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My World: Live, Laff, Whatever

Nov 02 2023 | 00:58:40

Episode November 02, 2023 00:58:40

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Catch a satirical view of the world from Stu Shear's perspective.

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[00:00:11] Speaker A: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to the Trim radio network and my world live laugh or whatever with Stu shear. Anyway, you come on over to the Trim radio network where we broadcast live all over the world and we have some wonderful merchandise. So if you purchase that merchandise, I'll tell you what, you will look fantastic in it. Anyway, I wanted to tell you, if you want to be a part of our trim radio network team, all you have to do is message us and we'll show you how easy it is to do. The opinions expressed from my host, co host, guests, myself and others is not necessarily that of the Trim radio network, its owners, managers or others, and that includes any medical and health professional information as well. We do have a call in number 8386-616-6780 in. I'll tell you what, we'd love to hear from you. Just no cussing, swearing or anything else. And without further ado, I hand you to Stu. [00:01:20] Speaker B: Hey, Michael. Boy, I'll tell you what, today's been one of those crazy days. The first day of November. Man, everything goes so quickly anymore. I mean, just last week we were talking October, and then all of a sudden, boom, it's November and it's cooling down here in Ohio right now. If I can check, it's 42 degrees and it's going to get colder. All the leaves are coming off the trees now, so I'll be out there with the little handy blower. I have to get them off the grass. [00:01:58] Speaker A: Yeah, we have a freeze warning today, so we're going to be cold, too. It's just the way that it goes and it'll be okay. [00:02:06] Speaker B: It's time for the electric blanket. Oh yeah, I used it last night. I was snug as a bug in a rug. I guess that's the old phrase, goes. Well, I guess my bug was cozy, too. [00:02:23] Speaker A: Well, Stu, I'm going to let you add it. [00:02:25] Speaker B: I hope. All right, have a good one. We'll see you in a little bit. [00:02:28] Speaker A: All right, sounds good to me. Have a great show. [00:02:32] Speaker B: Hey, we will. Hey, guys, welcome to my world live, laugh and whatever. We've got a lot of different things to talk about. But hey, check us out on Trim radio network. We have fishing in Florida show with roscalis Stevens. We've got the money and change show every Sunday at 07:00 and we've got the Nexi weekly music countdown. We've got the natural Marketer podcast. We've got off sites slobberknocker talk. Oh yeah, football, take point 22 radio show, the brighter Life show. We've got the bend, the spiritual show, and Riscala's red pill reality show. I always tell I want it. I want the green pill, but he hasn't found it yet. He's got the red pill and the blue pill, but that's about it. Hey, to keep us on the air, what you need to do is make sure that you buy the merchandise. We don't get paid for doing the show, and that's like everybody on this network, we don't get paid. We just want to help people out. We want to make sure that we give you good information, and we have a little bit of fun in the process, and that's what we do. So go in and buy the merchandise. You can get hoodies, t shirts, mugs, water bottles, all kinds of stuff. All you have to do is just check us out. Wow, trim radio network is a great place, and I got to tip off my hat to them, as the old term is, because, hey, we have fun doing it, and hopefully we're helping people out there, and that's the whole name of the game. But we need people to buy the merchandise to help us stay on the air, because we have to pay for our BMI music fees, which are not cheap. We have to do that, and we have to pay for airtime and everything else, and we like to do that. So that helps us stay on the. You know, Michael always does a disclaimer, kind of, sort of. He didn't. Tonight I'm going to do mine because I have to. Nothing in this show should be considered legal, medical, financial, or investment advice. Take what we say with a grain of salt and always do your own research and due diligence. We're not responsible for and expressly disclaim all liability for damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to or reliance on any information contained in this broadcast. Any persons or characters mentioned are for the most part, fictional or as close to it as we can get. So you want to sit back, relax, and chill out and, oh, by the way, tell your friends about us because we're live every Wednesday. Yeah, we are. We're live. I thought I wasn't going to be live today. I had a situation where I listened to a broadcast on, I believe it was YouTube, and they were talking about different types of things to lower your blood sugar and all this kind of stuff, and they mentioned Quercetin, and I thought, well, I've got that because I had that for the woohoo flu bug, and I didn't have any problems with it. Well, I did today, and I was having lunch with a friend, and all of a sudden things started to go bonkers and I thought I was going to have to take a trip to the emergency room. Well, that didn't happen. But I'll tell you what, it lowered my blood sugar like you wouldn't believe. And