said that, if it's something that wasn't really their choice to begin with, how can they be punished for that? So then that brings us to the question of hell. Would we really be tormented souls for the rest of our lives for making mistakes that we were almost powerless against? And so that's why I question hell, because I don't really know that that exists. In fact, people have broached the question to me many times in my work. Do you think hell is earth? And I think there may be a certain degree of truth to that. Is this our testing ground? Think about that. [01:32:53] Speaker B: Well, there are places. There are places on earth that literally are hell. [01:32:59] Speaker D: Yeah. Biblically speaking, when the death is the wages that sin pays, so when somebody dies, their sin is paid for by their death. Very simple. Hellfire is not actually a teaching of the Bible. [01:33:15] Speaker A: So I don't know about reincarnation, okay? I know that a lot of people speak about that. But what I do know from being born gifted and what I do know from what the Bible says is the soul doesn't die. So when the physical body dies, all energies get called back to the source, to father. Right? So where do we go from here? Where do we go from here? Do we go back up? So what I think happens is that we're basically shown kind of a review of what we've done throughout our lives, and we are truly a ripple in a pond. So let me give you an example. I'm having a really bad day, and I decide to go grocery shopping. And so I go to the cashier at the local grocery store, and I snap at her when she asks me a question about how I want my groceries or do I have my bags? Do you have your bags with you today? And I bite her head off. That woman's having a particularly hard day. She's found out today that her hours have been cut. She's trying to support her family. Her husband's recently lost her job. And now I just added, after a really crummy day, the final nail to her coffin, right? Metaphorically speaking or figuratively speaking, rather. So now that woman goes home. It's the end of her day. She takes her vest off, she clocks out, she goes home, and she tells her family about the lady that was really mean to her today in the store. And that affects her husband, and that affects her children. She thinks about it at nighttime, and the next morning when she goes in, she wonders, wow, how many people are going to be mean to me today? I don't really want to be here, but now I have to be here. I'miserable, because what if I have a lady that I had yesterday that was so mean to me? And then the husband goes to work and he tells all of his coworkers about the lady that was mean to his wife at work and made her cry. And the kids go to school the next day. And the teacher says, what happened to you last night? How was everybody's dinner? Did everybody have a good night? And little Johnny, the child stands up and says, no, I didn't have such a good night. My mommy came home crying because some lady was mean to her. So right there in that instance, you have affected potentially hundreds of people from one small action. So what I think happens is we go up and we get kind of like a life review, and we are shown a movie of every single instance of every single scenario where we've been kind to another or mean to another, and how that's affected hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of people, depending on how socially famous we are. All right? And then it's at that point that we're kind of, like, in a spot where this is what you can do from here on out. And whether or not it's reincarnation, I'm really not sure about that one. But are we up there as an energy, working with father to help people spiritually? Are we those voices that people hear in their ear when they're told to go right down a road instead of left because there could be an accident that potentially they could die from? I'm not sure. I'm not sure about that. [01:36:31] Speaker B: I'll tell you that when I was younger, when I was probably up until the age of six, maybe I had the ability to hear people's conversations. I don't know where they were, but I would hear my mom having a conversation with my dad. And then later on I would say, why did you say that to dad? I didn't do that. And she would look at me like, how the hell did he know what I just told his father? He wasn't anywhere nearby, right? I thought it was normal. But then after a while, I shared it with my parents. And you're just hearing things. I guess they didn't want to accept it somehow. They thought maybe I was listening to their conversation without them knowing about it. But I heard other people's conversations as well. So basically, as I got older, I don't know what the correct word maybe corruption. The corruption of the ability to receive and utilize that gift became worse, and I lost it. There was a time where I kind of began to recapture it again. I was listening to one of Michael Vera's shows, and he had. I can't remember the guy's name. He was one of the guys that was out there on the mountain that they saw light out in the woods, and one of them ran out to the woods and supposedly got sucked up by the flying saucer. Anyway, I called in and I told that guy things that he didn't want on the air. I didn't realize until that. I believe that the reason I was able to do that, I was really getting into that, getting stronger, being able to bring it forth. The reason I think I was like that is I was truly happy and that I wasn't under the stress. The stress wasn't there. Not like it's grown. The stress is something I believe. It's hard to recognize, but it's there. And I think that we all live to a certain degree of that. It depends on how you handle it, what you're going to do with it. So it's taken me a while, but I've learned how to deal with it, how to put it the other way. [01:38:56] Speaker C: Riscala. Do you mind if I jump in? [01:38:59] Speaker B: Go ahead. [01:39:00] Speaker C: Some years ago, I was teaching a group of ministers conflict resolution in Texas. And during a break, they were all ministers. And I was pretty cocky at the time, and I was young. I was in my thought, I knew everything. And we walked out on the patio, and this one minister said to me, hey, have you talked to God lately? And I just kind of went, no, I think I missed that phone call. And he goes, well, that's the response I get from a lot of people. He said, no, really? He says, do you ever read the Bible? And I said, well, of course I do. He goes, well, do you start at the beginning and go chapter by chapter? And I said, well, no. He says, you're like everybody else. You flip open the Bible, thumb through a few pages and stop and start reading. And I said, yeah. And he goes, who do you think stopped you on that page? And on that said, you know, that's the way God speaks to you in a lot of different said. And as Maggie said earlier, it's like moments in time where I've driven the same path home every day of my life in a routine. And all of a sudden, one day, I'm going I'm not going to go that way. For some unbeknownst reason, I don't go home. The regular route that I normally would take and come to find out later on, sure enough, there was a bad accident in the path that I would have taken. So you listen to God's messages and where we have this insight, if you want to say the second voice, the inner voice that tells you to do something at the moment in time, as these ministers said, it's God's message to you and telling you and protecting you because you are a person of God and you do believe and he's watching out for you. And I never thought about it that way. And then also too, same thing would happen when I go to church. I quit going to church because I saw the fallacies that were going on in most of the churches nowadays and it turned me out. And so when I did go to church, funny things happened. I was going to church in Houston, Texas Methodist Church, and I'd go as far as I could up at the balcony set on the very last row, and I'd fall asleep. My wife would constantly poke me and know, wake up, we're here in church. And I jokingly one day said, if God wants me to hear his messages, he'll take care of it. Well, literally the next day I get a phone call from the director of communications at the Methodist church and asked me if I would want to volunteer at the broadcast ministry of the church. And I was like, yeah, this sounds great. What's my job? He says, director of communications. So you handle all the microphones, you turn them on and adjust them and the sound quality of the production. So I went, great. This goes in. So sure enough, I get in there, I learn all of it. I set it all up and I don't have to touch it so I can fall asleep, which is what I did. And within a week, I get called by the director and said, you're doing such a great job. We're going to promote you to director of communications, where you monitor and do everything you do the cameras, the audio, everything. And I was like, cool. He goes, well, one thing you have to do is you have to go to the minister every Sunday morning and get the minister's notes, and you have to read them word for word so that you know when to change the camera and go to the audience, go to the minister and go to the choir. And he said, so you have to follow that verbatim. So literally, in a matter of two weeks, it was God's