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Off Sides College Football Top 25

Oct 18 2023 | 00:29:17

Episode October 18, 2023 00:29:17

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Michael handles the College top 25 for week 7

recorded 10/17/2023

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[00:00:00] Speaker A: Over do you do it all over again tonight? Can you tell me is it what the price do you see? And lay the came to night when the curtains open to the roaring of the crowd you will feel it all around you that it finally happened and it's all come true for you and the song Stop playing over and over till you do it all over again tonight Young and tell me Is it worth the time? Is it worth the price? Do you see why? And say the game tonight, you tell me is it worth the time? Is it worth the do you see? [00:02:28] Speaker B: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Offsides college football's top 25. And I'll tell you what. We got a lot of stuff going on there and a lot of stuff going on in football, which I absolutely love, but we are going to check it out right now. So what we have going into this was a heck of a weekend last weekend with football. I mean, it was just absolutely dynamite. Some of the games were just fantastic, a couple of them, those last minute games, and just blew me away. But let's get into the polls first. The, and you know, they have Georgia still at number. Did a heck of a job last. A good. Did a good job. Or the week before and no, it was last week. It was the Georgia Bulldogs versus the Kentucky Wildcats. That was a 50 113 stomping. I really wasn't expecting that when that happened. Not expecting it at all. And Oklahoma, I mean, they come from behind, 34 to 30 over the Longhorns. That was a fantastic game. Ohio State, I was a little worried when we had those problems before with Maryland, but with Purdue, we overcome all that stuff, and I was happy. So let's look at the games that we had. We had Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers 40 818. LSU just whooped them. Missouri beat Kentucky, the Wildcats, who are now five and two, and they won 38 to 21. So Missouri is, well, they're bowl eligible now at six and one. The Trojans, USC Trojans and Notre Dame fighting Irish. And this was not a contest at all. I mean, they absolutely just destroyed USC 48 to 20. And North Carolina did a pretty good job on the Miami Hurricanes, 41 to 31. UCLA lost to Oregon State 36 to 24. Duke Blue Devils, well, they pretty much wiped out the North Carolina State Wolf Pack 24 to three. It was such great games. I mean, absolutely just great games. And watching some of these games that happened, West Virginia losing a game, and I was just like, you gotta be kidding me. Unbelievable how it happened. And there's some teams out there that have just improbable happens and within the last minute of the game, they have come from behind and won. And it's just been amazing. And, I mean, it's just spectacular. And I was just dumbfounded on how all this worked out. Iowa took out Wisconsin 15 to six. Washington, well, came head to head with the Oregon Ducks. And I'll tell you what, Washington prevailed 36 33. Michael Pennix is something else. And six and O, they're bowl eligible. Tennessee took out Texas A and M Aggies 20 to 13. They struggled and they weren't getting the rhythm they want. The running was great. The running game was fantastic, but Milton needs to work on that passing a little bit. But the receivers were the biggest problem. They were dropping the balls thrown right to them. They were dropping the balls. That's not helping your quarterback. That's hurting. The team can't make that mistake because this week I believe they are at Alabama. So if we want to repeat from last year where they beat Alabama and become bowl eligible already, they're going to really have to be at the top of their game because Bama's been kind of quiet, but right in the hunt. So Louisville Cardinals, I have no idea what happened to them. They go and they knock off Notre Dame and then the Pittsburgh Panthers come in. And you can never underestimate Pitt. They're one of those teams that if they do show up, they're going to give you nightmares, absolute nightmares. It is absolutely incredible. Two and four team beating the Tarnation 38 21 out of the Louisville Cardinals. So I watched that one. Sorry, guys, I had to grab my coffee. So I watched that one. And of course, like I said, LSU and the Auburn Tigers, you already know how that turned out. 40 818. The Wyoming Cowboys going against the Falcons of the Air Force. And I'll tell you what, I really thought Wyoming would pull this game out. I was wrong. I take it back. 34 27, very close game. But Air Force is bowl eligible and they are six and like I said, the Tigers, they're six and one. They're going to a bowl. The Trojans, believe it or not, they're already bowl eligible. Notre Dame, bowl eligible at six and two. North Carolina Tar Heels, undefeated, still six and O, 41 31 winners, like I said, over the Hurricanes. Oregon State Beavers, six and one, going to a bowl, beat UCLA Bruins 36 24. And like I said, Duke Blue Devils, they prevailed. They're one game away from bowl eligibility. So