I thought I was almost hitting bottom. And that's kind of scary because I'm usually wide awake and alert, sometimes till early in the morning, like about one or 02:00 in the morning. You ever get those days where you can't sleep? And we've got this thing called daylight savings time is going to go back to regular time. So this Saturday night, before you go to bed, you have to set your clocks back an hour. Do you know what that does? It messes up your biological clock. It screws everything up. Either leave it one way or the other. Don't change them in the middle of the game. I don't know about you, but it takes me two weeks to get ready for time change after we do the time change. Oh, it's crazy. It's insane. And they did it for businesses so they have more daylight time so people can play golf or go shopping or whatever, and that's fine. Then leave at that time, but don't go changing it because it messes up everybody's biological clock, and I'm too old to mess with my clock, if you know what I mean. Well, anyhow, guys, we're here. We're doing the show. I'm feeling good. I'm back to normal, whatever normal is for me. And I've got to do shout outs. And of course, I did one for the trim radio network. Another Big shout out for the University of Finley at Oh, the football team is doing very well this year. They're seven and one, NCAA division two. We've had very good soccer, very good volleyball teams. Sports is looking good. I mean, right now the fall sports are really doing well at the University of Finley. And they're not only good in sports, but they have very good facilities, they have very good professors, they have really good students, and they have doctoral programs, master's programs, and bachelor programs on the campus. And they have three campuses. One is equestrian studies and that's also pre veterinarian. The main campus has all the different courses, which is anything in business or science, mathematics. You can study a lot of different things on main campus. Education is a big one. And then you go out to the hazardous materials campus, which is on the other side of Finley. And I'll tell you what. It's a specialized program, and it's needed. It is really needed. So it's a good school. And some of your classes would be online. Some of them are in person. Matter of fact, probably. I would say 80% of them are in person. And hopefully you know how to use a computer, because you will be using a computer there. There's a lot of hands on, but there's also a lot of study work, and it's a good campus. It really is. Matter of fact, I will probably be up there sometime this month for the beginning of basketball, and that's my biggie. I always like to go to Ohio University for football, but then I go up to the University of Finley for basketball because I love it. So check it. Know, you could still enroll for the winter classes, and if not, you can wait until next year and go to classes there at that time. It's a great school, good students. A lot of them are from different countries, too. I know when I went to school, I had friends of mine that were from Jordan. I had friends of mine that were from Israel. I had friends of mine from Africa, South America, and there were a few other countries and continents, and we all got along fine. It's a very laid back type of atmosphere, very education oriented. So you're there to study and you're there to learn, and you're not there to fool around. So if you want to party, go down to a high university, I guess. But if you really want to get a good education, check out the University of Finley, ww Also rusty ducks custom pens. Phil over at Rusty Ducks custom pens is doing the pens and the blanks. That's the center portion of the pen, and he does the artwork and the construction of the center portion of the pen, and he does an excellent job. Michael and I both have pens from him. He does pens for colleges, universities, different types of schools, trade schools. He does pens for down at Disney World. He sold them down there. He's taken them to trade shows in different places. He does an excellent job. He really does. So if you have a pen that you want to give out to either a student, a faculty member, a donor, or maybe a worker that's doing very well in your business, check him out. He's on Facebook. Rusty ducks custom pens. It's R-U-S-T-Y-D-U-K apostrophe s, custom pens and blanks. Check him out. He's on Facebook also. Hey, money and change is going to be this Sunday. And Sunday is at 07:00 p.m. There's a lot going on in the financial world, and you've got to start prepping. You have to start prepping because if you're not, you could be in trouble. And that's what's scary. I always want to try to be prepared if I can. And in some cases, I am. In other cases, I'm not, and I'm way behind. So you'll learn a lot on money and change financially. Prepped. They're also on Facebook. Check them out. It's free to join. And there are a lot of videos there that will help you out. Also my world life. Life and whatever. Every Wednesday at 08:00 p.m. Check us out. Big family homestead with Brad and Krista in the middle of Wisconsin. They're talking a little bit about prepping deep south homestead with Danny and Wanda King, and it's starting to get cold down there. They're working on their winter crops. Also, southern prepper one Dave Kobler is talking about the economy and what's going on in