message to me like, okay, now you're going to start paying attention. And it was amazing, the messages I got by doing that job. And so I look back on my life as having scenarios like that where God had a major influence on my life, subtly but instrumentally, in the point where I learned a lot. [01:43:11] Speaker B: Wow, cool. [01:43:15] Speaker A: So there was a period in my life where before I was touched, as it were, that I stopped getting intuition. And my dad has always been kind of eked out by the way that I was, because he claimed earlier on in his life that he didn't have any of those gifts passed down through generationally as I did. And so when I would tell him something, it always kind of made him a little uncomfortable, but he listened to me. And so one day I actually called my dad up and I was really upset and I said, dad, dad, I've stopped getting messages, I've stopped hearing things, I've stopped seeing things. Something's wrong. And I didn't know what was going on, but it really bothered me. And he's kind of awkward about it and he's like, oh, it's okay, honey. It'll come back. It'll come back. So I went into prayer that night, and in instances of my life where I was feeling down and depressed or scared, whatever, as a child, there was always a man that I was shown that was standing next to me on my right side. And I always called him Michael because my favorite uncle was named Michael. And so I nicknamed him Michael. And I was in prayer and that figure appeared to me and he said to me, the reason that you've stopped seeing things is because you've been praying to us, to the angels, and so therefore, you're not following the word because you're not supposed to pray to us and worship us. You're supposed to go straight to father. And if you do that, you won't have any issue, because we're put here to help you. We're put here to assist humanity, but we're not above humanity. And for you to go and pray to us and worship us instead of father, that's not a good thing. So what I did that night was I went straight to father and I prayed. There's a situation at hand that I need some help and guidance and direction with. I want to help this person, but I don't know how to help them. And typically, I would see in my mind a scenario play out or I'd hear a Bible verse and I would know how to help that person. Please help me. And everything opened back up. Everything opened back up. And so what I learned was, and what I heard was angels are here to assist you. And what a lot of people I don't think understand is that angels will intervene on your behalf, but you're given the free will to ask them to help you. So in other words, if you need assistance, if you're engaged in spiritual warfare, the forces that we fight are much more powerful physically than we are. And there are things such as fighting in the other realms. There are spiritual battles. We've heard so many times, the story of Daniel, right, and how he was praying to his angel, and his angel says, well, I was delayed because I was fighting the prince of Persia. So the battles that are going on overhead and interdimensionally are from beings that are much more physically strong and just able to do many things that we as humans, with our Weasley little bodies, can't. But if we ask for the angels insistence and intervention, then those graces are given to us by Father. He does send them to help us. And so it's both father's word and also the forces, I believe, that he provides for us to utilize to help us get through these times. I've had people tell me they were in accidents, and you've read these stories where people are in an accident and somebody appeared at the side of the road and helped them and called the police and made sure that they were okay. And then they look and they're gone. They disappeared. And that, to me, is a true instance of an angelic intervention. So what do you think about that, Jerry? [01:47:47] Speaker C: I'm in full agreement with you because I had a friend that was like that in Texas. She was struggling, having a very tough time, and she didn't know what she was going to do. She had to move out of her apartment with her son and move to another location. And she told me this story years later because we were pretty strong in our faith. And she said that she was stressed out. She didn't know what she's going to do. She couldn't pack her van up or the trailer that she'd rented and was having a tough time. And some guy just showed up on her doorstep and said, I'm here. I want to see if I can help you out. And so she said, didn't know who he was, but he helped her pack the trailer and everything and then rode with them to the new city, Tyler, Texas, helped her unpack everything and then disappeared. [01:48:44] Speaker A: She said he disappeared. [01:48:46] Speaker C: And she said she swore this guy had to be an angel because he literally disappeared. And that's also the same story that I don't know if you're familiar with the church in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It's a very famous church where they've got a spiral staircase in this church up to their choir area. And this is a real tiny church. And the monks had to climb a rope to get up into this tier for their choir to sing because the church was so small. And so they prayed to the catholic God of saint of building. And this man showed up at their church and offered to build a staircase to the second floor. Well, he built this miraculous staircase all out of one piece of wood. It is absolutely beautiful. I've seen it myself all the way to the second floor. Once he was completely finished, he disappeared. Didn't get any payment, didn't ask for any payment, just disappeared. And this church is incredible. I mean, the staircase is absolutely beautiful in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in this little, tiny, tiny. The miracles out there, I believe, happen all the time. And it's like my son in the Bible, it says, ask and thou shalt receive. So my son had a little business. He was cleaning airplanes, and he called me up one day and he goes, dad, dad, I'm really stressed out. He says, I'm not getting any business, and I don't know what I got to do, and I got to pay my car payment and car insurance, and I just don't know what I'm going to do. And I said, well, son, have you prayed to God and asked him to give you some business? And he goes, well, no. And I said, you know, you've got strong faith. Why don't you do that tonight and see what happens? He goes, well, isn't that being greedy? And I said, no, the Bible says, ask and thou shalt receive. And so the next morning, he calls me up, and he's all excited. He's like, jumping through hoops. He says, dad, dad, I prayed last night, and I got five new contracts this morning. And I said, what does that tell you, Jess? I said, it tells you that God is with you as long as you have your faith and ask and thou shalt receive. And you're not being greedy. I thought the same thing for years in my life, that you never asked for anything because it was selfish, self centered. And then I finally realized it's not. And every time I've prayed for something, usually I've gotten mean. It's kind of comical. My wife was very religious, and when we moved from Latin America to Texas or to Florida, I said, we drove up to a little stop. And, you know, why don't you pray for us to win the lottery? And she goes, ok, I'll do that. And so I went in and bought two tickets next week. I said, let's go check it out. So we drive into the stop and go, or 711. And I walk in, I put the first ticket in, it goes kaching. And I go, wow. So I give the guy the second check, put it in, it goes kaching. He says, you won two tickets. Amazing. And I said, well, how much did I win? He goes, $12. I went out to her and I said, next time, pray for the full amount. There's a prime example of God will give you a lot of things you want, but not ridiculous. And so I'm a firm believer in asking God. And something else somebody else told me recently, they say you pray to God through Jesus. Now, I don't know what you think about, you know? So I started praying to Jesus to ask God for things. And ironically enough, they've always come through. [01:52:41] Speaker A: Well, we're told that nothing goes through the father except through the Son, right. So I usually will end my prayers in mean, it is spoken in the Bible. In the Bible. But just touching on that, on a couple different aspects. Roskella, did you have anything that you had for me, or do you mind if I just ramble for a bit? [01:53:08] Speaker B: I'm listening. Ears open. [01:53:10] Speaker A: Okay. So we were talking about, first of me, I want to broach what Jerry said about the praying and all of that, but I just wanted to go back to the Bible for a minute. And when I say that, I believe things were changed and omitted by the bad guys, King James, for instance. And I've always read and followed the King James Version of the Bible. But as I became older and started to really study the Bible, I got, like, ten or eleven translations. And it's kind of like that cup and string game you play as a kid. If you start off at, say, the King James, and then you work your way down to, like, the ESV or the ESVB or whatever, it's almost like the LGBTQ movement. There's so many versions that I can't keep track, but the translations and the wording is changed