going through all this and taking a look at it and looking at the rankings that they have for the teams, I got to tell you, I still don't agree with it. And they have Georgia number one. And yes, Georgia is. They look like they're a force sometimes and sometimes they're not. But I don't think they're the number one team. I think it is Michigan. I really believe Michigan seems to have everything together, from defense to offense, all kinds of firepower there. Running know quorum is something else. J. J. McCarthy is the real deal and he's probably second behind Michael Pennix. And I think one of those two is going to get the Heisman Trophy. I just honestly believe that. So I put Michigan at number one. I put Georgia at number two. Ohio State is a team. I'm going to know more about them this week when they play Penn State because that's coming up on the schedule and it's at home. But we'll find out how good McCord is, if Kyle McCord can do what he does, or Devin Brown. They do have two very formidable quarterbacks. And the running game, I like this Hayden, I've got to tell you, he's fast, he's quick on his feet and he can run. But Penn State has a very strong defense. Their quarterback is kind of like Kyle McCord. We're not sure where they're at yet, young, so we'll see how good they are. We'll see what unfolds for the rest of the year. I think Ohio State can get past them, but it's going to be a very close score, maybe 31 28 or 34 28. Somewhere around there is what I'm thinking the score will be. And I could be wrong and I would say Ohio State, but it could be wrong. You never know if Penn State is the Penn State. They're a scary team, but I'd have Ohio State third right now. I would have Washington fourth. They have Florida State at four. I don't think Florida State could hang with Washington in all reality. I really think the PAC twelve, even though it is going to disappear next year. Boy, they have some great teams this year. It's a shame, but they're going to be part of the Big Ten, which is really going to be. That is going to be a force to be reckoned with. Now, after that, I would have Florida State probably at number five, Oklahoma at number six, Penn State at seven. Maybe Penn State should be up there where Oklahoma is. I think they're a very strong team. And then I see Texas up there and they lost Oklahoma at number eight. And that sits fine with me. Is Texas as good as Oregon? It's a tough call. Oregon's at number nine. North Carolina is number ten. Is North Carolina better than Alabama? I don't think so. So I would have Alabama at number ten, North Carolina at number eleven. And probably at number twelve. I would go with probably Oregon State 13. I would go with Notre Dame. Notre Dame should be right there. And then I would look at like, old Miss and Utah for 14 and 15. Tennessee definitely could probably be right on up there at number 16, Duke at 17, Southern Cal at 18. They are right where they deserve to be. Their defense is horrible, absolutely atrocious. And I knew that they would get exposed. They have the offensive firepower. They do not have a defense, which is a shame because Caleb Williams is just great, but they're just not supporting him on defense and I'm not sure why. So they look like they have the talent. But Arizona showed me and I said, I knew when I saw that game I was like, oh, boy, their defense just isn't there. Number 19, LSU. And they're starting to look really good. Missouri at number 20. We're going to find out how good everyone is. Louisville, I think you're right where you belong. How you got past Notre Dame, you just had the best football game you were going to have this year and that's what I'm counting on. Air Force is at 22, but I got to tell you, is Air Force better than Iowa or UCLA? And I don't think so. So in all honesty, I would have Air Force at number 25, Tulane at 24, probably UCLA at 23, but I'd have Iowa at 22 or 21. I think Iowa is a very solid football team. They're six and one. Their defense is fantastic and a lot of times they have no offense, but at a lot of times you get to the point to where, okay, we've got to carry the day with the defense. And the defense does it plays a huge, you know, you count on some things, I'll just tell you, has been absolutely unbelievable how things go. So what do we have coming up? We've got Michigan at Michigan State and that's at 07:30 p.m. Ohio State versus number seven Penn State, that is at 12:00 p.m. And they put those on at noon. I think they should be night games. If it's going to be the game of the week, make it a night game, make it fun. And they don't do that. So instead of being 730, it's going to be at 12:00 Florida State at number 16, Duke, that's at 730. Washington versus Arizona State. I don't see a problem for Washington here. I think they're going to cruise past Arizona State. Oklahoma versus UCF. That's at 12:00 p.m. That's going to be an interesting game. And Houston is playing Texas. Houston's that team. I don't know how they did it, but it happened. It worked out. And I think that West Virginia was just absolutely stunned. So I know I laughed and giggled about it. I hate to say that I did, but that's what it was. But Texas is at Houston and that'll be at 04:00 