the world. Very knowledgeable person. Check him out. Ed Carswell is kind of building his compound, in quotes, his campsite down in West Virginia, and he's adding more up here. We call them sheds down there. They can call them camping buildings. They're portable buildings, and they're starting to set things up. And let's see here. We've got canadian prepper Nate with this doom and gloom. He's always yelling about doom and gloom. We've got Patara with the appalachian homestead. She's down around Knoxville someplace, and she tells it like it is and explains what she's been doing on the farm and a lot of other things. She talks about going to the big town, which is Knoxville, and keeping her head on a swivel because you never know what danger is out there, especially for a female that goes to a certain location. And she said yesterday that she didn't have any problems because she was taking her son to college. And she didn't have to worry because there were plenty of police around there. And that's good. There's a lot of stuff going on. I mean, people are stealing cars, muggings, thefts, you name it, it's going on in the big cities. And luckily, out in the small areas where I live, we don't have that much. We had a rash of car thefts a few weeks back, but they retrieved, I believe, two or three of the vehicles, and they're still looking for the suspects. And when they catch them, and they will. They'll wish that they never did come into my town and mess with stealing cars. It was a gang of people that go from town to town doing this stuff. And there's a new camera system out called flock, fl, and some towns are starting to put them in. And you can track vehicles if you have them in certain areas. If there's a robbery, let's say at Wally World, if you know what I mean. Or maybe there might be a bank close by. The camera will pick up the cars going by. It identifies the license plates and the type of car, the color of the car, and so forth. And they can analyze that from the traffic and determine which car was involved in a theft or a robbery, know, shoplifting, whatever. It's kind of interesting. So we've got Batara, and I love her to death. She's a good person with a good head on her shoulders, good common person. And then there's also Eric with gaushian prepping and ocean prepping or not. Goshen, G-O-S-H-E-N gaushian prepping, and he's up in Michigan. And if you're from Ohio, it would be that state up north. And I guess that game is this weekend between Ohio state and the team up north, and that should be a good one. If I have a chance, I'll watch it. If I don't have a chance, well, I'll just find out how they did on the news, which I normally do. I'm so entrenched in checking things out that's going on in the financial world and in the political world and shopping world, if you can call it that. I try to keep abreast of everything, and I'm soaking in a lot of information because I want to know what's going on. I mean, there's enough stuff going on in my hometown, period. All kinds of stuff. And I really don't want to get into that because there could be some litigation out of it, maybe not, but it involves maybe the federal EPA, it may involve maybe the city, and it's all over battery, disposable stuff or disposing of batteries, lithium batteries. And I'm always wary about lithium batteries. They say to dispose of them properly, don't put them in a fire, watch how you get rid of them. And it's scary, because when these things catch fire, they really catch fire. For example, my GMRS radios are in chargers right now, and tonight I will take them out of the chargers because they have lithiumion batteries, and they're very good ones. And I get all kinds of phone calls like this one, do not call. I just do not call. I'm being very nice with those guys. They keep calling five, six, seven times a day, and I tell them, do not call. One of these days they will take the hint. Do you get telephone Marketers? I get them all the time, and I wish I could just turn them off on my phone because it wastes my time. I don't like to have my time wasted. I don't know about you, but wasting time is not a good thing. And hopefully they don't call me. I mean, this is like the fifth phone call I've gotten today. They don't take a hint and I'm going to have to try to ban them, which I hate to do, but they're going to be a pain. So anyhow, sorry about the interruption. Maybe they won't call back again. I hope. Anyhow, I'm trying to find out what's going on because if you're not prepared, you're going to be in trouble. I went to the grocery tonight and the prices are up for different things. And I don't know about you, but I'm looking at all kinds of stuff and I thought, gee, I needed maybe some donuts or something for in the morning. I mean, that's about the only thing I can do. I really can't eat eggs, so I'm looking maybe some type of pastry, something like that. Oatmeal bores me. So I go to Kroger's and I'm walking around checking some prices, and I thought, well, I better buy maybe three more cans of baked beans, different types of baked beans, because you can always use those. And if you have company over, yeah, you can have hot dogs and baked beans and all kinds of stuff. And that's fine in a grid down situation when you don't have power and stuff. I can take the propane grill that I've got. I can heat them up there. But I'm starting to