so much from one version to the other that it really literally doesn't even have the same meaning anymore. And then when we consider the translations, the original writings translated to English, the loss there, and we know that this was all orally transcribed, right? So it would make sense to me that the people that translated or transcribed put their own spin on it to some degree. And what were the powers that were controlling those forces? So that's why I believe that there were parts that were changed or omitted or left out. [01:54:36] Speaker C: I've got a question to ask you. Have you ever heard of the book Urancha? [01:54:41] Speaker A: I actually have a copy of the Urancia book, and I bought the book, and I was amazed by it because the texture of the paper, to me, is very similar to the texture of a biblical paper. It's very thin and very fragile. But when I read the introduction, there was something in the introduction that alluded that it was gotten by a channeled message. And so I was like. So I tried to get through the first and second chapter, and to be honest with you, it was even more technical. Gosh, what's the word I want? But it was almost like it was Genesis times 100. When he talks about the family, the origins of family, and I couldn't get through it. Well, he talked about the hierarchy of angels. [01:55:36] Speaker C: The very first chapter. [01:55:37] Speaker A: Go ahead. [01:55:38] Speaker C: Segment is very difficult to assimilate. It's like a circle within a circle. It just keeps doing spiraling. So he. [01:55:48] Speaker A: Genesis looked like kindergarten. [01:55:51] Speaker C: And I had to go through and skip through the segments. But the urancha is primarily, the bulk of the book is about Jesus, from the time he's born to the time he dies. Everything, every day of his life in there, showing all the incredible miracles that he really did that have been excluded from the Bible now. [01:56:12] Speaker A: Well, you know, it's interesting you say that, because a couple of weeks ago, I actually was guided to revisit that book. And I actually told a friend of mine on the phone a couple of weeks ago, there's something about that book that's pulling at me. I really need to pull that out and take another look at it. But the fact that it said it was channeled made me a little edgy, if you know what I mean. [01:56:30] Speaker C: Okay, here's the basis behind that book. In 1932, I believe, is when it was. This person kept waking up in the middle of the night and talking gibberish, and his wife was freaking out, thinking he was having a heart attack or something, and she'd wake him up and he'd be fine. This went on for several weeks, and finally she took him to a doctor, and the doctor said, I don't know what's wrong with him. He appears to be healthy. And so she contacted several other doctors and finally found a doctor that was multilingual. And he said, okay, when your husband starts doing this, do not wake him up. Call me in immediately, and I'll come over and find out what's going on. So the story is, that's what he did. And he found out that the language the guy was speaking was Latin, and it was being channeled to him through an angel from heaven. And the message was, I'm going to give you this vast amount of information that is phenomenal. And you are to share what I tell you to share and nothing more. And the original story states that they developed this huge dossier that's massive. And so back then, the people decided they would try to reproduce it and distribute it. Well, every time they tried to reproduce it, the reproductions disappeared. And so finally it said, through this channeling from an angel, supposedly, I'm only going to give you an edited version that you can share. And that's what the version is supposedly out in the community now, because he said too much of the information is too overpowering to the average mortal, that they couldn't comprehend it. And that's exactly what happened to me. It was given to me by a catholic priest and said, if you're so smart, maybe you can understand the first chapter of this book, and if you can't, come back and let me know. And I couldn't understand anything of it. But as I funneled through the book more and more, there were interesting aspects of it that piqued my interest, one being the Noah's ark. And at the time, we only developed the concept of the globe after 1492, when Columbus made the trip. So back in Noah's time, the actual earth was the distance a person could travel from sunset or sunrise to sunset. And that circumference, that was the world as they knew it in that time. So the confusion is that we got later on, and Noah was supposed to be a meteorologist, and then he could predict the weather. And he basically told the community that he lived in, there's going to come a time where we have a great flood from this river, and we don't know if it's going to come during the day or at night. So you should be prepared for it at night. Bring your animals in, protect yourself, and build your house so it will float. If that time comes, which it did, and it wiped out the entire town. Now, we've changed that story to it represented the entire globe. And again, I don't know what the truth is, but that made a little bit more sense to me. Based on the historical fact of the time era that Noah was alive. Based on our time era. Now, where we perceive the earth as a globe. And so that's the question that comes into play, which one's true? And then we say we found Noah's ark on Mount Sinai, but nobody's been able to bring it down. Nobody's been able to bring a piece of it down or anything. So what's the Mount Ararat? [02:00:15] Speaker A: Wasn't it Mount Ararat? Because I actually know somebody that was part of the team that went on a recent exploration of that. His name is Aaron Judkins. He's a biblical archaeologist. And I had him on my show on the old network. I think it's Ararat, I think. [02:00:29] Speaker C: Yeah. Ararat, yeah. I mean, I don't know. And in this urancha book, what fascinated and piqued my interest, too, was this book was written in 1935, I believe. And in the book, in the science part of the book, which is really fascinating to me, is they have the exact measurement of an atom down to its nth degree. And we didn't discover that till 1962, when we developed neutron or nuclear microscope, were we able to measure an atom. That was in 1962. But this book has the exact measurement of a 1932. So how is that possible? That's what piqued my interest on this book and reading more. There's a lot of that type of scientific information in there that's compelling to believe that somebody of great knowledge and wisdom had to have had the ability to transcribe or compose these notes to create this manuscript. So I suggest that maybe you want to take a look at it and some through it. Now, the one thing I did, I bought a book that has the Concordex in the back of it, which means I can find any word, and then that'll tie me to the paragraph in. [02:01:48] Speaker E: The. [02:01:50] Speaker C: Chapter of where that originated. So you can ask know, you look through the Concordex and find any word and relate it to whatever it relates. And anyway, it's pretty, it's just, I just found it incredibly interesting. And we had a group of scientists in Houston, Texas, where I lived, that would get together every month and talk about and analyze it. And these people were really very brilliant. [02:02:17] Speaker B: Wow. Well, there's your message, Maggie. [02:02:21] Speaker A: Yeah. Interesting, because as I said, I was, two weeks ago, I was guided to pick up that book and look at it again. So thank you. Thank you. [02:02:30] Speaker C: I would highly recommend you read through it and do it like the Bible. Go back to the Concordex portion of it and pick a word out that you want to find out. Now, there's an interesting story about Adam and Eve in there too. And so it talked about the true forbidden fruit was really that Eve, okay, Adam and Eve, supposedly in this book, were transported to Earth. And Adam was a animal husbandry specialist, so he knew all the animals of the earth. And Eve was agricultural, and so they were sent to earth to teach and educate the masses of the earth about agriculture and animals. And so Adam appeared first, and Eve appeared secondly, and it appeared know she came from his rib. But they were supposedly transported to earth. And the reason we have Sunday being the Sabbath day and the 7th day is the story is that Adam and Eve spent the first six days going around and educating them on animal husbandry and agriculture and all this stuff, and they finally decided, okay, they needed to have a rest. So they went to sleep on the night of the 6th day, and they woke up the next morning and the masses were outside of their tent praying to them, thinking they were gods. And Adam and Eve said, whoa, whoa, whoa, this is not right. We are not gods. We are simply messengers from God to help educate you. So because you made this horrible mistake, this day, from this day forward, you will rest on this day as we did, and you will pray to God for his forgiveness. So this will be the Sabbath day, the 7th day, from that day forward. And that's supposedly how the Sabbath became the 7th day and Sunday. And that's the first time I ever heard that. I thought that was kind of interesting. [02:04:37] Speaker