p.m. That's on Fox. Like I said, oklahoma, UCF, that's on ABC. Just so that, you know, FS One has WashingTon and Arizona, Florida State, Duke, ABC, Ohio State, Penn State, that is on Fox last week. They blocked it out and put it on. I believe it was Peacock. So you had to get a subscription to Peacock in order to do that, which I thought was absolutely just know. And to me, you sit here and you get a subscription to somebody watch Hulu or whatever, and then you have to get a separate one to watch them, to watch all the games. If you're an Ohio State fan, I didn't like that at all. Oregon versus Washington State. It's going to be a closer game than people think. That's at 03:30 p.m. That's on ABC. And Washington State. Can they pick themselves up now and move forward and shake it off? We'll wait and see. We're going to see what happens. North Carolina versus Virginia. I see North Carolina cruising past this one. Virginia just doesn't have it together this year. That's at 06:30 p.m. The CW number eleven, Alabama versus number 17, Tennessee. And that's going to be on CBS. That's at 330. I will tell you, do not underestimate Tennessee. If you think Alabama is going to blow them out, I think that you're wrong. I think that if Joe Milton, particularly his receivers, can do their job and catch the passes and help their quarterback out, listen, we, we already know the running back, right? He's something else and he can move. And they ran up their running backs. They're loaded. They're absolutely loaded, 200 yards in the last two weeks. Both weeks. They're not having a running back problem. So if the running backs help him out and he gets the passes off, I'll tell you what, I think this is going to be a lot closer than what people think. It's going to be a shootout. But you'll catch that one. Like I said, 03:30 p.m. That's going to be on CBS. Old Miss at Auburn, number 13. Old Miss. Guess what? I think they're going to take a loss here. You're going to have an angry Tigers team and it's at Auburn. It's at 07:00 p.m. It's a night game. It's all the makings of an upset. So there it is. There's my other upset right there. NumBer 14, Utah at number 18, Southern Cal. Southern Cal. Hang on because I think this is your second loss and I don't know if Cam rising is going to play or not, but they seem to be holding their own and they know that they're right in the mix of things. It's going to be tough because they're at Southern Cal. They're at Southern Cal's home. So it's going to be a tough game. That's at 08:00 p.m. We'll see how they shake off that Notre Dame Woodshed beating that they took. So LSU, number 19. LSU is going to be playing army and all I can say is army is not going to do so good. That's at 07:30 p.m. On the SEC network. Missouri is at South Carolina. South Carolina is one of these tricky teams and I think that they showed everybody that last week when they played Florida. Close game. They're leading all the way to the end and they blew it so much. So Shane Beamer kicked something on the field and broke his foot. He was so angry. They gave it up. They had him beat. The problem is they gave it up and they've got to be able to play to that next level of where the defense is not giving it up. If you're going to go full bore, the whole game go full bore. And South Carolina doesn't always do that. They're going to need to do it against Missouri. They're just going to have to do it against Missouri. Otherwise they're not going to stand a chance. Missouri is big, strong and they're fast. So hopefully we have a solution on that. On defense and the offensive line can mean they've got to protect the quarterback. So Rattler is good, but you got to give him time. You have to give him time to make the passes he needs to bake. And a lot of drop balls this year on a lot of teams, balls that are hitting guys right in the hands and I don't know if they're losing their concentration or something's happening, but ones that normally in the past you see every team making so very interesting. Air Force is at Navy. Oh, by the way, the Missouri South Carolina game, 03:30 p.m. On the SEC network. Air Force is at Navy. That's a 12:00 p.m. CBS. AIr force is. I think that. Here we go. And this is an important game for Navy because you know what? Army Navy, they have the cup and Navy doesn't do well against Air Force. So the Falcons are just tough. The Midshipmen have a problem with them and it's going to continue. Tulane at North Texas, 03:30 p.m. On ESPN. Two, again, this is a tough game, but I'll take Tulane. Iowa versus Minnesota. That's at 03:30 p.m. On NBC. I will should take this game. They're going to be seven and one. They're already bowl eligible, so they're not going to have any problems. Number 25, UCLA at Stanford. It's going to be an interesting game, too, but I believe that UCLA should win this game. It's at 10:30 p.m. On ESPN and I know that's a late night game, but they should win it. We'll wait and see and see how things go, but it's going to be very interesting and that's going to be your top 25 as far as that goes. And again, the Polls, I'm going to look up the coaches poll real quick, so it's not much different. You know, it just, the coaches seem to have it a little bit