say, well, hey, I need to get this, that and the other. How much do I have? I keep an inventory and I keep it for myself. And also I have a friend and I make sure that she gets the inventory for her place. And I try to keep everything updated because you never want to buy too much of one thing. The economy could crash like some people are talking about, and it could happen. Who knows? This month, next month, next year? I don't know. Nobody's telling me. Do you know? Well, you don't know, so do you have enough water? Have you put some money aside, paid down your debt, keep your credit cards paid off, put some money aside, pay down your debt. Make sure you get a way to preserve water. Make sure that you get stocked up on canned goods. If you have freezers, make sure that you have your freezers full of what you need as far as meats and veggies and so forth. Make sure that's done. Make sure you have the clothing for the weather that you need. Is your electric vest plugged in and charged up? I've got one, and it was the best thing. I mean, I could go to a basketball game at Finley, or I could go out shopping, and it could be wintertime. And if I get cold, I hit the button up here and it turns red and makes you sweat. It really gets hot. Or I can tune it down and get down to blue, which is a lot less. And I could be very comfortable at a basketball game at the University of Finley, or I can go to a football game, or else I could go shopping, whatever. And the vest is very light and it's very comfortable and keeps you warm, and that's what counts. I have that going on, and I go out shopping and looking for the best prices of things and trying to make sure that I have enough gasoline properly stored. I have enough propane properly stored. I have different things. Kerosene for the kerosene heater. I've got that. A whole bunch of different things available. Because if the grid goes down, like some of the people are saying on YouTube, okay, then I'm prepared. I'm not very well prepared, but I am prepared, and I worry about that. I want to make sure that some of my relatives have some food if they need it. I want to make sure that my immediate group has something to eat. Just want to be prepared. Do you have paper plates? What happens if there's no water and you can't wash anything? You've got paper plates, plastic forks and so forth. Do you have sanitation supplies? You need that? Do you have plenty of toilet paper? A lot of things to think about, guys, and this kind of sounds like money and change, but I'm just telling you it's out there. I'm kind of worried. We've got national debt. Clock right now shows us at 33,689,582,000,000. And the numbers are just flying. And the debt for each us citizen is about $100,306 per citizen. And the debt for taxpayers like $259,103. That's a lot. I worry about that. I mean, how would you be if the government came up and said, well, you owe $259,000, pay up. Who has it? Maybe the politicians do. They can pay it up. The most common folk around here, no, we don't have it. And you got to watch your money. You have to do that. And it's scary. And you look at different things that's going on all over across the United States. I was looking [email protected]. And a thing popped up. Said banks are closing across San Francisco area, often without warning. That was in Breitbart, and it was written by Joel Pollock Pollak. And it was written today. It said local bank branches are closing across San Francisco as the city's economic decline continues amid crime, hopelessness and drug epidemic. Do you have crime? Do you have homelessness? Do you have a drug epidemic? Then why are you having it? Why are you allowing a drug epidemic? They've got a lot of problems in San Francisco, Los Angeles. The west coast is really messed up in a lot of places. Bank branches are vanishing across the country, and San Francisco is having a record testing year, 20 branches shuttered across the city through October 20 eigth, according to data from the US office of the comptroller of the Currency. Well, that's a long name. And the closures from the central Richmond district in the west to Mission Bay Area in the east, from Fort Madison in the north to Bayville in the south, add up to more than the previous two years combined in represent the most in a single year since 2000. And that's just happening in California. What's happening in your state or what's happening in your country? We get people that listen from India and South Africa, Myanmar, other places in Africa. We've got people listening in Europe. We have people in North America, people in Iceland. They don't call me. They don't send us a message. If you're in Iceland, you listen to the show, let me know. But we've got banks closing, the economic condition. We've got inflation right now. Our gas prices were like $3.9 for regular gas. And so I got gas today, and I'm going to get some more, maybe tomorrow. I've got to do a little bit of traveling. So I'm going to make sure that I'm gassed up. And I imagine if you really want to get gassed up, you eat a lot of white castles. Did I say that? Yeah, white castles, belly bombs, as they're called. And I check into that. I was also looking at on what's now, X, which used to be Twitter, and they were showing a lot of different fights, different places and so forth. I don't know when it was taken, what day, what place. And I try to