A: I definitely will revisit that. Thank you for sharing that. And that's what I like about an open forum, is we get different perspectives and we get different insights, and people have so much information to share. So it's always a wonderful thing to do a group share, like you're doing risk. Ella, on the show, I appreciate you and Jerry as well. Going back to the health thing, though, that was one of the things that I personally believe was put into the Bible by possibly Constantia or King James or somebody, because I think the precedent was set there for us to be fearful rather than to have us have the understanding that what I believe is father gave us the gift of forgiveness. And so if we ask for forgiveness of our sins, as I said earlier, we will truly be forgiven as long as we repent and are aware of our sins, if you want to call them that, for lack of a better term or because that's what the word that's used in the Bible, right? We're forgiven and we're able to get that second shot and we're able to work on ourselves, because I think the goal here is for us to learn. To learn and to grow, to be better people, to be more like fathers, to be the best person that we could be. And so that's why, another reason that I'm not sure about the whole health thing, because if you look at governmentally and structurally, the biggest tool that they use is the biggest tool that the devil uses, which is fear. So having us being afraid of this unforeseen scenario where it's literally fire and brimstone, well, makes sense, doesn't it? [02:06:29] Speaker C: A couple of years ago, I ran for Congress, and I was the republican nominee in Texas in 1996. And two congressmen came to me right before the election and said, it looks like you're going to be our congressman. I was like, great. That's super. And they said, do you have any questions? I said, yeah, I do. I have a couple. I said, why don't we have English only in the United States? And they said, that'll never happen. I said, well, why? They said, well, how do you think we keep that culture ignorant of our laws? And how do you think we can control? [02:07:02] Speaker A: Same as. It's the same as taking cursive out of the school system so that children can't read. Exactly. It's the same principle there. Exactly. [02:07:18] Speaker C: I asked him about the abortion issue, and he said, both of these congressmen who are Republicans said, that's his biggest joke out there. And I said, what do you mean, biggest joke? He goes, when you get elected, you'll find out we get behind closed doors. And he said, the whole point behind the abortion issue and why we've never resolved it and we never will is how do you think we stir up enough anger in the opposing parties and our parties to get people to contribute to our campaign? It's all about emotions. If we don't have high emotions stirring up all the time, we never make any money. And it's all about making money. And I had spent a million dollars on my campaign. He said, if you get elected, you'll get it back in two weeks. And the other thing came up, and I said, I'm confused. He says, why are you here? And I said, I'm here to represent the constituents of district four. He goes, no, you're not. You're here to do what I tell you to do when I tell you to do it, how I tell you to do it. Say what I tell you to say when I tell you to say and vote the way I tell you to vote when I tell you to vote. And I went, I thought I was here to represent the constituents of district four. He poked me in and said, I'm going to make. I'm sure you don't get elected. This was a 78% republican district. All I had to do was show up. I would have been elected. I didn't get elected. And there was voter fraud throughout the district the next day after the election. So this is how powerful our politicians are and why they keep stirring up this hate and this anger and this hostility in our society so that they make money. That's what it's all about. [02:08:53] Speaker B: Sadly. [02:08:54] Speaker A: Well, if I can speak to that risk. Keller, did you have something to say? [02:08:57] Speaker B: Sorry, I'll wait till you speak to that. And I got something I want to ask you. [02:09:02] Speaker A: Okay. So that's why I feel like, and this is what I teach people, is that it's essential to start your day in prayer, meditation. And what you need to learn to do is anytime that there's negativity that creeps in, whether it be that voice in your head that tells you you're not worthy or you're less than perfect, and perfect. When I say that, I mean that kind of loosely. But when you're not enough, you need to bring yourself back to balance. And what you need to do is put those energies right out of your head and bring yourself center to a feeling of peace and calmness and serenity. And know that you're loved, and know that you are love, and know that you are father is inside of you. The God energy is inside of you. And a lot of people believe that that's really where God resides, right? Does he really reside in heaven? Is he this guy sitting on a throne? Or is he inciting every one of us? And so what I teach people to do is that anytime you have that negativity, creep in, push it out, fill it with loving, peaceful thoughts. Picture the day your child was born and the feeling that. That emanated the happiest feeling of your life. And when you're in a spiritual warfare position, if you're able to shift that energy and you bring it from a feeling of anger and defensiveness and survival mode, and this is speaking to your fellow, unfortunately, Riskella, who ended his life. If you're able to do that and shift that energy from survival mode in being angry and hateful and spiteful and mean to a feeling of love, and you stop and pray, when you have those feelings come inside of you, that feeling of peace will automatically push that out. And the feeling of love that you bring into your heart from that memory that you've elicited from your personal memory bank. Fill your feeling with that joy, with that love, with that peace, and then build from there. Then see they're powerless. There's nothing they can do. Okay. And so when we talked about before, jerry's statement about talking to his son and how he always got things that he was prayerful for, that's one thing that I spoke to. So there's a lady that I actually do some things with, a homeschool co op. And these people came to me, and they said, we want to start a home school. You know, people in the community, we don't know how to do it. Will you help us? Because they wanted a christian based co op whereby they could follow their own belief structures but mostly not have the structures that were being forced upon them in the school system. The liberal thinking. Okay. I. E. The LGBTQ. And your parents have no power and come to us and tell us if your mommy corrected you, and then we'll take you away from your parents, et cetera, ad nauseam. I was talking to this one mom, and she has her master's degree, and she is a christian counselor. And we got into a discussion one day about prayer and prayer and meditation specifically. And I said to her, well, it says in the Bible two or more. And she said, that's what a lot of people do. She said, a lot of people read the Bible, and they put their own spin on it, and they put their own interpretation on it. And she said, if you're a true follower of Christ, it says in the Bible that there's no room for interpretation. It's as it's written. And I disagreed with her, and I said, well, that's where I feel that you're wrong, because father gave us the gift of discernment, and we're supposed to use that discernment to use our independent thinking to come to our own conclusions based on his word. But his word is an interpretation to some degrees. A lot of the things in the Bible were parables. They weren't literal things, but they were examples of how to behave and how to act. And so the two or more thing for me is that if two or more people are joined in prayer, power is given. It's more than just one person praying. And so if you pray with and for and over somebody that's struggling, then you have that backing. That person that's struggling has you at their side. You're the second. And so you're able to help them, to calm them, to give them the peace possibly that they need. And then as a body, too, if you practice with a church, and I feel that that's essential. And the other thing that you touched on was the thankful and gratefulness. And that's one thing that I do teach, essentially. And Jesus did allude to this in my interpretation of certain scriptures, where if you're thankful and grateful for what you have, and you come at everything with a feeling in your heart of thankfulness and gratefulness, then that also will help you to achieve what it is that you're praying for. So what I teach people to do is if you want something, and this, again, may offend a couple of people, may not, because it's my interpretation, is that if you look at something, say you want a new car and you can't afford a vehicle, if you put in your heart and you pray with a spirit of thankfulness and gratefulness for all that you do have, and you look at that and you pray on that car as though it's already yours, and you visualize you're driving that car down the road to the finest detail, what the upholstery looks like, what it smells like, what the