more. But let's see what they think. We'll do that. Let's see, top 25. Here we go. Well, they have Georgia number one. I disagree. I think it should be Michigan Georgia. I'll leave Ohio State where they're at right now. Depending on what happens with Penn State, we'll see how far they drop if they lose. If they win pretty convincingly, Penn State is really going to drop. Then I think it should be Washington, number four. Florida State number five. Leave Penn State at number six. I like Oklahoma at number seven. Texas number eight is Texas. Better than Alabama in the coaches poll, they're tied at number eight. Number ten is North Carolina. Then they have Oregon, number eleven. I say switch those two. Oregon, ten, North Carolina, eleven. Oregon State is one of those teams. You can't underestimate them. Are they better than Ole Miss? You bet. Without a doubt in my mind. The Beavers are just tough, so they have them at 1314 is Utah 15? Tennessee, where I think they should have been. And then 16 is USC. I like Notre Dame at 16, believe it or not. And then I like USC after that. And then Duke. LSU is 19, Missouri is 20. I think Iowa should be, like I said, it's tough. Louisville, Iowa, which is better? I like Iowa, but Louisville is 21. Then I think it should be Iowa, then Air Force, UCLA, Tulane. And you have those teams that are creeping in the backfield that nobody's paying attention to. James Madison is the others receiving votes? Clemson, Florida, Fresno State, Washington State, Arizona. Arizona is that team. They're just right there, but they're not there. But they look like that team that could be right there all the time. So it's going to be very interesting to watch the PAC twelve. They're kind of loaded and I love seeing it. This is an exciting year. This is a very exciting year. And nobody seems to want to show complete dominance except for Michigan and Georgia. But I believe Michigan is just, well, Michigan and Georgia, they're just above everyone else, rightfully so, number one and number so. But I think Michigan is probably better. I really do. Georgia is a very good team. They've got extreme talent, but Michigan has, well, they're so. And their talent is just over the top and people are like, well, they play these weak schedules and everything else, and a lot of these teams play weak schedules, but I got to tell you the thing is that first of all, playing against some other teams, as long as they're good teams and they count, you're setting your team up to perfect the things that you want done. Maybe it's a weaker schedule, but when they end up playing the top teams, I got to tell you, they perform. They still perform and they have worked on that, playing the other teams and giving them a chance to shine in the sun, but they're perfecting everything that they do. So they've got it down to a T. When they're ready to play the big teams, it's almost like a perfect. We will. We're going to see how this all plays out. Very interesting for Ohio State. I don't know if, and of course, I am a big Ohio State fan. I'm a fan of Tennessee, Ohio State, South Carolina, Navy. Those are kind of my teams and I really like them. But as I'm looking at everything, there's some teams that are just, they're ready to go for the rest of the year and I think they're going to be in the playoffs and Michigan and Georgia are going to be there. There's not a doubt in my mind. So we're going to see how everything goes. But I'll tell you what, I hope that you've enjoyed this week and we're going to see how it goes. Like I said, you got my. They're there. We're going to see how we're going to do in the rankings and everything else afterward. Abuka, I'm pretty sure he is ready to go. They held him out with Purdue, the running back. I think they'll do just fine with Hayden. I really do. I think that they'll be fine. He has a burst of speed that is unbelievable. I'm not sure how serious Mayan Williams is, but we'll figure that out. They're a little banged up here and there, but they have so much depth that now these young guys do have to step up. So we're going to see what they can do. But they have the talent there and two quarterbacks that can definitely get the job done. So I think that's the advantage over Penn State and the fact that it's a home game. But with that, I'm going to wrap up off sides and I'll tell you what, I hope that you enjoyed it. I'm sorry we ran behind schedule tonight, folks. But you know what, I wanted to make sure that we got both shows in. So I want to thank you for being patient with us and joining us. And we will catch you guys next time live right here on Tuesday night. And we'll be back to our normal scheduling at 07:00 and we'll have fun then because this is going to be the week that we're going to have some talks, that's for sure. But thank you for joining us and I appreciate it. And stick around, guys. We're going to have some good shows on coming up tomorrow night. We will not be live with Stu Shear and my world. He is at a banquet, so we will catch him the next time around on Sunday. But with that, that's about all we have for tonight. Good night, y'all. Be good to each other. Love one another. God bless.

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