follow all the stuff people are just getting out of whack. Was it Covid that caused it? I don't know. What do you know? I listened to a couple of doctors today on YouTube, and they were talking about the problem with COVID the woohoo flu, and problems with people getting the jab and the problems it was causing. And some people were, shall we say, experiencing the hereafter, if you know what I mean, because of complications from it. I think I told people Sunday, I went to my doctor this last week, and it was just for a routine checkup. And she said, have you had your flu shot yet? And I looked at her and I said, I don't do flu shots. Oh, well, you should do a flu shot. And I said, no, I've got my ivermectin. And she looked at me and she says, that doesn't work. I said, yes, it does. And I've done the research to find out that for the most part, it works, and so does hydrochloric one, but you can't get that. And I follow the hygienic protocol. Wash your hands. I use a little bit of hand sanitizer. If I can't wash my hands, I make sure that I'm not around big crowds of people with sneezing and coughing and everything else. I stay away from sick people on purpose. And so far, it's worked. And that's the way I want to keep it. I make sure I take my vitamins, my vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A. Vitamin B. B is good. I just started taking b again. I took it for years. I stopped and I'm taking it again. And so things are looking okay. I just don't want to take Quercetin and have my blood sugar go down to the bottom, because that can really mess you up. I got to watch that because it was scary today. I almost thought I was going to the ER, either in the ambulance or somebody was going to take me there or I was going to get myself there. But luckily I had some lemonade at Wendy's, some of the best lemonade I have had. And that kind of brought me out of it. And so I was a little shaky this afternoon. And then finally, by 03:00 I had an appointment and I was ready to go. And I've been ready to go ever since. And that's a good sign. So you have to watch what you do with certain types of over the counter, either medications or vitamins or whatever. Word to the wise. So much for all that. How about 17 ways to save money on groceries? You know, I posted that on both the money and change website and my world website. 17 ways to save money on groceries. How much do you spend a week back in the 1950s and would get you a full cart and then some, and now it doesn't and it's kind of scary. And they're suggesting out of all of these different suggestions, I'll just go through a few, because you can go to the website, money and change, financially prepped, you can check that out, or you can go to my world, check it out because I just posted it tonight. Make a meal plan, kind of study what you're going to prepare, and shop alone. Don't take anybody with you because I remember when I was a kid and we're going through the grocery, oh, mommy, daddy, mommy, daddy. I want to get a box of this special cereal. Have you ever had it before? No. I want to try it. Let's stick to the good stuff. And so then they would steer me away from a lot of sugary stuff, and we would go and look for different things. And it's always the little kids are going, can I have this toya? Can I have this candy bar? And just go to the grocery yourself. That's the best thing to do because you can concentrate. Shop during the quietest days of the week. Don't go on Friday because it's a madhouse. I go into Kroger's and the push carts they call bass carts is what they call those carts. I'm lucky if I can find two small ones and maybe a choice of ten large ones because everybody's either using them or they're out in the lot and they don't bring them in, if you know what I mean. And they're always out there and you could bang up your car and everything else. So if I see one cart, I will bring it in and use it. I'll use that hand sanitizer on the handle, too, because you don't know whoever handled the cart. But go on the quietest days of the week. Go in the morning if you can. If you can't, you're working. Go in the evening, but try to find a quiet time. Not Fridays, not Thursdays, not Saturdays. Swap expensive cuts of meat for cheaper options. Now, I'm not saying you have to go out and shop for Ardvark or eye of newt or something like that. Halloween's past, but I'm just throwing that in there. If you can get away with using, let's say 80 20 for hamburger instead of 90 ten, which is really lean, then do it. If you need steak, then watch the type of steak, the thickness of the steak, and be able to adjust for that. Swap the expensive cuts of meats for cheaper options. Buy generic products. If you go by name, you're going to pay more. If you get the generic or even the store brand, try them out and if it's the same as the others, then go with the store brand and that's sometimes cheaper. I found that out in the restaurant business because I could go and get same stuff and instead of buying maybe Del Monte and I got the Pocahontas, if that was the name that the company used for their tin cans, it was the same stuff. It was just under their label and they got it at a cheaper price and sold it for a cheaper price. Here's another one. Avoid buying hygiene products at the grocery store. You can get your soaps and you can go to the dollar tree and get soap. You can go