radio sounds like, what station you're listening to, what songs playing. The breeze is blowing through your hair as the wind always rolled down, the sun beating on your face, and all of that. And you do that in a prayerful mind state, and you get down into the alpha state, and you're able to do that. Then you're able to, a, have your prayers answered, but b, part of what I believe was taken out of the Bible was you have the ability to help yourself, to manifest your goals. So everything through father. Right. But scientifically, there is so much that is not known about the human mind. There is so much capability there. There are so many things. I mean, the governments have had programs with psychics for years, back into the movie with Anthony Hopkins, where he escaped a governmental program. He was a gifted psychic, and he escaped, and they came and found him in the end and took him back. Men who stare at goats, Russia. Hitler was a big proponent of people who were gifted, and he did a lot with that kind of thing, although I have my own opinion on him, too. We could talk about that on another show. But my point here is that two or more in prayer and being thankful and grateful is where you're able to achieve and get what you desire if it's willed that it should happen for you. Okay? But we are given these gifts and tools, and these are things that were taken from us when parts of the Bible, I believe, were omitted or changed. And also, governmentally speaking, the powers that be keeping us in that state of fearful anxiety where we don't have that peace and joy in our hearts, so we're not able to utilize our full gifts and abilities to get what we want. Let's say, man, that's maybe not the right way to say it, but to hit the $12 on the lotto, maybe that would have been 200 or 2000. Right. If we look at even ancient technologies, how were the pyramids built? It's my belief that they were built with sound. And we know that music heals when it's in the right hertz. Of course, the music industry today has changed. The healing hurts. So this is negative Hertz. Why were they changing the hertz? Because that hurts. Was the God essence hurts, I believe. And so when they changed that, they took it away from us, and so they made it something. It's just like with everything, the devil takes something good and he copies it and subverts it. Same with Satanism. Right? So nuns wear a ring on their left finger symbolizing their marriage to God. Satanists wear a ring on their left finger symbolizing their marriage to Satan. Right. So that's how I feel. I feel that two or more in prayer and a group of people praying. And that's why if you're having problems in the community and you form your own prayer chains and you come together and call each other at 09:00 at night or nowadays do a zoom conference or a Skype conference, and you put that energy forth or even just pray at the same time in the privacy of your home, that energy that's created is just so strong. And I feel like if everybody on the planet just eradicates the fear and learns to live in love and learns to live in peace and serenity and trust for the higher power, we'll be able to get rid of a lot of this stuff. So I don't know how you feel about that, but that's my perspective. [02:18:51] Speaker B: Amen. I wanted to ask you about, what's your opinion of what's the opposite of love? [02:19:05] Speaker A: What is the opposite of love? Again, going back to the dark side. So the tools that he use are hate, but also fear, insecurity, anxiety. I think it's that whole ball of wax. Anything that's not love is against love. So any of those negative feelings that you feel is not in a state of love or from a state of love. And so therefore, it's diametrically opposed to love. Does that make sense? [02:19:35] Speaker B: Yeah, I've always believed that the direct opposite of love is fear. And that's what we've talked about quite a bit tonight, is that fear that's been driven in. And the reason that these people are able to get away with what they get away with is they constantly drive this fear into the people. So I was just curious about that. Did you give an answer about the reincarnation? Because I didn't hear it. [02:20:08] Speaker A: I'm not sure that that's what happens, but I know that the soul doesn't die. And we know that father calls back the soul from every leaving soul. And that was another thing that I talked to the lady that professes to be. She has a master's and she's a counselor, a marriage counselor. And all of that is, I asked them one day, do animals have souls? Well, no, animals don't have souls. And of in the Bible, but yet all of these creatures were created. And if you look at a dog, for instance, and the emotion and the loyalty and the empathy and how dogs can see and animals, cats can see things that we can't that are from interdimensionally, from another realm. Right? Animals have a. Peter has a different bible than what I use, but his passage, one of them says, and God called forth the soul from every living creature. So that indicates that every living creature would have a soul because he called them back. So I do believe that animals have souls, and I do believe that everything is energy, and we were created of energy. And so it stands to reason, if we put forth a positive energy and a positive spin in our hearts and hold that love in our hearts and keep in a positive mindset, that, again, it's scientifically proven. How many people have been healed through prayer and having positive effects. If you have a person that has cancer, for instance, and a group of people gather and pray over them to be healed, they're gathering and praying for that person to be healed, but they're also joining their energies and raising the vibration to heal that person. And if a person just in their mind, every day, I'm healed. And they visualize that tumor shrinking and they visualize the tumor shrinking to the point where it no longer exists. Mind over matter. There's a reason that that phrase exists. And that brings me kind of to another topic, too. Something that I try and help people with is verbiage. And I'm still learning this, so I'm not the greatest at it yet, but one thing that I've learned is the words that you use carry a lot of energy. And this goes all the way back to the old times in the Bible, when people were praying, the dark forces were also praying to their God, and they were doing chants and incantations and spells and rituals and all these other things, right? So happy birthday. We were talking about this before the show. Rascala. That's a perfect example. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday to you. It said three times. How old are you now? How old are you now? How old are you now? It said three times. There's a candle that's associated with that. That's a ritual. So that is, in essence, made to make you feel older, made to realize your mortality and that you're to die at a certain stage in life. Whereas as Jerry touched on with what I think he's saying with the Arancha book, or at least a part of the chapter, and then also, biblically speaking, before the fall, we know that we were created to live a whole lot longer than we are right now, right? But between the toxins that are being sprayed in the skies, the foods that were being put into our system and the injections that were given, the medications that were given, but more important than all of that, the energy that we carry inside of us. I got a headache. I'm sick. I don't feel good. What if you were to say, I feel great, I feel better, I'm healed, I'm in perfect health. Try that for a week and see how differently you feel. And these are all gifts that father gave to us, and they were taken from us. That's what I believe. And words that were put into place in the english language that were meant to take away our power. If anybody knows about the. There's two guys, and I can't think of their name right now, that they researched the governmental structure and they went back to the english laws. Right, and the power of the water. And I can't think of the law right now, but it's the power of land oversea. Peter, do you remember that? [02:24:46] Speaker D: I don't remember the specific. [02:24:48] Speaker A: The guy with the post office. The land. [02:24:52] Speaker D: Yeah. It's what our constitution is based on. The law of the land, or what we're under is admiralty law. [02:25:00] Speaker A: Admiralty law. That's it. So admiralty law. And that's what we're still following as a country. Right? So understand, when you're arrested by the police, you're asked, do you understand? Understand in itself is making you subservient to another human being. Right. I don't stand under you. I stand in my own. I'm a child of God. I'm a child of father, so I have the same rights as you. So I don't understand you, I don't stand under you, and I don't have to necessarily follow your laws. They're man made laws. Although the Bible does say Jesus did say, give Caesar what Caesar is due. I also know that he said to lay down your cloak and pick up your sword. So there again, it's a matter of your translation of the Bible and a matter of your interpretation of the Bible. There are times to stand firm and there are times not to. If it's a just ruler and that person is doing good things for the country and he's helping the sick and he's feeding the