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Sep 11 2022 | 02:59:59

Episode September 11, 2022 02:59:59

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Riscalla Parker Dominick Victoria Smith Michael Bahas Stu Shear

Show Notes

On this episode of the Red Pill Reality Show my Tribute to September 11, 2001 

Do you think Planes are what brought down the Towers?

What about Building Seven - Solomon Brothers Building. 

Have you ever heard of Thermite?  or Thermate?

Fourty Five Floor Steel Framed Building.  Hit by nothing.  Mysteriously catches fire and "Collapses"

What about Building Six?  From an airial view, it looks like Building Six had a hold drilled into it.

I discuss why I believe there were no Planes on that day.  If anything was seen it would be a hologram.

What was televised that day was physically impossible.  I will give you my reasons.


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