and you can get bulk stuff at Costco or Sam's club, places like that. Stick to the store perimeter. That's the outside. What's on the know. We've got the bakery, we've got the deli, we've got the dairy and we've got the vegetables. And then you go around to your, in some cases, you've got your dairy products there and then in the center, that's where people like to get their goodies and the prices there, you have to watch them pay with a grocery rewards card. I use my Kroger number and I get gas points for that. And sometimes I don't use my gas points for two months and it will carry over at the end of the month. And then you have to use it as quickly as you can. And I can save on gas that way. Shop the sales. Join the grocery store loyalty program if they have one. Take advantage of curbside pickup. I don't know about that because I don't want them selecting products for me. If I go into a grocery store and I want a certain brand, I will get a certain brand. I mean, even the curbside pickup is good. But hey, if you spend time doing it yourself, you probably save some more money. Buy items in bulk and freeze the extras and always shop on a full stomach. So after you eat at home or you go out and eat, then you go to the grocery because you're not as hungry. But that's 17 ways to save money on groceries and that's on the website, so you want to check that out. Global insecurity could lead to prescription, not drug store shortages. Drug shortages. According to an article. It was done by Zstack. It was a paid article, which makes me think it's like an advertisement. But it's true that if we have a problem in the globe and let's say we get into some altercation with another country or countries and there's an embargo or whatever, you could end up having a drug shortage. And you can depend on certain drugs and if they can't get them, then you go to the drugstore to buy them or go to Kroger's or Wally World to buy them Walmart. And they don't have them. And they say well, you'll have to come back later on in the week so you make another trip. Oh, sorry, we don't have them. Come back in Sunday. We'll have them Sunday. Oh, you don't have them? No, we've been out and I've been without my medications. Doctors like to put us on medications because I think they get a kickback on those. Here, try this little pill. This will cure everything. I don't know about that. It may help, but whatever. I was looking around today. I always get things from a realtor down in Florida because I always like to go down to Clearwater beach and Dunedin in Tampa on the west coast. I love the west coast. It's kind of laid back. It's been like a second home to me. I would go down there every year for a couple of weeks and I enjoyed it. And I knew a lot of people down there, especially entertainers on the beach. My dad would go down there. Mom and dad would go down there for three months and they like to go dancing and listen to bands and so forth. And he got to know a lot of entertainers. And when I was down there I got to know the same entertainers and different bands and musical groups, whatever. And I always like that. Well, anyhow, I found a realtor and I'll plug him. I'll just say Joe at Liply L-I-P-P-L-Y. Realtors in Clearwater. And they handle up and down the beach. Well anyhow, Joe keeps sending me things. Every week I get a new update of different things. And I'm familiar with some of the homes in Bel Air, Bel Air Beach, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, places like that. And I go to see the prices because I want to see what the houses are selling for. And sometimes you find the ones in Bel Air going for maybe about two, $3 million. Who's got that? Okay, all the way up to eight or $10 million. And some of the famous movie stars. Somebody by the name of Cruz, had one mansion down the beach from where we stayed at. I believe it was Bel Air beach or sand key, one of the two. Big, expensive place. And we were just renting a condo for. Well, mom and Dad would rent it for three months, and I was lucky if I could get someplace for two weeks, but I was looking at different houses for sale and so forth. I came across one on zero hedge today, and this was interesting. California home with Breaking Bad style meth lab, listed for $1.55 million. And it said it was a six bedroom, four bathroom house in San Jose, California, which includes an inactive meth lab, was put on the market a few weeks ago for a staggering $1.55 million, according to the listing on California regional multiple listing services. And they had it listed on Zillow, and they had a picture of it. Houses are expensive out on the west coast. I had a friend of mine that had a house on the west coast. She moved back to Ohio and bought a beautiful house. I mean, a beautiful house in a beautiful section of town. More than likely, she paid cash for that. And I would say the house was probably going for about 600,000. Just my guess, knowing the area that it's in. And here they have it for this meth place for over a million and a half. Jeez. And why would you want to buy a place like that? Because even though it was an inactive meth place, look at the cleanup and stuff you'd have to do. Oh, man. All kinds of stuff going on and people beating the heck out of each other in the Middle east. When are they going to learn to sit down and live peaceably together? Good grief. If we could