poor and he's feeding our veterans rather than these illegal aliens that are coming across the border. Right. And we don't even want to go down that road. So we could do 3 hours on that then. Yeah. Hey, I'll vote for the guy. I'll follow him. But if he's doing wrong and he's standing behind things like abortion, come on, really? [02:26:28] Speaker B: I think we're paying the price for all those. You ever. Have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Greg Braden? [02:26:36] Speaker A: I have, and I did have a couple of books of his, but I haven't really delved into them too much, I think I've watched a couple YouTube videos on him, but I really don't know enough to speak about it. [02:26:50] Speaker B: The reason I bring this up is one of the videos that he has is about four people altogether. It talks about a lady that I believe she lived in the US and she developed some kind of non operational cancer, and she didn't want to do the chemo or the other stuff because she knew the recovery rate wasn't very good. So she went to China to a thing called a medicineless hospital. And in this medicineless hospital, these four people were in prayer and came to an agreement. And the agreement was that they were going to remove this tumor from this lady without any kind of surgery involved. This is all through prayer. So two of them, which I think they look like monks or something at the head of the bed, and it looks to be like a medical facility of some sort. There's the lady herself that's having the tumor removed, and then there's another lady performing an ultrasound. Live while these men are praying in their language, I think it is, but they're praying over this woman. And the four of them have come to an agreement. An agreement is the men are going to pray. And I'm going to be healed. And everybody truly believes that. And in a matter of, I think it's three minutes or maybe just less than three minutes, the lady's taking a picture of this tumor in her pancreas. I think it was. And as they're praying, one of the people that I gave the link to the video to told me that it sounds like they're saying, be healed, be healed, be healed. The short of it is within three minutes. You can watch this tumor literally disappear, literally disintegrate before your eyes in this video. And it goes to speak to the power of prayer. It goes to speak to what you were saying about earlier, about the power of words that we use and how they can physically affect our reality around us physically. So I just wanted to bring that up and mention that to you as well as we have. Looks like we have somebody coming in. Adriana is in the room, and I think Adriana has a question for you. [02:29:28] Speaker A: Can you hear me? [02:29:30] Speaker B: Yes. [02:29:32] Speaker A: Okay. [02:29:32] Speaker E: So thank you for everything you said. It's amazing. I had a question because I know that we've talked a lot about dealing with mental health and the connection to the spirit world with that. However, I'm a social worker, and I've been in the mental health field, worked with a lot of youth and children and also adults. But I see that when they, because a lot of your suggestions are like, do this or do this. But when they experience trauma and they're either in it or have experienced it, it literally causes physical damage to their brain, especially if it was at a young age. And how does a parent or themselves get past that? It's almost like they're stuck. If you can't get engagement, does that make sense? [02:30:35] Speaker A: So the parent that's trying to help the child is stuck because of the trauma in the brain from the child? Is that what you're saying? Do I understand it correctly? Yeah. [02:30:44] Speaker E: Like the child themselves or I've seen it in adults as well. But the trauma and the post traumatic stress is so strong that getting them engaged in any kind of, whatever you want to call it, therapy or even like, what you're saying with them changing your thought process and things that you've suggested, what if they're not engaging in that? How can we, does people around them, can they do something to help them get out of that state? Because that's what I see a lot of is they're so wrapped up, and it's almost as if the trauma is still happening. And I see youth attempting suicide because of that, because they don't see a way out. And even though they have the resources or parents are praying or whatever they're using, what if they're stuck in that? How can we help them? [02:31:51] Speaker A: My suggestion would be just to come at it from an aspect of love. And when I work with children, what I find is sometimes they may connect better to one person than another. So I'm not sure the scenario, let's just take one case, for example, false scenario, let's say, where there's a child that's been traumatized by, let's say, a daycare provider, and the parents become aware of the situation and they take the child out of that daycare. And yes, the child is suffering from a form of PTSD. There may be some physiological changes that take place in the child's brain. Are they seeing a counselor? Is it their parents? Because maybe what I think happens in a case like that is, and I can speak to this directly, because to be 100% honest with you, as a child, I did suffer some of these afflictions. I was abused to a certain degree as a child. And what I found with me is that I was so terrified if I shared that information with my parents. The person that was doing those things to me told me, if you tell anybody, I'm going to kill your parents, I'm going to cut them up into small pieces and mail them to you in a plastic bag. So in some cases, the children are actually trying to protect their parents by not saying something. So if you go to maybe a counselor or someone like yourself, I don't know how directly you are involved in the count. Are you involved in the counseling process at all, or are you just a little bit? [02:33:33] Speaker E: And I also have some personal experience with my own children with this. So I noticed with one of my children, even though they have told me what happened, we're working through it. There was a period, and I feel like that person is still dealing with it, where they're stuck. And it's almost as if they're engaged in counseling, they're engaged in the positive routine, taking care of their body. And I kind of wonder if something like what you do is needed to help them, because, like I heard you say earlier, when someone is abused, can that expose them to an evil spirit taking over them? And it's kind of unfortunate because they didn't do anything to have that happen, but they're suffering, right? [02:34:33] Speaker A: So the other aspect to that is sometimes, in my experience, what a child will suffer from is guilt or shame. And so if one or both parents they look up to them and they idolize them in a sense, as children tend to do. They're guilty or shameful of sharing their experiences with the parent because they don't want the parent to see them in a lesser light. And so when we have experiences like this, it's so unfortunate for a child to suffer these things because the guilt and the shame is such a big part of it. So what I would suggest is for everybody to come together in prayer and just show that child as much love as you possibly can and pray over that child for the spirit of affliction to be removed from them and to be lessened to where they do feel comfortable to speak about it. And the other thing that I would suggest is, if they are seeing a counselor and they seem to be going through the motions, children are very intelligent, and some more than others. Are they smart enough to know that if they play the game, they'll get left alone. And after the hour, they can go outside and play with their friends. Are they going through the motions just to satisfy their parents or the counselor or whoever's speaking to them just to get through the day so they don't have to deal with those really scary, cruddy, awful memories and emotions that are elicited when they feel, when they recall, rather, the feelings that were brought to the surface when these terrible things happened. So I would surround them with love and I would pray for them. And possibly, if the resources are there. And I know in your environment, you're so overworked and the caseloads are tremendous and you're stressed beyond belief. And the counselors, people wait to be, in some cases, awarded a counselor, and the caseloads are just so incredibly hard that it's literally get them in and out. And it's unfortunate, but that's just the nature of the beast. It's the way the system is set up. It's set up to fail. [02:36:49] Speaker E: Exactly. [02:36:49] Speaker A: Being honest, it's set up to fail. Right. So if you all come together, is there someone else that that child will identify with and that maybe feels comfortable talking with, that that person can come in and earn that child's trust and get them to open up that way and see if you can get them to maybe be a little more open? And I don't know if you engage, I'm sure you do engage in roleplay at all with the puppets and things like that, so that the child is able to with. So it's not. It's not the child going through that scenario. But know, Johnny, the green being going through that scenario. And they're able to do it kind of through a third party. Sometimes that's easier for them, too. But to pray, to pray and show them that love and possibly find them somebody that they're better able to identify with to get them to open up, whether it be a cousin or a family member. And maybe that person could come with them to counseling that can kind of serve as their emotional advocate if something like that can be done. And then absolutely, I would pray for them, for their spirit to be released, for whatever is inside of them to be released. Or you can have them call me. [02:38:09] Speaker E: That was my next question. [02:38:13] Speaker A: There are a bunch of things that you can do to try and help. I can give you my email. So it's [email protected] and Adriana, I have to give you props and thank you for even listening to me, because what I found is a lot of counselors and people in the social services aspect of things really don't subscribe to the spirituality of the nature of some of these afflictions. And they poo poo it and they make fun of it. And so thanks for being open to what we do because I feel like that's just so awesome. And having said that, I have to do the disclaimer, right? So I'm not licensed to do this and I'm not and all of that, right? But we can talk and share some stories and maybe see if there's something that we can't do together to help the child feel more comfortable to open up and pray over them, to maybe get rid of some of the things that are bothering them or help to get rid of some of the things that are bothering them. But just like we have to say in some circles, for entertainment purpose is only and cover risk. I don't have a degree in this yet. I'm like three credits shy. But, yeah, I would be happy to talk to you on the side and see if there's something that we can do to help this little one. But those are some examples of things that I've encountered, reasons why they may not be opening up in conjunction with the spiritual aspect as well as the physiological aspect. And those things can all be believe. You know, as far as the whole brain thing, I've worked with so many veterans and the PTSD, all of that. And my dad was in Vietnam, and so I learned from a very early, um, how to kind of, like, side skirt his moods. As I've grown into adulthood, he's opened up to me and told me a lot of stories that he wouldn't tell the other kids about his Vietnam experience. He was a tunnel rat. Right. So I can't imagine anything worse than that. But, yeah, everything can be healed. I feel with love and prayer, and then spiritually speaking, there are just other steps that we take in conjunction with that, and in addition to that, that can help to relieve some of these symptoms. Does that make sense? [02:40:49] Speaker E: Absolutely. [02:40:50] Speaker A: Okay, awesome. [02:40:52] Speaker E: And then if I could ask one more question. Is that okay, Mickel? [02:40:59] Speaker A: Is that okay with you? Is that okay? [02:41:01] Speaker E: Do I have time? [02:41:05] Speaker A: I think he's on pause. So I'd say, go ahead, maybe grab a cup of coffee or something. Yeah. [02:41:14] Speaker E: Earlier I had a question. We were talking about going to heaven, and I had a question about our relatives or friends who pass away. How do you feel about God allowing us to hear from them? [02:41:35] Speaker A: So, it does say in the Bible that we're not supposed to engage in spirits. Talking to the spirits right into people that have passed. But I was born with the gift to be able to see the other side. And so that's why I was troubled as a child. So I would see things. Sometimes they were demons, and sometimes they weren't. They were other energies. So communicating with the other side, how do I feel about that? Well, it's kind of. Again, I guess it's not really an easy answer if we're using them to gain knowledge. I don't feel that that's appropriate at all. Because what I found is there's actually a story that I read, or actually I saw on YouTube one day, about a group of people that were doing spiritual warfare in their church. And they met like once a week at midnight to pray for 3 hours, because the witching hours are twelve to three. So the Satanists and the demon guys and the witches, that's when they do their biggest work, is between the hours of twelve and three. That's why it's called the witching hour. So these people were gathered in their church, and there was this man, and he kept praying. And angel appeared to him, or at least what he thought was angel, and he was praying and praying. And the priest or the pastor had told the congregation, before you start to pray, if anything appears to you, do not stop praying. No matter what happens, no matter what appears to you, no matter what you see, stay in prayer. And what they were doing is they were praying for the release of a demonic stronghold over their community. Because their community had become just absolutely full of prostitutes and drugs and alcohol and crime and things like that. So this guy's praying. And this what looked to be angel came and sat down next to him and started to talk to him. And he looked at the angel and he started to answer. And then he remembered what his pastor told him. And he continued to pray. And then the angel tried to talk to him again. A beautiful being, sparkly white lights, beautiful face, the whole nine yards. And he continued to pray. And this thing tried to distract him from prayer, and he continued to pray. And then what happened after a few minutes was this thing turned into this grotesque, disgusting creature. And then he rebuked it in the name of Jesus and it left. So what that spirit was doing, what that spirit was trying to do was distract him from prayer, to take away his energy from prayer, so that they could continue to have the stronghold over the community. And I'm guided to believe that not just that guy, but probably five or six or maybe more people in the congregation and the pews at the same time were being approached by these quote unquote, angelic creatures. So what we need to remember about the dark side is so many times they will come to you and they will present themselves to you with a very angelic appearance or a very pristine, pure appearance, when in fact, they're not that at all. Personally speaking, I used to be able to do that. And when I was touched, that was one of the things that I was shown. I was told what you can do and I was told what you can't do. And I was told, no, you don't mess with those things. Because what happens is a lot of people that are psychics or gifted or call themselves psychic at these fairs, they channel and let things into their body, number one. And the second thing that they do is they listen to their, some people call them spirit guides or whatever. And the information, and here's the kicker. The information can be accurate. It can be, they'll give you good information a time or two, maybe even three, maybe over the course of a decade. But what happened, or decade rather, but what happens is eventually their true colors will come out. And the time that you really need them and you ask them for assistance and you ask them for guidance and direction, they're going to send you to the walls. So I don't do that. I don't talk to spirits that have passed, ask them for information or anything like that. I go straight to source. And demonically speaking, there are things that can present themselves as grandpa or grandma, but they're really not okay. And that's your free will. And there's a pact that's involved there. The bad guys rather have to tell you what they're doing before they do it. So they have to put it out there. And that's why there's so much evil on the planet that they're planning for us. And that has actually transpired. If you go look at movies from 20 years ago, in movies, in videos, in music, they're putting that information out there. They're telling you what they're going to do, and they're telling you what they want to do. And so since they put it in a public forum, it's out there. They fulfilled their part of that contract. Okay? And so it's out there. They've told us about it. And whether or not you choose to listen to that music or watch that movie or put that energy toward, oh, my gosh, I saw this movie, and that's what's going to happen to us. So that energy that you put toward it makes them stronger and helps them to succeed their mission. Because instead of saying it's a movie and that's what they want to do, but they have no power over us. We have the free will to change that. The power of love and the power of faith and father. Right. So, yeah, I don't do that. Do I believe, though? Having said that, do I believe, though, that when someone has passed, that they do. So here's how I look at it. If someone that has loved you, like, say, a grandma or grandpa comes to you in a dream, I think that it's more credible to a degree. But demons can also enter your dreams. So it's a matter of discernment there, too. But I do believe that the love that we feel in our hearts, the memory of a birthday that they shared with us as a child, things that come into our subconscious, into our dreams that are positive, are possibly messages from the other side. But if they're sharing something positive, but if it's anything other than that, then I really don't think that's what it is. And I feel that father does give them the ability to do things like