do it at the University of Finley, I mean, they can do it anywhere because those students get along for the most part. Even though I had friends of mine that were. One was from Palestine, and. No, I'm sorry, he was jordanian, and he ended up being the CEO, chief executive officer of Ford Motor Company. We had a lot of students that worked for very good companies when they got into the work world, and a lot of them had very good jobs. One of my best friends up in the Cleveland area was a CFO, chief financial officer for an oil company up there. He was a CFO for another company, and he also worked for university hospitals as an accountant, we had a lot of those people that were very successful people out of the University of Finley, and they had the business classes and the economics classes there, and they did quite well. I was an education major, and I did okay. But right out of the bat as a business major, they were making decent money. And it took me a while to get where I was at, and I was no longer in education. Instead, I was in training and development and then also in management. And you get to learn different things about management skills and empathy. I had to take a class on empathy at Cleveland or, no, not Cleveland State. It was at Columbus State Community College, a three hour class on empathy. And I had to have that for management with the state of Ohio. And then I had other classes. Cleveland State University, Ohio University, eastern campus, Ohio University, southern campus. I had classes at Ohio University, University of Finley, warhead State University. I was around all different places. I mean, I learned quite a bit. I enjoyed my time there. You learn quite a bit going to different schools and different administrations and so forth. And my interaction with the people at the University of Cincinnati and other colleges when I was working with the state of Ohio, I had a great time and made a lot of great friends and had an interesting time of it, I'll tell you that. Wow. What do we do for thanksgiving? Are you guys preparing for thanksgiving yet? I know it's later on down the pike here in a few weeks, but what are you doing for thanksgiving? Are you going to cook a big turkey? Are you going to cook a ham? Are you going to have steak, or what are you going to do? Have you planned out your dinner? I only cook for myself or maybe a friend here and there, but I don't cook a lot. I used to be able to do that stuff. Being in the restaurant business and the food service business in college, feeding business and so forth. You learn to do different things. Oh, if any of you were ever in the Miami, Dayton, Ohio area, specifically Miami, Ohio, there was a place that I went to, I had a meeting, and I went down to eat with some of the people that were going to attend the meeting at TJ crumbs. Crumbs in downtown Miami Spurg. And I want to tell you something. I had one of the best salads I've ever had, and it had portobella mushrooms. I mean, they were big portobella mushrooms that were cooked and added to the salad along with cooked chicken, not roasted grilled chicken. Oh, my God, that mushroom, it was so good. Portobello mushroom. If it's done right. The flavor was fantastic. It tasted like steak. And I've never been able to duplicate that. Never. I don't know how they do it. I don't know the spices that they use. But, oh, God, it was great. It was fantastic. It was super fantastic until I got the bill and I cried. But TJ crumbs was really good and good atmosphere. If you're ever in the Miami Spurg area in Ohio, check them out. They're right downtown Miami Spurg isn't that big of a town. But I'll tell you what, TJ crumbs, it was excellent. Even though the bill was rather high, it was excellent. So check them out. But what are you going to do for Thanksgiving? Are you going to go to friends, relatives? Are you going to go out to eat or are you just going to stay home? It's going to depend on the economy. And if the economy is good, people will go out or they may have friends over. Some people may have to work Thanksgiving. And I know that when I was working in the private industry sector, oh, yeah. There were days on Thanksgiving when we were working, whether we like to or not. It was just, that's what happened. The only thing we didn't work on was Christmas, in some cases New Year's. Other than that, you were working five and six days a week. But what are you going to do for Thanksgiving? Well, hey, did you have fun at Halloween? When they dress up as goblins and stuff? I remember going out and seeing these gigantic statues of ghosts and goblins and stuff. That's the new rage now. And I went to menards, and I'm looking in menards. They had stuff for sale, and they had these big gigantic ghosts and goblins and skeletons and stuff. $266 for one of those things. Assembly required and guy wires and everything else to keep them from falling over. That was expensive. Some people put balloons and sheets over tops of healing balloons and then tied them up as ghosts and all this kind of stuff. But it was something else to see all that stuff. And it was kind of scary to see all that stuff. And I thought, gee, what would happen if we were in Wrinkle City? Way back when in the, you know, I was reading in the wrinkle city gazette, there were some pre Halloween pranks that left the police department without a potty. And it said