that to soothe our fears, to soothe our anxiety, because we miss them so much and we're in so much pain. Does that make sense to you? Okay. Yeah. [02:48:32] Speaker E: And that's more like, what I meant is, like, seeing someone in a dream or, like, just the other day, the person that I lost, I was outside alone building something and a big whiff of their cologne, which is what I always. Yeah. I'm, like, looking around, like, okay, there's no one out for a walk. So that's what I'm wondering. Because those things didn't start happening until that person passed away. [02:49:04] Speaker A: Yes. And there's something that I wonder about, too. Is it actually that person's energy or an angelic energy that it's given us to remind us of that person, to comfort us? Right. So if it's a good thing, if it's a good thing and it's a positive thing, then it's probably something set down from us or to us, rather from above, to help to soothe us and heal our pain. But we shouldn't converse with those things because we really don't know. And sometimes they'll trick you. So smelling a cigar smoke from grandpa who used to smoke cigars, or smelling a perfume or smelling roses. Roses is another one that people say when they have angelic intervention or angels around them, they'll smell roses, things like that. Yeah, I think that's a good thing. I think it's meant to make us feel better and soothe us, but you really don't want to communicate with them because you just don't know. Yeah. On the side of caution. [02:50:08] Speaker E: Yeah, the smell was nice, but I kept it at that. Thank you. [02:50:13] Speaker A: It's even like people see birds. Oh, you're so welcome. But people see birds or they're thinking about their uncle or something, and they'll see a bird or they'll see a license plate or a musical come on the radio, or they'll see numbers 1111. See, that's all positive, I believe, right? That's all sent down from us to soothe us and make us feel better and to comfort us and to let us know that, hey, we haven't forgotten about. Yeah, that kind of thing. Yeah. [02:50:41] Speaker B: Awesome. All right, well, thank you, Adriana. I appreciate it. Have a good night. [02:50:48] Speaker A: You, too. Good luck. And get a hold of me, okay? [02:50:51] Speaker E: I will. [02:50:52] Speaker A: So, yeah, that's basically what I do in my work, know, people approach me or when I do shows, they'll get a hold of me and we'll just kind of take it from there. And there's just so much evil out there. Scala, it's amazing to me, but I feel if we keep that positive, that love and that faith in our hearts, and we really come together and get rid of all this BLM and all this separation and all of this just diversion and this division, that's where we truly will stand in our power as father willed it to be. Because we're supposed to love each other, we're supposed to respect each other. We're supposed to help each other. We're supposed to take care of each other. But how many of us actually do that in the course of a day? Right? Yeah, a lot of us talk the talk, but how many of us really, truly walk the walk? Right. [02:51:49] Speaker B: It's a hard road to take. What is it about the road to destruction is wide and the road to the eternity is narrow or the gate. Maybe it's the gate. I can't remember the scripture. Something about the gate is wide and to destruction and the gate into heaven is narrow, and it's difficult to fit through that gate. You can't just walk right through it like you could with, like, our southern border. Right. [02:52:24] Speaker A: And then be given a check and a phone and a place to live. Meanwhile, our veterans are on the street, and our elderly can't afford their medicine, and we have children in homes that need not be. And just all of that. [02:52:36] Speaker C: Yeah, we can billion dollars to Ukraine and we can't use billion or we can give them a hundred billion dollars, but we can't do a billion dollars to protect our own border. [02:52:48] Speaker A: Yeah, absolutely. In Texas, man, I give you a lot of credit. I've got a very close friend of mine that's family that originates from Texas and several friends down there, and you guys are doing an amazing job. You really are an example of what this country should be. [02:53:08] Speaker C: Well, Greg Abbot is a very good friend of mine. I've known Greg for 35 years. And we go back when he was running for the attorney general's office and I was running for the state legislation, and he just texted me the other day and I submitted an idea to Texas and Florida about the voting that they should have, like, atm machines out there where you put your driver's license in and then put your ballot in and it photographs you and it sends the results immediately to the state. And they like the idea, but I don't know if they'll implement it. But that would be an easy way for these ballot boxes not to be stuffed. [02:53:48] Speaker A: Right. The whole premise behind allowing legals to vote and drive and all of that is just sickening to me. And I've seen the videos of the people crossing over and just the total desecration of people's fields down there and just the waste and the mess that they leave. It's abhorrent. It really is. And, Jerry, I've got to tell you, my close family from Texas, like family, not blood, but family. I've always wanted to see the blue bonnets. I've always wanted to see the blue bonnets. I'll tell you what, beautiful state and beautiful people and just God bless all of you. Really. [02:54:29] Speaker C: Yeah, it's Texas is know blue Bell ice cream is from that area. And all in Texas. You can see the blue bells when you're driving down the freeway all the time during the spring season. And it's really beautiful. But Texas is an incredible state. I now live in Florida, but my heart's still in Texas. And they say once you see Texas, it's like a beautiful woman. You never forget them. [02:54:58] Speaker A: Right? Well, I actually did a show when I was on the old network with Riscala, with a lady that was put in charge of the Heb building during the Houston floods. And we talked about how the Red Cross came in and Walmart and took away the power of the people that were put in place to run that facility and how people weren't being fed and supplies were being kept behind cages. And I rallied the call to send donations down to that woman. And that was just a very touching, traumatic story of how FEMA did nothing. And then the Red Cross came in and took away all their power. And there was a family that was on the roof all night, and these people were running the shelter. And Red Cross had just come in, and her people went to give this family. They had two small children who had been on the roof all night, and they came in and brought this family food. They were going to bring this family food and feed them. And Red Cross stopped them, and they said, you cannot feed them food. And she said, why can't we feed them food? They've been on the roof all night. They're babies. They got to eat. And they said, well, if you do it for one, you do it for everybody. They've got to wait till next morning, 09:00, when we serve breakfast. Yeah, very terrible stuff. [02:56:15] Speaker C: Other problems that came into play. We went out and we were in boats in Harvey trying to pick people up. [02:56:21] Speaker B: Got to make it quick, Jerry. Okay. [02:56:23] Speaker C: And this is what happened. The guy on the boat had a confederate flag flying. And we pulled up, these people were into their chest of water, and it was a black family. And the guy said, I'm not getting on your boat because of that flag. Well, he ultimately drowned. His family drowned, too, because of that. [02:56:41] Speaker A: Yeah. I also did an interview with a guy that was down in Harvey, and some of the stories that were down there were just absolutely very sad to see. But, yeah, Texas is history with the Alamo and all that. Man, those people have hearts down there, and they're just really good people. And God is with Texas. I do believe that as well as the rest of us should we choose to recognize that. But anyway, thanks, Roscala, so much for having me on. I hope we can do this again sometime. [02:57:08] Speaker B: I want to do it again. It was absolutely awesome, and it was our first night of actually having a successful, complete, successful show using the new platform, and I greatly appreciate it. Peter, I'm sorry you didn't get to say much, but we love you. [02:57:23] Speaker C: That's quite all right. [02:57:24] Speaker D: I told Maggie, I said, this is your show, and I interjected that one thing, but let Maggie finish up. Thank you. We'll be back again. [02:57:33] Speaker A: I'm just looking forward to hopefully having a spa on your network because I'd love to bring back the positude podcast in its original glory. That would be amazing. [02:57:41] Speaker B: We'll work on that. [02:57:43] Speaker A: Awesome. [02:57:43] Speaker B: All right, good night, everybody. We appreciate you listening. We'll be back in a week, God willing. [02:57:48] Speaker A: Thank you. Bye bye. [02:57:50] Speaker B: Salon. [02:58:01] Speaker A: Take the red pill. Take the blue pill. Take the red pill. Take the blue pill. Take the red. [02:58:11] Speaker B: You. [02:58:23] Speaker A: Take the red pill. And I show you how deep the rabbit hole.

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