local teens played a Halloween prank on the local constabulary by heisting their only porcelain pot from the inside of the police station at city hall. And police chief one bullet McGinty estimates the theft occurred when the police were providing security at the gala celebrating the newly renamed Square. And we're going to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible, said McGinty. And the next thing you know they'll be stealing our toilet paper, he said. Well, local members of the hunting and game club provided the police with a homemade camper's friend, a toilet, complete with a complimentary roll of toilet paper to use while they can find their lost toilet. And they said it's our duty to help others in need, said Herman Smith, president of the club. And McGinty was the first to use it, as he just couldn't wait. You ever have that happen? Oh, hey, we've got election stuff going on. Oh, my God, what is its first or second Tuesday in November? Maybe it's the first Tuesday. Anyhow, it's coming up next week and there's election time. Politicians wanting to steal your vote. And there was a picture in the wrinkle city gazette of Paul Revere riding down the road at night, and he says, hide your women and children. The politicians are coming. Oh, yeah, they're out. And they're meeting and greeting and shaking hands and squeezing babies. Well, anyhow, hang on to your family and wallets as it's local and state election times, and the politicians are out to promise you everything and then rid you of your hard earned money during the current recession and study the issues closely and make up your own mind. And remember, a government big enough to give you everything you want is strong enough to take everything you have. Guess who said that? Thomas Jefferson. And so that's what's going. You know, I was at a meeting for our local electrical distribution system, and normally we have a commissioner sitting there with us, and the mayor generally sits in. And this time they weren't there. We must have had, oh, I'd say twelve or 14 people at the meeting. And I get to learn different things I've been learning over the years, being on the commission, and I'm finding out that we pay thirteen cents a kilowatt hour for electricity. Can you imagine that? 13. And in other towns it's a lot higher. And our service time is a lot better because in 20 minutes you can have somebody there fixing your situation, and they want to get it done within an hour unless it's a really big job. And they also help out all over the country. They were in Florida for some of the storms down in Georgia and so forth, and they lend people to do the work. But the two commissioners, the mayor is a commissioner, by the way. They weren't there at the meeting. And I kind of get worried about that when they don't show. There was a cartoon in the wrinkle city gazette, and the old lady is handing out candy to three kids that were dressed as clowns. And she says, oh, you're all dressed like Washington politicians. Think about it. Could you see Congress dressed up like a bunch of clowns? Sometimes we think that they are, but I'm not so sure. [00:55:44] Speaker A: Oh, they're clowns all right. They're clowns, all right. [00:55:50] Speaker B: I know. [00:55:51] Speaker A: Scary ones, but they're clowns. And by the way, tomorrow is the second. [00:55:58] Speaker B: Well, actually, here we have it next week. [00:56:01] Speaker A: Well, for a lot of other places, November 2, the day of elections would be tomorrow. [00:56:09] Speaker B: Oh, yeah, some places. So get out there and vote, but make your mind up and do your education before you go because it's out there and you want to do that. Anyhow, that's all I have for my world. And hopefully we've had good discussion on some of the stuff that's going on out there. Keep your head on a swivel. Make sure you start prepping if you haven't already started. Make sure you got plenty of batteries and all that good stuff. And you got to be ready for whatever can happen because after all, Halloween has passed. But I don't think the spooky time is over with yet. So anyhow, guys, that's all I've got. Have a good week and we'll talk to you on Sunday at 07:00 p.m. On money and change financiallyprepped. Have a good one. [00:57:02] Speaker A: And if it looks like a clown, it's got big, floppy red feet, big shiny red nose, all the makeup, then it probably is a congressperson or a senate person. Anyway, thank you for joining Stu and my world live laugh or whatever, guys, we'll catch you next time. Tomorrow night we are going to make up for Halloween night and have our show, which is offsides college football's top 25 and salobernocker pro football. So we have to catch up. We're coming up on week ten and the first college football rankings, so we are there. And this is for the playoffs and stuff like that. Number one is Ohio State. Number two is Georgia. Number three is Florida State, and number four is Michigan. And I like that order right now. So I hope it comes out and comes to fruition that way. But we'll talk about all that tomorrow night right here on off sides and talk about any injuries that are going on and the next teams they're playing. Thank you. God bless and we will see you guys then. And. Well, that's it. God bless and goodbye, guys. [00:58:36] Speaker B: See ya. Bye.

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